Monday, September 30, 2013

The Bobcats Will Be Bowling

"It's always the same, and you know who's to blame, you know what I'm saying, still we keep on playing, HEAD GAMES, that's all I get from you, HEAD GAMES, and I can't take it anymore..., HEAD GAMES, don't wanna play the, HEAD GAMES..." -Foreigner- (Head Games)

"I just needed someone to talk to, you were just too busy with yourself, you were never there for me, to express how I felt, I just stuffed it down, now I'm older and I feel like, I could let some of this anger fade, but it seems the surface I am scratching is the bed that I have made..."
-Staind- (Fade)

"All the feelings that I get, but I still don't miss you yet, only when I stop to think about it..., I hate everything about you, why do I love you?, I hate everything about you, why do I love you?...
-Three Days Grace- (I Hate Everything About You)

Good morning everyone.  Today you're going to get a "brief" recap of my weekend.  I will include my final fantasy baseball results in Wednesday's post.  My original plan was to stay at home all weekend and get a lot of things accomplished.  I figured that the weather would still be too warm for me to bother going to San Marcos for the Wyoming/Texas State football game.  Here's what happened this weekend...

Could you make us smile really quick before you tell us about your weekend Coach?  Sure...  I found this on my friend Trisha's facebook page, and had to share it with you.  Trisha was looking for a shirt for her husband when the following interaction took place with a store employee:

Employee:  "These run small, is he like my size?"
Trisha:  "No, he's like, tall and athletic..."

And to be fair, Trisha wasn't TRYING to be mean.  She also said, "as it was coming out (of my mouth), I was like, 'daaaaamnit!'..."  :)

Okay, now for my weekend.  Due to my lack of planning and laziness, I missed out on two great concert opportunities on Friday.  First, my favorite band, Blue October, was playing at Stubb's here in Austin, which I found out when some of my friends who were at the show posted photos on facebook.  Second, I found out on facebook that my friend Lauren (yes, the same Lauren of 'The 5th Annual Lone Star Music Awards' fame here in my blog, which is BY FAR the most viewed post that I have EVER published, and I mean BY FAR - you can search it in the window to the right) was going to be playing guitar (which I have never seen) for a few songs with The Shady Rest (my friend Craig's band, which, again, I have never seen perform) down in San Marcos.  So I stayed home Friday and rested up, during which time I got a phone call from Dad, who told me that he was in town (down from Missouri), and that we were going to celebrate my twin niece's and nephew's birthdays in San Antonio at Outback on Saturday night.  So as it happens, it was good fortune that I hadn't made plans/got a ticket to attend the Texas State/Wyoming football game on Saturday night.

Fast forward to Saturday, and pretty much the only constructive thing that I got done was my wash before I headed down to San Antonio.  I did take a nap prior to leaving, and woke up to some HEAVY RAIN (the downpour comes into play later - be patient)...  So I meet my family in San Antonio for an 8:00 dinner at Outback.  Oh, by the way, Happy 13th Birthday Dillon and Nikole! :)  Six of us ate, and all of us except for Dad had the steak and unlimited shrimp (because I know that you were wondering)...  During dinner, the topic of football somehow came up (shocking, I know), and Dad told me that he had heard that when the Wyoming team landed in San Antonio on Saturday, they must have been late, because it was rumored that they got a police escort from the airport in San Antonio up to San Marcos.  Well, I went to have a beer with Dad at the bar that he used to manage, and when I checked my phone at 11:00 to find out what the final score of the Bobcat game was, it turns out that they have 3:47 left to play in the second quarter...  STRANGE, since the game started at 6:00 p.m., FIVE HOURS EARLIER...  It appears that there had been a lightning delay, and when my friend Art posted on facebook that the game had resumed on the Longhorn Network, that's when I learned that Dad's old bar doesn't have the Longhorn Network.  Well, if you know me AT ALL, you KNOW that I stopped in San Marcos on my way back to Austin.

