Saturday, March 30, 2013

NCAA Tourney 2013 - Elite 8

Good morning everyone.  I know that you were waiting eagerly at the edge of your computer for this entry to be posted, coming off of my 3-5 showing over the past couple of days.  I'll let you know that I predicted the exact number of points that was scored in the Louisville-Oregon game (my prediction was Louisville 75-71, the final score was Louisville 77-69), AND....., that's the only game that we'll revisit...  ;)  As you know, you can go back and recheck any of my predictions in my recent posts...  Before I step out on the limb again (and the branch breaks), I am 37-23 in the tourney so far, with 7 games left to go.  I also wanted to let you know that Tuesday ought to be a milestone day here at Bikini Hill as the blog is likely to surpass the 30,000 viewmark on that day.  Since the first full day of Major League baseball games is on Monday, Tuesday will also likely be the day that my three fantasy baseball teams will officially be out of contention for the rest of the season...  ;)  Here are my picks in the Elite 8:

Saturday, March 30th

Syracuse (29-9) vs. Marquette (26-8)
3:30 p.m. CST
Verizon Center, Washington, D.C.

Marquette won 74-71 when these teams faced each other at Marquette on February 25th.  Syracuse beat Indiana by 11 and it's hard to beat the same team twice in one season (that's my theme for today)...  ;)

Syracuse      68
Marquette   64

Wichita State (29-8) vs. Ohio State (29-7)
6:05 p.m. CST
Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA

I still remember the commentators talking about how Pittsburgh might give Gonzaga trouble and go far if they got past the Shockers.  Look at Wichita State now... (but look fast, because I think that this will be their last game)...

Ohio State          75
Wichita State    68

Sunday, March 31st

Michigan (29-7) vs. Florida (29-7)
1:20 p.m. CST
Cowboys Stadium, Arlington, TX

Both of these teams have the same record, so this game will end in a tie...  Okay..., I actually just like the schedule that the Wolverines played more than that of the Gators (although Florida did eliminate Cinderella), so...

Michigan    73
Florida        69

Duke (30-5) vs. Louisville (32-5)
4:05 p.m. CST
Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, IN

Duke won 76-71 when these teams faced each other at Louisville on November 24th.  We already know that it's hard to beat the same team twice in one season, and this game is being played in Cardinal Country (yeah, I know, that did Arizona a lot of good)...  ANYWAY...

Louisville     74
Duke              70

I hope that you have a great weekend of college basketball (and Sunday Night Baseball - Rangers vs. Astros), and I'll see you again on Monday!

Friday, March 29, 2013

2013 Fantasy Baseball Draft Results - 3 Teams

Good afternoon everyone.  The first pitch of the 2013 Major League Baseball season is about 55 hours away (depending on when I hit the 'publish' button), so this seems like a good time to enter the results of my fantasy baseball drafts.  Each draft consisted of 28 rounds, and when I enter the players that I picked, I will show them in the spot that I selected them overall.  I'm just saying that if a player is the 3rd one listed on a given team, then I took him in the 3rd round (so I won't type a 3 by him, etc...).  All 3 of these teams will be competing in 10-team rotisserie leagues.  The 10 statistical categories being scored are HR, RBI, Batting Average, Runs, Steals, ERA, Wins, Saves, Strikeouts, and WHIP.  I just ignore the first 2 categories, and try to win the other 8.  I finished in 3rd place in a league with this format 2 years ago, and I was doing so badly last year that I gave up when I moved to Las Vegas at the start of August (and giving up isn't first nature to me - I was really doing THAT BAD)...  You're more than welcome to go back and read 'My 2012 Fantasy Baseball Draft/Strategy & Results' from the archives if you want a more in-depth discussion of my draft strategy, or if you simply enjoy trainwrecks and want to see the group of players who largely underperformed or found the injured list...  The average length of each of this year's drafts was about two hours.  This is the trio of teams that I will be fielding (initially anyway) during the upcoming season:

The View From Bikini Hill (Catchy name, I know...)

2) Trout (L.A. Angels) (OF)
19) Price (TB) (SP)
22) Kimbrel (ATL) (RP)
39) A. Gonzalez (L.A. Dodgers) (1st)
42) C. Lee (PHI) (SP)
59) Greinke (L.A. Dodgers) (SP)
62) Papelbon (PHI) (RP)
79) Halladay (PHI) (SP)
82) J. Zimmerman (WAS) (SP)
99) Nathan (TX) (RP)
102) I. Kennedy (AZ) (SP)
119) J. Peavy (CWS) (SP)
122) Street (SD) (RP)
139) Revere (PHI) (OF)
142) Victorino (BOS) (OF)
159) Montero (AZ) (C)
162) Aoki (MIL) (OF)
179) Werth (WAS) (OF)
182) De Aza (CWS) (OF)
199) Marte (PIT) (OF)
202) Crisp (OAK) (OF)
219) Arroyo (CIN) (SP)
222) Span (WAS) (OF)
239) J. Pacheco (COL) (UT)
242) Youkilis (NYY) (3rd)
259) A. Ramirez (CWS) (SS)
262) D. Murphy (NYM) (2nd)
279) B. Roberts (BAL) (2nd)

The Bikini Hill Nine

10) Kershaw (L.A. Dodgers) (SP)
11) Strasburg (WAS) (SP)
30) Kimbrel (ATL) (RP)
31) Weaver (L.A. Angels) (SP)
50) Goldschmidt (AZ) (1st)
51) Medlan (ATL) (SP)
70) Scherzer (DET) (SP)
71) Kipnis (CLE) (2nd)
90) Andrus (TX) (SS)
91) J. Johnson (BAL) (RP)
110) Lincecum (SF) (SP)
111) C.J. Wilson (L.A. Angels) (SP)
130) A. Escobar (KC) (SS)
131) Pagan (SF) (OF)
150) Victorino (BOS) (OF)
151) Freese (STL) (3rd)
170) Lynn (STL) (OF)
171) Revere (PHI) (OF)
190) Cishek (MIA) (RP)
191) Ichiro (NYY) (OF)
210) E. Cabrera (SD) (SS)
211) Storen (WAS) (RP)
230) Jay (STL) (OF)
231) Madson (PHI) (RP)
250) Montero (AZ) (C)
251) M. Young (PHI) (1st)
270) J. Pacheco (COL) (UT)
271) Blanco (SF) (OF)

The Bikini Hill Bobcats (Sensing a theme here?)

