Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Lots Of Olympics

Good morning everyone, and while I'm at it, Happy New Year!  As I lay here watching Switzerland and Germany skating to a current 1-1 tie in the 2nd period in men's hockey, I realize that I haven't posted here since December 16th of LAST YEAR....  (Oops).  The focus of that post was my Bobcat and Rattler poker gear, and to be honest, I haven't played much poker since 2018 started either.  I'm not going to try to convince you that I've been too busy to EVER stop my life for a minute and write something here, but my work life did get busier since my last entry here with the onset of the college football bowl games and the NFL playoffs, which culminated in that little event that we call the Super Bowl...  Uncharacteristically for me, I'm not writing from any notes this time, so let's see where we go...

Las Vegas.  I'm still living in the desert, and I've been back for about 21 months now.  I've been working at my current job in the sportsbook for about 18 months.  After giving up a full-time job with benefits at the University of Texas at Austin to move 2,000 miles back to my hometown for a girl (and to say that things didn't work out as I expected would be the understatement of forever), I'm glad to say that I've bounced back (because that's what I do)...  ;)  Like I said, I haven't played much more poker than I've spent time writing blog posts, although after working on New Year's Eve, I did ring in 2018 by playing poker at the Flamingo until after sunrise...  :)  I still enjoy playing poker, but since it's my job that enables me to pay the bills (to live), I try to get the necessary amount of rest required when things like the Super Bowl come up...  :)

Twitter.  I have been spending a little time on Twitter, because that's a place that I can easily visit during my lunch breaks at work.  It's a little bit easier for me to put together a tweet than a blog entry.  Funny Twitter story...  Lately I've been listening to a lot of stand-up comedy during my lunch breaks on Pandora Radio (Pandora may get its own little paragraph here).  Anyway, I've been quoting some of my favorite lines from the comedians to my Twitter and Facebook accounts.  One joke that I tweeted from Brian Regan (FUNNY guy) was 'liked' by Brian on Twitter.  The result of him 'liking' my tweet was an increase in views for that tweet to the tune of about 8,500 impressions.  Good stuff...  :)

Pandora.  I originally started listening to Pandora (with earphones) at the poker tables a few months ago so that I could relax and focus better.  It's amazing how much the earphones help drown out the extraneous noise in the casino.  Then I decided to listen to Pandora during lunch also, because I had been reconnecting with a lot of old music that I enjoyed while playing poker.  Something possessed me to click on the comedy stations within the past month, and I have to admit that hearing the jokes makes the rest of the workday a little easier.  I end up telling my coworkers the best jokes that I heard on my lunch break...  ;)

The Olympics.  Switzerland and Germany are heading to overtime tied 1-1, in case you were wondering...  I usually work til 10:00 or 11:00 at night, and I've watched A LOT of Olympic coverage after work because the NBC umbrella of networks has done a great job of broadcasting around-the-clock.  I've watched more women's hockey and curling than I ever imagined possible, that's for sure...  :)  By the way, the Germans just defeated the Swiss in overtime, 2-1.

124,532.  Despite my writing hiatus, you awesome people have continued to find my little blog, and we're on the precipice of 125,000 views.  That's pretty impressive considering that I almost NEVER write.  Hopefully I'll do better in the future.  I have no shortage of stories to tell, that's for sure...  :)

I'm going to leave you now so that I can start my chores for the day, but I hope that all of you have a great week!