So I park in San Marcos, and I'm walking on the Square wearing my UT cap.  WELL, this group of Bobcat fans walking towards me is all hyped-up, YELLING, "WE WON, THE BOBCATS ARE 3-1!!!"  Then one of them spots my UT cap and says, "and UT doesn't matter..."  Don't they know who I am?!  I actually thought that it was really funny, and the Bobcats did beat Wyoming 42-21.  I have never been so happy to miss on a prediction, and I now firmly believe that the Bobcats will be playing in a bowl game this year (barring injuries or something drastically bad happening).  I thought that Wyoming was the toughest team left on our schedule, but it seems that we have a true freshman quarterback that came in and lit the Cowboys up.  Yeah, the 11-point underdog Bobcats won the game by 21 points...  :D

Okay, now a quick recap of my night in San Marcos, and the mention of some of the friends that I saw, because I can only tag twenty people to this nonsense on facebook anyway...  ;)  The first bar that I entered was 'The Porch' - this bar opened on Friday, so it had the buzz of being brand new combined with the buzz of our 21-point upset of Wyoming...  Former Bobcat football star Tim Hawkins (mentioned here a few times before) was among the first people to give me the rundown on the lightning delay story (he was in a box at the game, so the weather didn't phase him at all).  Across the bar I spotted my friend Alison, who was making a rare stop in San Marcos and was more than happy to claim that her presence in town was the reason the Cats' upset victory.  My friend James set me up with a beer and a shot and welcomed me to the newest bar in San Marcos (it's SO EASY to get your place of business mentioned here in the blog - very nice place by the way), and I saw my friends George and B-Stone of Bobcat Nation.  I made sure to thank George for recruiting more participants to their free pick 'em contest so that I wouldn't feel guilty about winning every week (by the way, I won't win this week)...  :)  When I stopped by next door to visit Harper's (yeah, you're familiar with Harper's), I had a good chat with my friend Nick (who also set me up with a drink - or two, by that's not the good part).  Nick wanted to do something nice for his mom (she's a Seahawks fan, he's a Texans fan), and he found tickets to Sunday's game on Craigslist that came with pregame field credentials.  I saw some photos on facebook and I'm quite sure that she enjoyed the Seattle's 23-20 overtime victory in Houston.  Seriously Nick, way to step up - looked like y'all had a great time...  I found the Veranda after bothering Nick, and was happy to find that they had my friend Z under some cover while he provided the music, because this rain was pretty much an ongoing story throughout the evening...  After telling my friend Colleen that it was nice to see her taking a break from posing for facebook pictures to work, I chatted with Travis on my way back downstairs.  Travis has taken over my previous post in the hallway, and he says that I have indeed been asked about once or twice (hello to all of my fans out there)...  ;)  As I went outside and prepared to cross the street, I heard "COACH!" yelled from behind me, looked around, saw no one paying attention to me, and then upon hearing another shout, I discovered that it was my friend Cody who was beckoning me as I prepared to cross the street en route to The Marc.  The Marc was formerly the Texas Music Theater, where I formerly worked (try to keep up)...  Upon arrival, my friend Zane showed me around and gave me the scoop on the "new place..."  As I ventured back across the Square at about 1:45 a.m., the RAIN started again...  I reached Harper's JUST IN TIME, and got myself a slice of pizza from my friend Kenny.  Oh, you didn't know that Harper's is selling pizza now (yeah, that just started on Thursday, and YES, I know that I ate "unlimited shrimp" earlier in the evening, and I might have had more than one slice even - SHUT UP)...  My friend Adam stopped by during the pizza-eating before my friend Brian gave me a ride back to my car...  Lots of bars and people to visit in San Marcos during the month of October as the Bobcats will be hosting three games in a row after going on the road this Saturday.  The weather is finally nice, so now I'll start venturing away from West Campus...  ;)  The Square, 6th Street, football games...  Lots of fun times ahead my friends...  :)

Have a great day and I'll see y'all again on Wednesday!