9) Verlander (DET) (SP)
12) C. Gonzalez (COL) (OF)
29) Kimbrel (ATL) (RP)
32) A. Gonzalez (L.A. Dodgers) (1st)
49) G. Gonzalez (WAS) (SP) (You can't have too many Gonzalez's...)
52) Greinke (L.A. Dodgers) (SP)
69) Halladay (PHI) (SP)
72) Motte (STL) (RP)
89) Moore (TB) (SP)
92) Romo (SF) (RP)
109) J. Johnson (BAL) (RP)
112) C.J. Wilson (L.A. Angels) (SP)
129) C. Gomez (MIL) (OF)
132) Lester (BOS) (SP)
149) Crawford (L.A. Dodgers) (OF)
152) A. Escobar (KC) (SS)
169) Lynn (STL) (SP)
172) Revere (PHI) (OF)
189) Pagan (SF) (OF)
192) Freese (STL) (3rd)
209) Montero (AZ) (C)
212) Aybar (L.A. Angels) (SS)
229) E. Cabrera (SD) (SS)
232) Y. Alonzo (SD) (1st)
249) D. Murphy (NYM) (2nd)
252) Infante (DET) (2nd)
269) Marte (PIT) (OF)
272) J. Pacheco (COL) (UT)

 PHEW...  That will give you something to look at while you're marveling at my wonderful NCAA tourney picks.  Yep, Coach went 13-2 in the Sweet 16 last year, and 1-3 in the same round last night...  :P  And yes Pete, I've picked against Syracuse the last two times and have been wrong (I'll have more for you later)...  ;) I will be back tomorrow with my Elite Eight picks for tomorrow and Sunday.  Have a great day everyone!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

I Remember The First Time (10)

"I believe in cold pizza..." -@Smuirf- (via twitter)

"#txstfollowtrain where it's okay for your BAC and your GPA to be the same..."
-@BabyyLeaalz- (via twitter)

"Murder victims are always described as well-loved, wicked nice people, so I try to piss at least one person off per day for my own safety..." -@SleepingSuspect- (via twitter)

"Your college has a what?  #nicetry Try having an on-campus bar, a river that runs through campus, and parties every night! #TxStFollowTrain" -@94Laurennn- (via twitter)

"If you use your favourite song as your alarm, it won't be your favourite song for very long..."
-@_RichardParry_- (via twitter)

I remember the first time that I gave some space to the Texas State Follow Train...  It seems that the ole alma mater has some pretty clever students...  ;)

I remember the first time that I gave pizza some space in the blog (this being the first time seems highly doubtful...).  Cold pizza happens to be my favorite breakfast, so that's how you get the leadoff quote on Bikini Hill...  In related news, if you see a pizza sign on top of a vehicle around San Marcos, America, you can be sure that the delivery vehicle you're seeing WON'T BE the slow one in traffic...

I remember the first time that I shared the material of professional comics on this theme day.  If you've ever watched any of the Comedy Central celebrity roasts, you've surely seen Jeffrey Ross.  He's going by Jeff now, and he has a show called 'Jeff Ross Roasts America' on that same network.  As he tours the country, he brings up volunteer audience members to "roast."  When he was addressing one woman, he asked, "Who does your hair, the Joker?..."  Check out the show...  :)  Speaking of my diet (bet you didn't see that non-segue coming), I won't be down to 215 pounds by the end of this month because I caved and decided to eat bread again (don't worry, I'm not about to type in "nom, nom, nom..." - well, maybe I was about to)...  Anyway, this comes to you from Jim Gaffigan:  "You always hear swimming is the best exercise, but have you seen how fat whales are?  It's just not working for the whales..."  :)  Check out his 'Mr. Universe' DVD.

I remember the first time that MTV's 'The Real World' showed up at work.  Last weekend my manager told me to let some people cut in line to visit our rooftop bar because they were with 'The Real World' (somebody had a camera).  I'm sure that their credentials were good, but that just seems like a great scam, to get a group of your friends, a video camera, and to visit the local bars saying that you're part of a reality show...  :)

I remember the first time that I posted the most that I've ever posted for this blog.  This entry is my 11th post in the past 10 days, and I will also be making entries here tomorrow and Saturday (and you just thought that I was being lazy when I took that little break at the start of the month)...  :)  When you finish reading this entry, you can see my basketball predictions for tonight's and tomorrow's games by scrolling down to yesterday's entry (NCAA Tourney 2013 - Sweet 16).

I hope that you have a great day and I'll see you again tomorrow!


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

NCAA Tourney 2013 - Sweet 16

Good morning everyone.  I flipped through the onscreen t.v. guide and I could be watching 'Tori Spelling Jewelry Collection' right now, but I opted to give you some basketball predictions instead...  My record currently stands at 34-18 for this tournament.  I went 13-2 last year in the 'Sweet 16' (without making predictions throughout the earlier rounds).  It seems like it will be a noteworthy task matching that 13-2 mark this time around after looking at these first 8 games.  In 6 of these first 8 contests, the line is 6 points or less.  Ummmm, good luck favorites...  :)  And good luck Coach - here we go...

Thursday, March 28th

Miami                       71
Marquette              63

Arizona                   72
Ohio State              69

Indiana                    67
Syracuse                 66

Wichita State         72
La Salle                    70

Friday, March 29th

Louisville                 75
Oregon                      71

Kansas                      65
Michigan                  62

Michigan State       66
Duke                           63

Florida                       73
Fla. Gulf Coast        64

Have a great day and I will see you again tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

'Could You? (10)'

"My mom thinks my friends are bad influences, but honestly, I'm usually the one coming up with the ideas..."
-@Nika28531- (via twitter)

"I'm attracted by looks, but personality makes me stay..." -@BestLoveNotes- (via twitter)

"You'd think after a day of traveling I'd have some funny stories to tell...  All I've got is DON'T LEAVE YOUR HOMES IF YOU DON'T HAVE TO!!!" -@rachellinfox- (via twitter)

"I always try and go back to sleep to finish a dream..." -@shannonjadee- (via twitter)

"If you can't find Bigfoot after 25 years of looking, then you sir suck at 'Finding Bigfoot'..."
-@fatbeano- (via twitter)

Could you not be so excited about your job?  Have you ever had the waiter or waitress who is just WAY TOO AMPED UP about serving you?  I'll admit that I try to have a positive disposition (you wouldn't necessarily know that by reading my blog... :P) and that I did wait tables when I was an undergraduate, but my Dad and I had "that guy" wait on us at dinner last night.  Not long after he greeted us EXCITEDLY, the nearby "eight-top" was seated, and he welcomed them with, "IS EVERYBODY HERE?!"  After they nodded and answered yes, he IMMEDIATELY followed that up with, "ARE WE MISSING ANYBODY?!"  Now look..., EINSTEIN..., if they're all here, they probably aren't missing anybody...  Reminds me of the people at work who come at me with "really?" or "seriously?" after I tell them that no glass is allowed upstairs.  NOOOO, I just said that to BOTHER YOU...  :)

Could you steal my thunder?  I was about to come on here this week and tell you that I was predicting that Gonzaga would not win the national championship.  I was about to call Gonzaga the "Boise State of college basketball" (although I have more respect for the Gonzaga basketball team than the Boise State football team - they play more people)...  Then Gonzaga goes and loses to Wichita State on Saturday - uggghhh...

Could you be more perplexed?  This happened at work a few weeks ago, but got lost in my scattered blog notes...  At the checkpoint I man on the way to the Veranda (the bar on the roof), I usually (always) place drinks under the stool that I sit on so that I won't die of thirst when I can't get away.  Depending on how healthy I'm trying to be that week, the combination and sizes of the water, Coke, and Red Fuel will vary...  As I was preparing to take my position in this spot for a weekend shift, I placed my drinks on the floor before moving the stool there to cover them (the stool and me sitting on the stool protects the drinks).  Well, an older lady who was not aware of anything that I just typed saw me placing three drinks on the floor in the corner of the hallway and looked at me like I was..., COMPLETELY INSANE...  :)

Could you be just a little prepared?  I don't smoke, but I find it more than a little amusing that so many smokers never seem to have cigarettes..., or a lighter...  :)

Could you tell me how it's going to play out when you..., COMPLETELY LOSE YOUR MIND?  Again, from work not too long ago, from one customer to another:

"Where are we going?  It's like..., a tunnel..."

Below is the eyewitness account from my last day working at Harper's, Slackers, and The Veranda...

"He just lost it man, he just went CRAZY!!  He was flipping those poker chips, like,  A HUNDRED MILES AN HOUR, and he just started SCREAMING, 'IT'S NOT A MAZE, IT'S NOT A MAZE!!!  It's a HALL WAY...  You go UP or DOWN!!!  There's NOT A MOUSE, and you're not going to find any CHEESE!!! And it's NOT A TUNNEL!!!  Do you SEE ANY dirt or shovels???!!!  C'mon people, it's a HALLWAY!!!'  Then they just wrapped the guy up in a straight-jacket and carted him off.  It was SO SCARY..."
(Then the eyewitness looks around)  "You know, this REALLY IS like a maze..."  :)

Could you tell from that little rant that I hear the maze comment EVERY SINGLE TIME that I work the stairs, and that it NEVER FAILS to amuse me?  ;)

Could you give a warm welcome to everyone who is playing fantasy baseball with me?  I had my last draft on Saturday, and as I said yesterday, you will be seeing the results of all three of my drafts this Friday.  Something funny happened this weekend, regarding my draft and the blog...  I went to the chatroom for the draft, said hello to everyone, and posted the address for my blog.  Well..., this time, no one ended up chatting, but when I returned home from work on Saturday night and looked at my blog stats, my 'Draft Strategy' article had been viewed at least four times...  :)  For those of you who don't write a blog, the blogspot stats don't match your total views, so when the stats show you how many times a post has been viewed, that's the MINIMUM number of times...  ANYWAY, I found that to be pretty funny, but I'm not worried about it.  EVERYONE ELSE'S strategy is to try to win all 10 stat categories in fantasy baseball, while I admit that I'm only trying to win 8...  :P

Could you do some basketball studying today?  I will be back tomorrow with my picks for the 'Sweet Sixteen...'  It was at this point last year that I started picking winners and scores for the games here on the blog, and I proceeded to go 13-2.  That appears to be quite the lofty standard for this tournament (34-18 to this point), but we'll see if I can compete against last year's standard...

Have a great day and I will see you again tomorrow!


Monday, March 25, 2013

That Could Be Us!

"You talk too much for someone who has nothing to say..." -@BrainSeducer- (via twitter)

"I'm not really funny, I'm just unstable with my thoughts and they come out of my brain in a funny way..."
-@PUEBLOPLUG- (via twitter)

"It's amazing how clean a house can get on rage..." -@kjmeow- (via twitter)

"My first crush was on Beaker from The Muppets, just in case you wondered what type of guys catch my eye..." -@StellaGMaddox- (via twitter)

"I think the words you stop yourself from saying are the ones that will haunt you the longest..."
-@Yalyeh- (via twitter)

Good afternoon everyone.  I know what you're thinking, I know, I know...  You're thinking that we should have a contest to see which of first two quotes above best relates to my blog - y'all are SO MEAN...  :)

A little trivia question for you...  What do VCU, Duke, St. John's, Iowa State, Maine, Mercer, East Tennessee State, Lipscomb, and Stetson have in common?  All of these schools have basketball teams that are saying, "WE should be in the Sweet Sixteen - that could be us!"  Okay, Duke ACTUALLY IS in the Sweet Sixteen, but this is the list of schools that beat Florida Gulf Coast during the season.  Lipscomb actually beat them twice, just in case you're keeping score at home...  Congratulations Eagles, you are making this tournament very interesting!  :)  You also account for 2 of my 16 losses...  :P

My predictions fared better in the 'Round of 32' - I went 11-5 over the weekend, and my total for the tournament now stands at 34-18.  All of my picks should look as good as my Miami vs. Illinois call...

My prediction:  Miami 62  Illinois 56     Actual score:  Miami 63  Illinois 59

I slept REALLY WELL after I got back from work last night, and I've got plans to see my dad today, so I'm going to keep this post short.  The bad news (for you) is that I am going to post every day this week through Saturday.  Here is a preview of what you can expect this week:

Tomorrow (Tuesday):  My next 'Could You?' post...
Wednesday:  My predictions for the 'Sweet Sixteen'...
Thursday:  My next 'I Remember The First Time' post...
Friday:  The draft results from my three fantasy baseball drafts...
Saturday:  My predictions for the 'Elite Eight'...

Due to what has transpired already, do you realize that it is GUARANTEED that we will see either Wichita State or La Salle playing this weekend in the Elite Eight?  Gotta love the madness...  :)

I hope that you have a great day, and I'll see you again tomorrow!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

NCAA Tourney 2013 - 3rd Round (Sunday)

Good evening everyone.  I guess there's a good reason that I didn't predict any games for last year's tournament until the 'Sweet Sixteen'...  I got SHREDDED yesterday, only going 8-8, which puts me at 24-14 for the tourney so far this year (1-1 today).  I was extremely tired after work last night, and my fantasy baseball draft took the expected two hours today, so FINALLY, here are my picks for tomorrow's games.  Thanks for your patience...

Sunday, March 24th

Ohio State                          75
Iowa State                          65

Indiana                                78
Temple                                71

Kansas                                 74
UNC                                     66

Florida                                  65
Minnesota                           58

San Diego State                70
Florida Gulf Coast            66

Mississippi                          69
La Salle                                61

Miami                                    62
Illinois                                  56

Duke                                     73
Creighton                            62

I hope that somehow you have some brackets that are still alive and that you enjoy the rest of your basketball weekend.  See ya on Monday!

Friday, March 22, 2013

NCAA Tourney 2013 - 3rd Round (Saturday)

Good evening everyone.  It's been hectic here on Bikini Hill as I'm now posting twice in one day for the second time in three days, but as you know, I'm a team player...  ;)  Some friends of mine who just returned to San Marcos from Las Vegas yesterday were telling me how long the betting lines were at the sportsbook at 8:00 a.m. as they were heading to the airport.  Yep...  :)  If you don't know, the first four days of the NCAA Tourney (Thursday through Sunday) generate as much betting action as the Super Bowl...  I hope that your brackets are faring better than my predictions so far.  My record for the tournament currently stands at 17-9 (which isn't completely awful), but I expect a little more from myself...  Some of my scores have been very close if you want to sift through my past few prediction posts, but right now, it's time for tomorrow's predictions (not many easy games here either)...  I have my final fantasy baseball draft tomorrow morning, and depending on how I feel after work tonight, you will be getting my predictions for Sunday's 3rd Round games before or after that draft...  Here's the lineup for tomorrow:

Saturday, March 23rd

VCU                        76
Michigan               72

Michigan St.         62
Memphis               59

Louisville              80
Colorado St.         73

Arizona                  78
Harvard                 64

Marquette             68
Butler                     63

Oregon                   70
St. Louis                 66

Gonzaga                 79
Wichita St.            72

California               69
Syracuse                66

If you haven't been doing so, you might want to look at the Vegas betting lines in regard to some of these games, because some of these "upsets" haven't been as big as the media would make them out to be if you're judging purely by how the teams are seeded for the tournament.  I picked California by 3 over UNLV (which happened), I only had Oregon losing by 5 to Oklahoma St. (Oregon, the #12 seed, won), and St. Mary's was actually the Vegas favorite by 1.5 points over Memphis.  Now, the New Mexico game against Harvard WAS AN UPSET...  ;)  I picked Kansas State to win today, by I only had them beating La Salle by 5...  There's a lot to be said for looking at the scores and results for these teams throughout the season...  I wish you the best of luck with your brackets (if they're not in the trash can already), and I'll see you again..., SOMETIME TOMORROW with my picks for Sunday.  Have an outstanding basketball evening!