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Week 5 Football Picks/13-14

Good evening everyone.  As I pass along your football wisdom for this weekend, tonight's background t.v. is the Breaking Bad marathon (which you're REQUIRED to start watching as soon as you read this if your name is Vicki or Miletus - well, anyone).  That would be on AMC.  During commercials I am flipping to the 49ers/Rams game (3-0 Rams at this point, and I have zero players representing my fantasy squad in this one, which makes it easier to overload on Breaking Bad).  Speaking of "breaking bad," London is going to be treated to watching either the Vikings or my Steelers plummet to an 0-4 record to start the season.  BA DUMP..., ching...  As I chatted with my friend Alyssa a little while ago about the Steelers woeful start, I got this in return:  "On behalf of the Texans fans we welcome you with open arms to the good side..."  Yeah..., stay tuned for more Alyssa...  My new contributor Joey had his scores for this week to me on TUESDAY MORNING - WHOA!!!...  My friend..., Alyssa and I were in total agreement that you're being an overachiever.  I don't even START studying for the weekend until Wednesday night...  ;)  Well, no one qualified for Coach's Hall of Fame last week by giving me an exact score prediction, but the University of Texas decided not to play this weekend because so many of my Longhorns experts were ALL OVER last Saturday's final of 31-21 Texas over Kansas State.  My Horns experts were 8-1 on Saturday, and among their scores were 32-24 (Jack Ellis), 30-24 (Lee), 34-24 (Christian Corona), and 24-21 (Solana Dever).  My Bobcat experts went 6-7 on Saturday's 33-7 Texas Tech victory over Texas State.  SOMEHOW the girl from Alyssa's Corner called this one 31-10 in favor of the Red Raiders (TOTALLY wouldn't surprise me if she's the first one to sneak into Coach's Hall of Fame with a correct prediction)...  The Bobcats do play this Saturday, hosting the Cowboys of Wyoming, so let's go to our celebrity experts for their Week 5 picks...

Celebrity Experts (Last Weekend 14-8/Overall record of 50-30 on Bobcats & Longhorns games)

Saturday, September 28th - Texas State Bobcats (2-1) vs. Wyoming Cowboys (3-1)

Wyom  36-24     Brenden Shadburne - TXST Alum/NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Wyom  24-21     Dillon Croley - TXST Student/@DillonCroley63
Wyom  38-21     Max Cannady - TXST Alum
Wyom  35-25     Angelica Fierro - TXST Student w/BEAUTIFUL Long Hair  #saynotobuns
Wyom  42-28     Christie Marmolejo - Damsel In Distress Of Blog Fame/Paige's Friend
TXST  35-27     Paige Haddock - TXST Alum/Christie's Friend
TXST  42-34     Jacy Steelman - TXST Junior, Rec. Admin./Bobcat Nation Sports Bar & Grill
TXST  21-14     Big Neechi - @BigNeechi
TXST  31-24     Summer Rodriguez - TXST Student
TXST  31-24     Tim Thrash - @TimThrash (and yes, they picked the same score)
TXST  27-13     Trisha Whitworth - Administrative Assistant For Green Home Improvements,
San Marcos Native, Former Bobcat, & Trophy Wife.

Yeah, I might know a couple of the people that I picked on above, and they might have been in the blog before...  Okay, not only did my friend Joey have his picks to me on Tuesday, but he tried adding a substitute pick since the Longhorns are off this weekend.  No substitutes my friend, but Alyssa will be happy to know that Houston (+3 1/2) vs. Seattle was his substitution.  And without further ado, here's my friend Joey.  Okay, a little more further ado.  Joey dealt poker with me a hundred years ago at the Riviera (because I know that you were wondering how we know each other).  Joey is currently a Las Vegas ticket writer at the Palace Station Sportsbook.  And here's Joey...

Joey's Parlay Card (Last weekend 2-1/Overall record of 2-2 on Aggies, Bobcats, & Longhorns games)

2-1 last week on the parlay card.  I have to start with New Mexico State.  They have the worst defense in the country giving up 50 points per game.  It continues this week against San Diego State - Aztecs 49-14.  Unfortunately Wyoming is flinging the ball around the field and has covered 10 of their last 13 games.  I pick Wyoming over Texas State 42-17.

And now for the photo that Alyssa hopes to see as little as possible this season (and by the way, that's the only way that my face gets into the blog, unless I go 10-0 on my best bets - or maybe a couple of 9-1's...  Anyway, Alyssa's Texans fell to the Ravens last week, and Alyssa also had her first losing week as a prognosticator as she missed on the UT/K-State game (ALTHOUGH, again, she was extremely close on the Texas State/Texas Tech final).  And here's Alyssa...

Alyssa's Corner (Last weekend 1-2/Overall record of 6-4 on Texans, Bobcats, & Longhorns games)

Hello!  As most of you know, my Texans were defeated last week by the Ravens...  I'm still sad thinking about it, especially since I wore my J.J. Watt jersey last Friday for Jersey Day!  I got heckled by a few people for repping my Texans jersey.  I even got into a bit of an altercation with someone who's football allegiance is Dallas.  Blah.  This week has been incredibly stressful for me for the following reasons:

1)  My Texans lost last week and my heart aches at the thought of going 2-2 after this weekend.
2)  My cat (Belle) has been incredibly needy lately.
3)  I'm debating getting a new fish.
4)  The PPACA (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) is going into effect October 1st and my job will change because of it.

I know I haven't mentioned this yet, but I have an eleven year-old cat named Belle.  She is perfect in every way, but it is hard being a single cat owner.  She wakes me up crying in the middle of the night for attention and food, not to mention I have no personal space.  She sleeps on my head, under my arm, between my legs..., EVERYWHERE!  Enough about my cat...  Here are my predictions!

Bobcats vs. Wyoming     28-21 Wyoming
Texans vs. Seattle          24-21 Texans


TRUST ME when I say that the biggest upset of the football season so far is that Alyssa didn't mention Belle in the blog until the NFL was in Week 4...  ;)  Another anomaly was that I had a winning record on both my best bets (6-4) and my Cats & Horns picks last week (2-0).  Here's what I've got for you this week...

Coach (Last weekend 2-0/Overall record of 5-2 on Bobcats & Longhorns games)

My alma mater has their two toughest games of the season (on paper) in back-to-back weeks.  After playing very respectably out in Lubbock last week (this score has been in the 50-10 range in recent memory), the Bobcats will be hosting an upstart Wyoming team on Saturday.  The Cowboys opened the season with a close 37-34 loss at Nebraska, and last week they disposed of the Air Force Academy 56-23.  I'm actually surprised that Las Vegas only made us 11-point underdogs for this game.  I have to pick against the Bobcats this week, but it may be the last time that I do so this season (barring unforeseen circumstance - injuries, etc...).  I'm calling this one 34-20 in favor of the Cowboys.

Coach's Ten Best Bets of the Week (Last weekend 6-4, Overall record of 19-21)

Oklahoma State (-19) @ West Virginia - Honestly surprised this margin isn't bigger...
California (+37 1/2) @ Oregon - Cal has been scoring, forcing the Ducks to REALLY SCORE...
Stanford/Washington State (Over 48) - A Leach's Cougar's over I can sink my teeth into...
Ohio State (-7) vs. Wisconsin - Good test for the Buckeyes in Columbus...
USC/Arizona State (Under 50 1/2) - Betting that Trojans D/lack of O will set the tempo...
Utah State (-9) @ San Jose State - Still the best team you've never heard of/covered @ USC
New York Jets/Tennessee (Over 38 1/2) - I know, but the number is SO LOW...
Indianapolis (-8 1/2) at Jacksonville - Colts beat 49ers, Jaguars will have to prove it to me...
Kansas City (-4) vs. New York Giants - Chiefs (3-0) at Arrowhead vs. Giants (0-3) - sign me up...
Philadelphia/Denver (Over 58) - I think that somebody scored already...