I Remember The First Time (9)

"My mom texted, "Punxatawny Phil must die" and she lives approximately three hours from him.  Winter will be over soon guys..." -@SharpeBytes- (via twitter)

"Before I die, I want to follow a family around Disneyworld for a day, just to be in the background of all of their photos.  #bucketlist" -@jazzledazzle94- (via twitter)

"Be confident.  Just kidding - life is unpredictable and you should be terrified..."
-@SergioValenCo- (via twitter)

"Good Lord, will someone please take Twitter away from Amanda Bynes?  #hotmess"
-@Mcolette- (via twitter)

"You deserve so much more than what you accept..." -@_msnemo- (via twitter)

I remember the first time that a quote spoke to me...  I really relate to that @msnemo line that is listed directly above - I need to do something about that...

I remember the first time that I never visited the twitter page of Amanda Bynes...  Two quotes up, well..., I just thought that was funny, although I've never seen Amanda's tweets myself...  It's a similar quote to something that I tweeted a little while back, about people needing to have their twitter accounts revoked if they thought that Percy Harvin is better than Anquan Boldin.  Maybe that's why I like it...  :)

I remember the first time that I overslept...  This entry is coming to you later than I had anticipated today because I slept for about seven hours straight after I got home from work last night.  You will be seeing another entry later today with my predictions for tomorrow's third-round NCAA tourney games as soon as I get to look at the matchups.  The reason for this is that I have my final fantasy baseball draft at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow morning.  At some point after I have finished that, I will post my predictions for Sunday's third-round basketball games.

I remember the first time that some of our regular customers gave their parents a tour of my workplace...  Last night I saw Maddie and Ashley, and they both had their mom with them as they showed off the best party spot in San Marcos, America...  ;)  The girls proposed the outstanding idea (hmmmm....) that we should have a slide that our customers could ride from the Veranda down to the ground floor.  Someone ALWAYS has to shoot down a good idea, right?  My thing was that customers would go up to the Veranda JUST to ride the slide...  One of the mothers chimed in that our customers would get sick on the slide, and that someone would have to clean it up...  Don't you just hate it when people steal your thunder?  :)

I remember the first time that I had a simple answer to a question...  Recently customers approached my checkpoint and asked, "how do we get upstairs?"  I nodded toward the stairs and answered, "upstairs..."  ;)

I remember the first time that I was involved in a birthday scavenger hunt...  Last week a group of very excited girls approached me with a piece of notebook paper.  They were animated as they informed me that they had a birthday girl and were participating in a scavenger hunt.  They looked at their list, and the conversation went:

Them:  "You could kiss another dude?..."
Me:  "Hmmmm..., NOOOO..."

Then as they anxiously looked over their list, I asked to see it.  Starting at the top, I noticed the second item - "supercat" (I think that the new Bobcat is actually a "powercat" - ANYWAY....).

Me:  "Isn't this a supercat?"  (I showed them the logo on my ballcap, which I had been wearing backwards).
Them: "YESSSSS!!!"

Here to bring joy into the lives of others..., that's me...  ;)

I remember the first time that I was accused of being on drugs...  I was at my checkpoint, manipulating the three poker chips that I'm almost always playing with, when a guy stops, surveys the situation, and then says:

Guy:  "You're on cocaine..."
Me:  (YEAH, just more than a little surprised...)  "Nooooo..."
Guy:  "You're on..., SOMETHING..."
Me:  (Someone who has NEVER done any drugs, unless you count alcohol of course...) "Nooooo..."

Okay my friends, just be a little patient, and I will be back shortly with a new post outlining my NCAA picks for tomorrow.  Have a great day in the meantime!


Thursday, March 21, 2013

NCAA Tourney 2013 - 2nd Round (Friday Games)

Good afternoon everyone.  FINALLY finished...  :)  You can't imagine how much time it takes to sift through scores when you have watched almost none of the games all season.  ;)  However, I think that you will be surprised by how many games I get right (at least I know that I always am)...  :)  I am currently sitting at 3-1 after the first-round games.  Before we get started, I wanted to a minute to point out the new link on the right side of my blog for all of you sports fans.  #1SportsPicks is the product of a friend of mine, and he offers a FREE pick or two on a daily basis for all of you sports fanatics.  I also wanted to give a shoutout to my friend Sam for letting me take the "early out" at work last night so that I could compile the "masterpiece" (we'll see) that you're about to read below.  These are my predictions for the second-round games that will be played tomorrow, and my last blog entry has my picks for the games that are being played today.  Here we go...

Friday, March 22nd

Duke                         85                                         North Carolina             71
Albany                     58                                         Villanova                        66

Wisconsin               63                                         Florida                              71
Ole Miss                   57                                         Northwestern St.          56

NC State                  72                                         Oklahoma                        77
Temple                     66                                         San Diego St.                  72

Miami                       73                                         Iowa St.                            75
Pacific                      57                                         Notre Dame                    68

Cincinnati                67                                         Kansas                               86
Creighton                 60                                        W. Kentucky                   62

Colorado                  67                                         UCLA                                70
Illinois                      64                                          Minnesota                       63

Georgetown            69                                          Kansas St.                        72
Fla. Gulf Coast       57                                           La Salle                            67

Ohio State                85                                          Indiana                            77
Iona                            66                                          James Madison             61

I hope that you enjoy all of this basketball, and I will see you again tomorrow with the 'I Remember The First Time' entry that got bumped today.  I will also see you again on Saturday with some more basketball predictions for the weekend.  Have a great day and good luck with your brackets!


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

NCAA Tourney 2013 - 2nd Round (Thursday Games)

Good evening everyone.  I am actually ahead of the schedule that I set for myself here yesterday, but I am not going to post my complete entry of second-round predictions right now due to the fact that all of Friday's participants haven't been determined yet.  Right now I am going to give you my picks for tomorrow's tourney   games, and tomorrow I will post my picks for Friday's tournament action.  I went 2-0 on my picks for last night's games, and right now I am ahead on my James Madison prediction (don't ask me how)...  ;)  Here are my predictions for the sixteen games that are being played tomorrow:

Thursday, March 21st

Michigan State     68                                       Louisville                     81
Valparaiso             56                                        NC A&T                       55

Butler                      65                                        Michigan                      83
Bucknell                 60                                       South Dakota St.       70    

Pittsburgh             75                                        Arizona                          82
Wichita State        71                                       Belmont                         76

St. Louis                 72                                        California                      74
New Mexico St.    59                                        UNLV                            71

Memphis                81                                         Missouri                       77
St. Mary's              75                                         Colorado St.                74

Marquette              67                                         VCU                               78
Davidson               62                                          Akron                            65

Gonzaga                 85                                          New Mexico                72
Southern                62                                          Harvard                       60

Oklahoma St.       80                                          Syracuse                      67
Oregon                   75                                          Montana                       63

I wish you the best of luck with your brackets (as long as they don't contradict my winners...), and I'll see you again tomorrow with the rest of my second-round predictions...  Have a great night!

Could You? (9)

"8 out of 6 people think I'm terrible at math..." -@EliseRose5- (via twitter)

"I was such a goth in school I arrived carried by two ravens..." -@Breadery- (via twitter)

"To burn with desire and keep quiet about it is the greatest punishment we can bring on ourselves..."
-Federico Garcia Lorca- (via @oberist - twitter)

"You know I've tried, to be a friend..., but you feel undermined and hurt again..."
-Suzy Bogguss- (Aces)

Could you please not remind me of what it's like to feel completely helpless Suzy Bogguss?

Could you hold the presses?  I just visited my facebook page, and evidently the following happened at work tonight (I was off)...  A guy is about to walk in when a cat pops out of his bag...  My friend Melanie (yes, Packers Melanie) runs away while saying, "ewww..., cats!"  My coworker Nick (yes, "I Remember The First Time" Nick) says, "I can't let you in, it's against code..."  Meanwhile, my friend Alyssa (yes, Texans Alyssa) exclaims, "OH MY GOSH, A CAT!  LET ME PET IT!"  Goodness gracious...  :)

Could you tell us a story about dogs now?  Okay, so I'm at Bikini Hill last week (I've now been 6 times in the last 9 days, but that's neither here nor there), and I'm reading 'The Catcher In The Rye' while listening to iHeartRadio through my Droid.  I look up just in time to see this brown dog running in my direction, and I immediately start petting him as he reaches me.  Zephyr (that's his name) takes this as a good sign as he proceeds to sit on my book and starts licking my face.  Everyone who sees this is laughing as his owner comes up to retrieve him...  So now I have TWO new canine friends from Bikini Hill (Calla and Zephyr) to go along with my trio of facebook friends...  ;)

Could you pick every NCAA tournament game correctly without watching any basketball during the season?  So, I went 2-0 on my picks last night, and I hadn't watched any of the 4 teams play prior to those first-round tourney games...  ;)  My predictions for tonight are also in yesterday's blog entry...

Could you make us more likely to buy stuff by playing happy music?  "I'm..., gonna soak up the sun..., I'm gonna tell everyone to lighten up..." -Sheryl Crow-  The only time that I EVER hear this song is while I'm shopping at the Walmart in San Marcos, America...  Subliminal advertising anyone?  :)

Could you use a little common sense?  Oh, you San Marcos drivers, you...  Okay, so it's VERY EARLY in the morning after our St. Patrick's Day festivities at work (5:00 a.m. would be very early, FYI...).  As the traffic light turns green so that I can make my left turn en route to the grocery store (that would be the 'big H.E.B.' for those of you who are keeping score at home), the lone car at the RED light pulls forward, and for a split-second I'm worried that he's going to hit me...  My window is down (I'm not thinking about this), and as I drive by, I instinctively ask, "ARE YOU 'EFFING' (my blog is PG - use your imagination...) SERIOUS?!"  Since I'm looking at him, I can now see that HIS WINDOW is down, and as I pass, I hear, "SHUT UP!"  BA HA HA HA...  I am SO HAPPY that he heard me...  :)

Could you ALSO use a little common sense?  So when I'm walking home from Bikini Hill yesterday (my 6th visit..., oh yeah, I already told you...)  ;) , I'm walking through the Bobcat Nation parking lot when this truck comes SCREAMING past the row of parked cars.  As I'm about to step out in front of THIS genius, both of us stop. As he waves for me to go, I just ignore him...  If I lose your trust in a traffic situation such as this, I WILL NOT go first.  I am not about to venture in front of you AGAIN and put my life in your hands...  I'm still listening to my iHeartRadio (different day, I know) as the truck makes his way past me, and I say (I'm not sure how loudly), "DRIVE FASTER..."  I quickly find out how loud I was as two separate girls (separate - not with each other) approach me.  The first girl, also listening to music, nods and smiles, while the second girl, who IS NOT listening to music, greets me with a HUGE SMILE...  Yeah, his window was down too by the way...  :P  Maybe they will learn...

Could you consider who you're talking to?  One of my former basketball players visited me at work last weekend and told me that SHE was "too old" for the crowd up at the Veranda.  Yeah, YOU'RE OLD Casey...  ;)

Have a great day and I will see you again tomorrow with A BUNCH of basketball predictions!


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

NCAA Tourney 2013 - 1st Round

Good morning everyone.  I know that this is going to be a very short post compared to my regular entries, but I will be making up for that in the very near future as my blogging schedule picks up for the rest of March.  I had told you recently that once the 'Sweet 16' started last year, I was 13-2 making picks (thank you, thank you)...  ;)  What I didn't remember until I went through my older posts in the last half-hour is that I didn't make "official picks" (with scores like today) until the 'Sweet 16' began.  This year I will be predicting scores and winners for all 67 NCAA Tournament games.  Based on nothing scientific (I hated science anyway), these are your predictions for today's and tomorrow's games:

Tuesday - March 19th

NC A&T           65
Liberty                 60

St. Mary's            71
MTSU                  63

Wednesday - March 20th

Boise St.               73
La Salle                 60

JMU                       68
LIU Brooklyn     62

I will be making posts for the next four days this week if you want to make plans to be elsewhere...  ;)  Tomorrow I will give you 'Could You? (9), on Thursday you will get my NCAA Tourney 2nd-round picks (that should be fun, just a million games...), on Friday I will publish 'I Remember The First Time (9)', and on Saturday I will dazzle you with my NCAA 3rd-round selections...  Note that these predictions are likely to improve as the tournament goes on...  Have an outstanding day and I'll see you again tomorrow!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

I Remember The First Time (8)

"There's no better way to fall asleep than listening to the sound of rain..."
-@JaclynNannz- (via twitter)

"Trying to understand the behavior of some people is like trying to smell the color 9..."
-@xxVoo- (via twitter)

"ALWAYS fall for your type..."
-@b_jai2012- (via twitter)

"My ceiling fan has 3 speeds:  1) Barely moving; 2) Kinda feels like it's working; 3) Is going to fly off the ceiling and kill someone..." -@SarcasmPage- (via twitter)

"Forgive.  It doesn't make you weak.  Everybody makes mistakes..."
-@TinaMav- (via twitter)

I remember the first time that I went wrong somewhere along the line...  So yesterday I'm browsing through facebook and I notice that one of my former basketball and softball players has a dog who is having a birthday party.  The photograph shows the dog seated in a chair and a birthday cake sitting on the table in front of the dog.  Then it clicks with me that the dog's name is Kobe - NOOOOO!!!...  HOW could I have coached basketball in San Marcos, America, just a half-hour north of San Antonio (the home of your San Antonio Spurs), and have SO MANY former players who are Lakers, and more specifically, Kobe fans??? Jackie, Jackie, Jackie...  :)