Yeah, I went 2-3 on my college picks and 4-1 on my NFL bets last weekend, so naturally I'm forecasting 6 college and only 4 NFL games this week...  ;)  Have a great football weekend, be safe celebrating the 2nd birthday of this blog (Saturday the 28th), and I'll see ya again on Monday...



Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Only Thing

"I don't quite know, how to say, how I feel..., those three words, are said too much, they're not enough..." -Snow Patrol- (Chasing Cars)

"The only thing holding you back is you..." -Chris Wyatt-

"But I'm never gonna make it without you, do you really want to see me crawl?..."
-Air Supply- (Making Love Out Of Nothing At All)

Good morning everyone.  In case you haven't already read yesterday's post, I have decided to stop the theme days here (Could You?/I Remember The First Time), but I will reference them once on twice per entry that I publish here on their respective days.

I remember the first time that I caught you up on my life...  Well, Austin and the cooler weather are definitely agreeing with me, and I've arranged to take the whole weekend off at work, which will give me the opportunity to continue with some much-needed apartment straightening outing (it's a real thing)...  I've already checked the t.v. football menu for the whole weekend, and there will be a lot of good games playing in the background to keep me occupied.  I intend to include as many of these nationally televised games as possible in my 'Ten Best Bets' for those of you who like rooting against my selections...  ;)  Actually, it will just be for my amusement, as it will give me a rooting interest of some sort...  :P

Speaking of background distractions, while I live through another personal "football Wednesday," the Breaking Bad marathon will be starting on AMC.  For those of you who haven't watched this amazing show already (I think that the number of people who have read my blog may be higher than the number of people who haven't watched an episode of Breaking Bad), the marathon will be starting with the pilot episode (7:00 p.m. CST) and will continue with several episodes per night until Sunday when the final show of the series will be aired.  Do yourself a favor and check it out...

Fantasy football blunders is the topic...  Well, I took a nap before the game (and writing my 'Football Friday' blog entry) on Thursday night, and after Vick turned the ball over for the first time, I had to check to see if I did indeed put Brees in for Vick.  Long story short, Vick was locked in and Brees outscored him 31-15 this week.  Coach lost his fantasy matchup by 10 points, and his team has dropped to 2-1 on the season due to poor coaching.  Here are the records of the top teams in my league...


Dead Crickets (3-0), Bikini Hill Bobcats (2-1), Con Juevos (2-1)


Good Dotto (3-0), Team Morales (2-1), Midday Moon Assassins (2-1)

I'm not sure what else to say here, so I'm just going to ramble on for a minute (as opposed to usual)...  This little blog of mine will be celebrating its second birthday on Friday, and its birthday weekend will likely to see it surpass 49,000 total views.  I remember the day very well two years ago when I was sitting at my computer in San Marcos, America, just "checking out" and because I had toyed with the idea of starting a blog at some point.  When I decided WHILE I WAS INVESTIGATING to start my blog THAT DAY (I can be very impulsive sometimes), the hardest part was coming up with a name.  'The View From Bikini Hill' was born after I verified that the name was nowhere to be found on the search engines.  Names like 'The View From Left Field,' The View From The Bleachers,' The View From The Pressbox,' and 'The View From The Dugout,' etc... had already been spoken for (I knew that sports would be at least one of the topics that I would write about).  The number of viewers that have stopped by here is pretty humbling to me to be quite honest...    

I guess that I'm going to stop here so that I can get some sleep, but I hope to see you again on Friday when I'll have another loaded football post for you.  Have a great day!


Monday, September 23, 2013

All I Really Want To Say

"I made a list, of things to say, but all I want to say, all I really want to say is, hold her..., and keep (her) strong, while I'm away from here..." -R.E.M.- (11)

"He thought that she'd surely run away, no fairy tale ever started this way but, it ain't the mind that calls the shots 'round here, when stronger powers pull two bodies near, nothing on Earth, can interfere when love is..., what the heart wants..." -Collin Raye- (What The Heart Wants)

"We could have been so good together, we could have lived this dance forever, but now, who's gonna dance with me?, please stay..." -George Michael- (Careless Whisper)

"My head is full of magic baby, and I can share this with you, I feel I'm on top again baby, that's got everything to do with you..." -Love And Rockets- (So Alive)

Good evening everyone.  I have decided to put an end to the 'Could You?' and 'I Remember The First Time' theme nights, although I will still include 1 or 2 references to each theme on their respective nights.  Although using these themes made it very easy for me to do my blog entries, I don't think that the titles themselves were the most intriguing...

Could you tell us what you're doing right now Coach? <<<Reference to a theme used long ago...  I'm watching the Broncos and Raiders do their very best to clear the 'Over' of 49 1/2 points as I type this post.  The score is 27-7 Denver right now early in the third quarter, and if these teams do cover the over, then my '10 Best Bets' will have gone 6-4 for the week.  Something amusing happened yesterday morning when a friend of mine told me that he had hit a 5-teamer the night before with 2 of my picks.  Since my Saturday picks went 2-3, it just meant that he picked the right pair of selections...  :)

For those of you who enjoy dining at Whataburger, and especially savor the taste of your french fries after they get cold and hard, well, H-E-B has just the product for you.  I was in the chips section on Friday night when I happened upon 'Extra Crunchy Whataburger Whatafries.'  The 7.4 oz. bag was only $1.00, and the bag states that these treats are "cut from real potatoes," which must be the reason that the taste does a great job of replicating the taste of cold, hard french fries.  I really wish that I had some ketchup here...

As I monitor the football game tonight, I'm also rooting for Wes Welker to save my fantasy team's perfect record.  Coming into action tonight I was 24 points down, and Welker is the only player on either roster who has yet to play.  I am currently 13 points down, and this brings me to a story from work last week.  A coworker and myself were near the office of a stranger when my coworker started to ask..., "I have a question about my fantasy team.  Would you start ...?"  I quickly cut my friend off, saying, "this guy is trying to work here..."  Then I apologized to the gentleman.  NATURALLY, the man's response was, "I kinda wanted to hear the question..."  :)

Speaking of football, I succeeded in winning the $25.00 tab for the football pick 'em contest again this week at the Bobcat Nation Sports Bar & Grill in San Marcos, America.  Assuming that the Broncos can hold onto this win, I'll go 24-7 on my picks for the week...  See, the key to being successful is just finding enough venues to participate in...  ;)  Of course I'm winning because they're aren't many people in this FREE CONTEST at the moment.  Just go to the 'Bobcat Nation Sports Bar & Grill' page on facebook, and you will find the link to the contest (at and the password.  You pick college and NFL games each week, STRAIGHT UP, for FREE, with the chance to win $25.00.  DO IT!!!!  Like I told my friend George, "I'll eat and drink every tab that I win, but I'll feel guilty..., well, a little..."  ;)

I do have to take a moment to admit that I'm very proud of myself for the comment that I made on the campus bus on the way home one day last week.  For no apparent reason (well, honestly, I think that this girl was trying to get all of the passengers on the bus to join her), on a PACKED bus, this girl (who COULD sing) started belting out the lyrics to Fun's "We Are Young."  You know the  song - "TONIIIIIIIIGHT, we are yooouuuung..., so let's set the world on fire...."  Anyway, after  she stopped, unsuccessful in her attempt to start up a choir, I made the comment, "I think that she was looking for the E-Bus..."  (E-Bus stands for 'Entertainment Bus' - this bus runs at night, shuttling partiers to and from 6th Street and Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays).  Anyway, the bus driver, and the girl and guy standing on either side of me ALL started laughing...  ;)

Okay, this is my next to last fantasy baseball update of the year (you're welcome Miletus).  I am a longshot to get any of my money back, but congratulations to all of those who are about to win some money!