I remember the first time that I was excited about going to Bikini Hill...  Speaking of puppy dogs, I was at Bikini Hill a few days ago studying my fantasy baseball magazine (shocking, I know)...  After I had been there for a while, a redheaded girl shows up with her puppy dog, Calla.  Now Calla is 11 weeks old and was very happy to be visiting Bikini Hill.  There were probably close to 100 people scattered all over the place, and every time that our unnamed redheaded girl (she never gave me her name, SURELY out of fear of the burdening popularity that she would receive once I hit the publish button today) threw Calla's ball, this puppy COULD NOT be more disinterested in chasing it than surveying her exciting surroundings at the park.      The best part was when unnamed redheaded girl walking Calla toward the river to get some water, when Calla just JUMPS INTO a group of about eight equally excited high school students who were enjoying their spring break.  Calla instantly starts introducing herself to EVERYONE, wagging her tail, and moving her paws like she's "air-swimming" (sure, it's a word)...  :)  Anyway, she's playfully pawing at her new friends, then jumping on others to lick their faces, etc...  Okay, I guess the best part happened after I introduced myself to her and told unnamed redheaded girl that her puppy dog was making the blog today.  Calla came over to me TWICE after this encounter, and licked MY FACE the second time...  :)  See, I have three facebook friends AND a puppy that likes me...  ;)

I remember the first time that I stayed in San Marcos for the break...  Well, I guess I wouldn't have seen this if I didn't stay in town.  I went to check my mail at my apartment complex yesterday when I see a guy skateboard down some cement steps...  As he rolls away, I notice that he is wearing a ballcap adorned with the word "Reckless" - he is also wearing a cast on his arm...  You can't make this stuff up...  ;)

I remember the first time that I saw NASA on my facebook page...  Not everyone stayed in San Marcos, America for the break.  My friends from my Super Bowl "watch party" got together and took themselves a trip to South Padre during the break.  Not only did I get to see the sand castle that Alyssa, Chelsea, and Kim were attempting to build on the beach, but I also got to witness the high-tech GPS setup that they used to navigate their way to the coast.  I SWEAR that these girls had THREE monitors mounted inside the front of this vehicle.  When questioning Alyssa about this last night, she said that if they got lost, the third one would be the deciding one, breaking the tie...  :)  I also remember how we used MAPS 100 years ago...  :P

I remember the first time that I mulled over staying in San Marcos, America, or needing to use three GPS monitors to move...  So this got really scary when I started thinking about it for writing this part of the blog.  I realized that I had moved every year for each of the past three years.  THEN I realized that its been about ten years since I lived in the same apartment for even THREE years in a row...  Now I'm getting close to that decision point again.  It's unusual to be 100 years-old and doing the job that I'm doing while living in San Marcos, America.  If you've followed the blog for any length of time, you realize the circumstances that have brought this about.  For each of the last two years, I have moved back to San Marcos in "emergency" situations.  Before returning here two years back, I was working for The University of Texas at Austin.  I only lived in Austin for the one year, and due to online poker (NATURALLY...  :P) I didn't come close to taking full advantage of where I lived in Austin.  I lived on "West Campus" - this was just a few blocks west (DUH) of the drag, for those of you who are familiar with Austin and UT.  My apartment complex had a bus stop for the "E" bus, which would transport you to and from 6th Street for FREE on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights.  I SO didn't take advantage of this...  Now I'm basically deciding between a return to Austin and its numerous job opportunities, or living in a place for a second straight year (unless money just suddenly FALLS FROM THE SKY and I can return to the desert in style)...  :P  I was having a conversation with my long-lost friend Megan a few nights ago, and we were discussing that while San Marcos is a great place to live, it just gets kind of small after a while.  I also ran into this realization before I moved to Las Vegas for the very first time 8 years ago, when I moved to Austin 3 years ago, and when I... "attempted" to move back to the desert last summer.  I guess this is the thing:  in San Marcos I'm comfortable and content, but I ALWAYS seem to need to find out if I can be MORE HAPPY...  I'll keep you posted...  ;)

I remember the first time that it was finally 'Selection Sunday'...  Okay, well this is going to be a very big weekend indeed.  Besides just being my 'Tuesday' at work tonight, I also have my second fantasy baseball draft on Saturday, and Sunday is going to feature a combination of 'Selection Sunday' (the release of the brackets for this year's Men's NCAA Basketball Tournament) and St. Patrick's Day (which happens to fall of my 'Friday').  Anyone confused yet?  :)  ANYWAY, this means that on Tuesday of next week I will be posting my predictions for the first four NCAA tourney games, and that you will be getting A BUNCH of predictions on Thursday of next week (this will probably result in next week's "I Remember" post being made on Friday).

I hope that all of you have a great weekend, and I will see you again next week (which would be on either Monday or Tuesday)...  ;)


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Could You? (8)

"Just when I think my daughter is nothing like me, she trips over her own foot and runs into the wall.  Aaahhhhh, there I am..."  -@__Shannanigans- (via twitter)

"Me explaining my gym, Krav Maga, to my friend:  "What's it called?  Gavin DeGraw?"  Ha ha.  Yes, yes, my gym is Gavin DeGraw..."  -@JDubAndTheLamb- (via twitter)

"Being able to vent to a friend and get amazing advice in return has got to be one of the best things in the world..."  -@jazmine_r3- (via twitter)

"The things people think about while they go to sleep are really the only things that matter..."
-@Bwaid_beats- (via twitter)

"I'm not polite because of who you are or how you look; means nothing to me.  I'm nice because that's who I am.  Class and manners count..."  -@james44441- (via twitter)

Could you have a dream?  Good morning everyone.  Seems like a long time since I last posted...  :)  The dream that we're talking about here is a dream that I had while sleeping over the weekend.  For the first time in a long time, I had a dream about playing poker.  The funny thing is, part of the dream consisted of me being bored at the table.  If you've ever played poker, you've had one of those moments when time just stands still...  The new dealer might be coming into the box and has to count the bank, you might be waiting for the floorperson to come to your table during a hand that you're not involved in, etc...  Well, somehow one of those moments snuck into my dream, and I was focused on playing with my chips...  This dream probably won't be foreshadowing for the coming year as there is a very slim chance that I will be moving back to Las Vegas at the end of the summer.  However, there will be some more talk about gambling at the end of this entry...  ;)

Could you be more thankful for the internet?  Last week at this time I had an upper eyelid infection.  The infection was becoming increasingly painful and I could see the swelling spreading across my eyelid.  I took this very seriously because I got a skin infection a few years ago (city league softball, not washing the dirt out of a scrape soon enough is my best guess), and that arm infection cost me in the neighborhood of $300.00.  I looked up this upper eyelid infection online, went through several photos, and tried the "home remedy" for the least serious scenario, which was using soap and water to clean the infected area (there were no visible scrapes, etc...).  The article also said to use a compress on the eyelid and to take some acetaminophen.  THANKFULLY, within minutes the pain decreased, and the infection went away later in the week without having to seek medical attention.  Just another excuse to spend more time on the computer...  ;)

Could you tell us about something scary that you heard, as opposed to an icky medical situation?  Last weekend at about 12:30 a.m., a customer wanders by me at work, searching frantically, and says, "we lost him on his 21st birthday..."  WONDERFUL...