League 3 - (40 entry - 1st place/300, 2nd place/50)

1)  Fishing For Trout                            69.50
2)  Nappy Heads                                 63.50
3)  jonnylove7                                     61.00
4)  The Bikini Hill Nine                         60.00

League 1 - (25 entry - 1st place/125, 2nd place/25)

1)  DraftDodgers                                  78.00
2)  Buschleaguers                               67.00
3)  Shazzam                                       66.00
6)  The View From Bikini Hill                54.00

League 2 - (50 entry - 1st place/300, 2nd place 50)

1)  Breaking Bats                                 82.00
2)  4troublemakers                               73.00
3)  Muchos Bravos                               67.00
5)  The Bikini Hill Bobcats                    52.50

Well, that's all that I've got for you tonight.  Have a good one and I'll see you again on Wednesday!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Week 4 Football Picks/13-14

Good evening everyone.  I have Vick, McCoy, and Henery playing for my fantasy team tonight, while I'm playing against Charles (in case you want to root for or against me, or want to know how my team did, depending on when you're reading this).  You are going to notice tonight that the amount of Texas State and Texas experts differ from each other.  The reason for this is that when I solicit my experts on Wednesdays (usually via facebook or Twitter), I don't always get immediate predictions, and I do still have picks that come in on Thursday.  It doesn't bother me at all that the numbers will vary (I will still keep accurate won-loss records), and I hope that it doesn't bother you (if it does, you'll get a full refund)...  ;)  And McCoy just went down, and maybe my whole fantasy team with him...???  Par for the course..., and I hope that you're okay LeSean...  Tonight my blog will be running an audible, and you'll be seeing an addition for the rest of the college football season...  Last week Ole Miss defeated Texas 44-23, and my celebrity experts went 5-9 on their picks.  No one has yet to qualify for Coach's Hall of Fame by predicting the exact score of a game, but my friend Sarah Mitchell (Ole Miss Alum) did give me a pick of 38-27 Ole Miss last week.  We have a lot to cover, so let's get to our celebrity experts for their Week 4 picks...

Celebrity Experts (Last weekend 5-9/Overall record of 36-22 on Bobcats & Longhorns games)

Saturday, September 21st - Texas Longhorns (1-2) vs. Kansas State Wildcats (2-1)

Texas  24-21     Solana Dever - UT Student, VERY DETAILED Prognosticator
Texas  35-31     Cheryl Anonymous - Nebraska Alum & UT Alum
Texas  35-24     Romeo Gonzalez - UT Student, @RomeoJGonzalez
Texas  32-24     Jack Ellis - @Brumasterj
Texas  34-24     Christian Corona - Double Coverage Editor/Ft. Worth Star Telegram
Texas  48-45     Phranchyze - @Phranchyze/New Music available
Texas  30-24     Lee - @LeeLeeLeeLee
Texas  37-31     Aaron Motsinger - #PR futurist/@/AaronMotsinger
K-State  34-20     James Moore - Business Development & Strategic Communications

Saturday, September 21st - Texas State Bobcats (2-0) @ Texas Tech Red Raiders (3-0)

TXST  42-37     Kelley Senn Leeds - TXST Alum, 1st Grade Teacher, Wife & Ninja Mom
TXST  38-35     Ruben Colon Jr. - TXST Alum/T-Bone and the Bluetones
TXST  29-14     Andrea Munoz - TXST Senior, Bobcat Nation Sports Bar & Grill/
                       Waitress & Bartender
TXST  28-21     Alma & Joseph Medrano - Harper's Public House, Loyal Customers
TXST  28-21     Gabby Kraynik - TXST Alum, Ohio State Alum, Diehard Steelers Fan
TXST  31-27     Casey Castleberry - Old Bobcat Looking For A New Bar To Serve People
                       In Austin
TXST  17-14     Frank Arredondo - TXST Alum, Optimistic Bobcat
Tech   45-14     Jennifer Future Arredondo - Texas Tech Alum, Expert On All Things Big Hair,
                       Football Noob
Tech  56-3       J.J. Natal - Harper's Public House
Tech  45-35     Alison Sibley - Texas State Alum, Collegiate Leadership Consultant
Tech  42-17     Nick Risoli - Texas State Bobcat Fan
Tech  41-14     Raquel Ayala - Mom Of One, Texans All The Way.  Waaaatt!
Tech  57-10     Chad Trigg - Texas State Alum, Treff's Tavern/Manager