Could you dance for me?  So I'm at my normal station last weekend when this girl stops by and chats me up.  This is one of our regular customers, regular enough to know what my job is at this checkpoint.  Work was pretty slow at this point, and the customer starts asking a few of the customers to dance for her before they can pass and go upstairs.  She's standing in front of me, and of course I'm telling the customers over her shoulder that they don't have to dance, but OF COURSE most of them do a two-second "dance" for the girl.  She leaves shortly afterward, and upon leaving, one of the customers stops and asks me if she has to dance before leaving also.  I responded that she didn't have to dance, and that the girl had already left.  Her DEAD SERIOUS reply was, "she doesn't work here???"  :)

Could you find a way to gamble without being in Las Vegas?  So I had already signed up for a fantasy baseball league for this season.  The entry fee for this league was $25.00.  Last weekend, I received a promo code from CDM Sports, who runs the league.  The code was good for discounted fees on additional entries.  HMMM...  :)  If I'm going to be studying and keeping up with baseball ANYWAY, I MIGHT AS WELL sign up to compete in some more leagues...  ;)  NOTE:  My favorite quote from the movie 'Tombstone' is the Doc Holliday line, "That's what I love about Wyatt.  He can talk himself into anything..."  ANYWAY, so I signed up for a couple of $50.00 leagues (for $40.00 each).  I now have the potential to win as much as $725.00 among the 3 leagues, and as little as $0.00 if I do as well as I did last year...  Well, the first draft of the three is taking place tonight, so I will be doing some last-minute cramming at Bikini Hill this afternoon (forecast high - 79 degrees).  I told you earlier that I'm drafting 2nd out of 10 teams in the first league that I signed up for.  In these last couple of leagues, I will be drafting 10th and 9th out of 10 teams.  Ugghhh...  HOWEVER, this "gambling" by me doesn't come close to comparing to one of the guys who is a member of all of my leagues.  His league entries are numbered, like 'Team 4', 'Team 9', 'Team 13', etc...  Well, according to this numbering system, he is playing in AT LEAST 24 different fantasy leagues...  Can you be a professional fantasy baseball player?  :)

Could you please have a great day?  I'll see you again on Thursday everyone...  ;)


Thursday, March 7, 2013

I Remember The First Time (7)

"I'm opening up a bar called 'The Gym' so we don't have to lie anymore..."
-@Brianhopecomedy- (via twitter)

"It's a good day to be a #TXST Bobcat.  Well...  Everyday is a good day when you wake up and realize you don't go to #UTSA..." -@cheetoh_solis- (via twitter)

"I'm not an alcoholic, I just went to #TxState..." -@AsToldbyLauren- (via twitter)

"I could graduate early if I wanted to, but why would I ever leave this place earlier than I have to?... #txst"

"My school >>> your school.  It's always a great day to be a Bobcat..."
-@500DaysOfRaquel- (via twitter)

I remember the first time that I paid homage to a bunch of fellow Bobcats by using their tweets to lead off my blog...  ;)  Have a great Spring Break Bobcats!

I remember the first time that I was wrong...  Yeah, it's only happened once...  ;)  Okay..., so very recently I mocked someone here for asking me if the cup coming out of a plastic bag was clean.  As a matter of fact, it was last weekend that I included that story here in the blog.  It was also last weekend that the following occurred...  So Alyssa (YES, that same punk) approaches me as the last person in a group.  I'm speaking to one of her friends when I hear the question, "are these cups clean?"  SOOOOO CLEVER...  And I swear, not even ten minutes later, a group of four guys ends up at my checkpoint.  I give the first guy a cup because he has a bottle.  The second guy has a can.  I look at the third and fourth guys in the group, and when I look back, the second guy is pouring the beer from his can into a cup (we don't allow glass to be brought up to The Veranda, but cans are okay).  I explain to the guy that he didn't have to do that since he had a can, and then I look away.  When I look back, the guy has either drank the beer from the cup, or somehow poured it back into the can, but all that I see is him RESTACKING the used cup onto the CLEAN, UNUSED cups.  Of course they're stacked upside down, so the beer is dripping down the pile of cups now...  UGGGHHH...  So, to the person that I was picking on last week who asked me if the cups were clean..., not such a stupid question...  :)

I remember the first time that I heard of facebook...  Now I get to bring fame to the former student who introduced me to the world of social media...  :)  This actually happened on Bikini Hill (what are the odds?) over four years ago.  I ran into Josie, and in our conversation, she brought up the term 'facebook'.  I had never heard of the site.  At this time, the majority of facebook users were still college students.  The sad thing is, I didn't join the site for almost another year, after my brother suggested it right before I took a vacation to New England.  I saw Josie at work last weekend, and both her and my brother are very proud of the fact that I now have 6 facebook friends after 4 years (and I actually know 3 of them in real life)...  ;)

I remember the first time that I broke up a fight...  So at work last weekend, there was a fight downstairs at Harper's.  Where I'm located on the busier nights of the week, I hear about the stuff that happened downstairs at the end of the night...  It seems that when this melee broke out, one of our doorguys stepped in and pulled a guy out of the fight.  It turns out that the guy that he was restraining was..., ANOTHER ONE OF OUR DOORGUYS...  :)  The reason that I'm telling you this is that in my very first year of teaching, I once stepped into a fight that had broken out, and I... (you guessed it), started pulling ANOTHER COACH out of the fight, who was already trying to break it up...  You're not alone...  ;)

I remember the first time that I referenced a topic that I had already covered...  So back to the beer-pouring, and back to earlier blog posts where I've talked about people not knowing that we have a bar on the roof.  Last week a guy gets ALL THE WAY to my isolated point, starts pouring his beer into a cup, and THEN asks the question, "what's up here???"  God bless San Marcos, America...  :)

I remember the first time that I felt stupid...  Yeah, it's only happened once...  ;)  The majority of the time that the t.v. is on in my bedroom, I am on the computer.  This is relevant because of that STUPID Progressive Insurance commercial...  GRRRRRR...  There is a Progressive ad currently airing that that has a phone vibrating toward the end of the commercial.  Now since I'm on the computer, I'm really not paying attention to the advertising, but that STUPID PHONE sounds EXACTLY like my Droid when it vibrates, so EVERY TIME that I hear that sound, I end up looking at my phone, and now it's to the point that I do so EVEN WHEN I KNOW that it's that commercial...

I remember the first time that I tried to lose weight.  I'm down to 227 pounds right now, and I'll probably be at 235 by the end of the month...  ANYWAY..., I made a trip to Walmart a few days ago, and parked on the very popular left side of the store.  When I arrived at the front door, I found that the doors were "police taped" off (which I found out later was due to an electrical fire in their arcade (using the term 'arcade' loosely)...  Well, since I am trying to lose weight, OF COURSE I returned to my vehicle and DROVE to the other side of the store and parked, because there's NO WAY I was walking that far...  ;)

I remember the first time that someone unintentionally gave one of our bars a clever nickname...  A couple of customers were walking by me last weekend and they couldn't remember the name of our shot bar.  I told them that it was 'Slackers' when they asked.  "See?!...," said one of the guys...  Slackers, not Shotzies...  :)

I remember the first time that I told one last work story before I walked to Bikini Hill to study my fantasy baseball magazine because it's simply just TOO NICE outside...  :)  So I've talked about the people THROWING their now empty glasses into the tub and breaking glasses that are already in there.  Well, last weekend this happened once again, and when the girls came back down the stairs, they apologized and explained that they understood, because they're waitresses...  HUH?...  BUT??... THEN WHY DID YOU???...  MERP.....  :(

Have a great day everyone, and I will PROBABLY see you again sometime before Tuesday.  Really, really likely...  ;)


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Could You? (7)

"I just read one sentence from my Genetics textbook & I already wanna give up on life..."
-@lleena11- (via twitter)

"You don't just walk away from people.  You don't just throw people away..."
-@Sheldon_Jokes- (via twitter)

"Kung Fu lives in how we treat people.  Kung Fu lives in everything we do.  Everything is Kung Fu..."
-Jackie Chan- (The Karate Kid)

Could you throw in some extra quotes since you're going to be a lazy blogger this month Coach?  Okay, will do...  :)

Could you give me some money because I'm pretty?  God bless San Marcos, America...  :)  Okay, so this story involves my friends Alyssa and Amy.  That would be the same old punk Alyssa and the new punk Amy for those of you who come here to Bikini Hill regularly...  :)  These two characters were at a local San Marcos, America bar this weekend when a complete stranger approaches them.  The guy says, "hi, you two are pretty - can I buy you a drink?"  THEN the guy gives them a handful of cash...  :)  The BEST PART is that Alyssa and Amy then take the cash (which I estimate was between 15 and 20 bucks) and come to our establishment to spend it...  :)  Getting money for being pretty, what a racket...  Pfffttt...  :P

Could you really hurt me?  Okay, now this story is about one of my newer friends, Castelluccio.  I see on facebook yesterday where Castelluccio is involved in Krav Maga self-defense training.  At this point I should let you know that this story revolves around underestimating people, because Castelluccio MIGHT weigh 100 pounds..., SOAKING WET...  :)  It makes me wonder if my friend is just signing Bobcats up for the course, or if I'll have to watch my back when I see her???  :)

Could you provide a better segue into what you're going to tell us about the Karate Kid Coach?  Yes, so this weekend was the first time that I saw the remake of the Karate Kid.  I just happened to be flipping through the channels when I found it.  I actually think that I like the remake better than the original, which is something that I never thought I'd find myself saying about a remake.  The reason for this might just be that the new Karate Kid is different, and I like some of the new characters.  This leads us to our next question...

Could you talk to us about what might be the saddest line that you've ever heard in a movie?  Okay, so this new karate kid (Jaden Smith) almost makes his love interest late for her big violin audition at the Beijing Academy of Music (yes, this movie is set in China, which I found interesting also).  Now keep in mind that Smith was only 11 or 12 years-old when this movie was made - these are just kids...  After her audition, the girl is forced by her parents to tell Jaden, "We can no longer be friends.  You are bad for my life..."  Doesn't that just rip your heart out?  Goodness gracious...  :(

Could you tell us a funny story from Bikini Hill Coach?  So yesterday it's 77 degrees in San Marcos, America at 1:00 p.m. and it's my Saturday.  You're ABSOLUTELY RIGHT that I'm heading to Bikini Hill...  So I get there, lay out my towel, and then start digging into my fantasy baseball magazine. After a while I start looking around and notice the young guy to my right just STARING at the three girls up the hill from us.  I'm talking not wearing sunglasses, head aimed in their direction like he's watching a movie, STARING at these girls.  I was just DYING to say to him, "dude, you MIGHT NOT want to be so obvious..."  :)  I actually thought that it was funny though, so I just kept my mouth shut and resumed studying, which brings us to our next question...

Could you tell us who you're going to take first in your fantasy baseball draft?  As I said here recently, I have the second overall pick in my fantasy baseball draft on the 23rd.  First off, I figured out yesterday that the wait until my second pick, which will be the NINETEENTH overall pick, is going to be EXCRUCIATING...  Pick 2nd, then pick 19th - UGGHHH...  I do think that I"m going to take Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels with my first pick though, so if you happen to be the one person on our planet who is in my league and has the first overall pick, and somehow you managed to find my blog, please don't take him...  :)  For those of you not familiar with my fantasy baseball strategy, I sacrifice home runs and runs batted in, while trying to win the other eight categories (just in case you think I'm crazy, or MORE CRAZY, if you will)...  ;)

Could you tell us about your "last supper" Coach?  So after Bikini Hill yesterday I went to San Antonio to hang out with Dad.  Remember that this is the month that I'm supposed to lose about 13 pounds - today I weighed-in again at 228 pounds.  I'm shooting for 215 by April 1st just in case you don't want to break out your calculators...  ;)  Yesterday I had a late lunch since I hadn't eaten since the morning.  The late lunch was an Angus Mushroom Cheeseburger from McDonald's (meh..., I know)...  Last night for dinner at the Texas Roadhouse, I had a dinner salad with ranch dressing, a couple of rolls, three catfish fillets, and a loaded baked potato (with the 'cheese just crawling out of the top of it loaded')...  :P  And that is IT...  I'm going to batten down the hatches again and do my very best to make 215 by April 1st.  Wish me luck...

Could you also wish me luck on figuring out what's next..., please?  Yesterday was a bittersweet day because it was the day that I did my taxes (yes, I also did my wash before I went to Bikini Hill yesterday - I got A LOT accomplished)...  :D  Anyway, on the day that I finished doing my taxes last year, that was officially the day that I decided to return to Las Vegas, because I knew that with my refund I wouldn't be stranded out there in the desert if things didn't work out.  My mom just moved WAY northeast, my dad will be moving north (maybe), my brother's family may or may not be moving south to Texas - what will Coach be doing?  Hmmm...  Gotta love life...  ;)

I hope that all of you have a great day and I'll see you on Thursday (or maybe tomorrow).  There's no NCAA basketball tournament yet, so I MAY sneak in an extra post there somewhere...  Of course, there IS the Texas State baseball game that I'm going to tonight.  Eat 'Em Up, Cats!  Anyway, have a good one!



Friday, March 1, 2013

Blog Changes For March

"If I saw you hitchhiking, I'd smile and return your thumbs up, just for you doing such a great job of being a positive roadside influence..."  -Jacob Kintz-

Good morning everyone.  You're very wise indeed if you anticipate some changes here on Bikini Hill for the month of March.  Due to the upcoming NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, I will be changing my posting schedule for at least the month of March (I may find that I like being lazy, and not resume seeing you five days a week)...  ;)  During March, I will continue making posts on Tuesdays and Thursdays, because these have quickly become my most popular drivel (I mean..., blog entries)...  I will try to make these posts a little longer and include more poker, sports, and Las Vegas material in them for what I am going to do to the rest of the week.  In addition to the Tuesday and Thursday entries I make, I will also be making predictions for every game in the NCAA Tournament.  I don't want to toot my own horn (well I do, but I don't even own a horn), but last year I went 13-2 predicting winners after the arrival of the "Sweet Sixteen."  This run included my prediction of Kentucky beating Kansas 73-66 in the national title game (the Wildcats won 67-59).  I will continue to "advertise" my posts on my facebook and twitter accounts, so feel free to follow me on twitter @desertcoach just in case you're not 1 of my 4 facebook friends...  :)  That twitter tag is also located at the top of this page (meaning every post that I make)...  If you want something more to read today, feel free to go back through the posts that I wrote over the last couple of days.  I posted 'Eeekkkkk!!!!  :D' and 'I Remember The First Time (6)' so late in the afternoon during the past few days compared to my normal posting schedule that they haven't been viewed as often as my other entries here.  If you are new to Bikini Hill, I now have 270 posts that you are welcome to sift through to help fill the void of my upcoming laziness.  Have an outstanding weekend and I will see you again on Tuesday!