During the week, I received a facebook message from my friend Joey Reed.  Joey sent me scores for the Texas State game, the Texas game, and the New Mexico State game (his alma mater).  I thought that Joey knew that I don't solicit picks from the same people on a weekly basis, and now I'm beginning to think that this was totally an Alyssa move, a plan designed specifically by Joey to get himself into the blog.  Well, it worked.  Joey is a ticket writer at the Palace Station Sportsbook in Las Vegas, and what can it hurt to have a Las Vegas ticket writer making appearances in your blog on Football Fridays?  Well, it's just another person to make me look bad, that's all...  Joey is a New Mexico State Alum, and he will be giving us his weekly score predictions on the Texas State, Texas, and New Mexico State games (as the people in Las Cruces go WILD...).  By the way, Joey picked UT over BYU here a couple of weeks back, so he's officially 0-1...  :P  Welcome to the blog Joey!  Oh, and since you'll be wondering, that's a two-pound prime rib from the Circus Circus Steakhouse in Las Vegas...

Joey's Parlay Card (Overall record of 0-1 on Aggies, Bobcats, & Longhorns games)

Texas Tech 56  Texas State  6
Kansas State  24  Texas  14
UCLA  62  NMSU  7

In case you're wondering why Joey doesn't have a speaking part, I gave Alyssa all of his words...  :)  In the best decision that I've made for the blog (other than adding Alyssa's Corner), I have removed the "word restriction" on Alyssa's submissions.  It was honestly more like a guideline, but you can't stop Alyssa, or hope to contain her...  ;)  She has the best winning percentage here anyway, so she can say as much as she'd like...  :)

Alyssa's Corner (Last weekend 1-1/Overall record of 5-2 on Texans, Bobcats, & Longhorns games)

It's that time of the week again!  Alyssa's Corner!  I am now another year older and as a birthday gift from my parents I was able to attend this past Sunday's Houston Texans game!  My parents and I were up at 6:00 a.m. this past Sunday to make it to the stadium early for tailgating.  My parents have pretty good seats in the stadium and we have a pretty good view of the players.  When the defense is on the field the stadium erupts with noise to try to shake up the opponents.  Most of the time the players egg on the crowd to cheer louder.  I swear J.J. Watt looked right at me and basically personally asked me to cheer louder... there was a connection... just kidding... only in my dreams.  I am ecstatic that my Texans pulled out the win this past Sunday... but I don't think that my heart can take wins like this anymore!  It seems like my team is always making a comeback.  My team is constantly putting me on an emotional rollercoaster... but as a loyal fan I am up for the ride.

So, I got a pet fish named Peter a month and a half ago and I've been trying my hardest to keep him alive and happy.  Well, when I was about halfway to Houston from Abilene, I realized that I had forgotten Peter at my apartment.  I was relieved to find that when I returned to Abilene on Monday night that Peter was still swimming!  I thought that I was home free... well... Peter died yesterday.  For some reason I was really upset about this.  I was crying and crying about my fish being dead and how I should have used filtered water and I didn't mean to leave him this past weekend... shout out to my parents and my little, Gabby, for talking to me on the phone about my dead fish.  My mother had to talk me through flushing Peter down the toilet and Gabby said it wasn't my fault and fish just die too easily and that I should just try again.  So now I'm considering getting another pet fish... after all practice makes perfect!  RIP Peter...  July 2013-September 2013.

This week we have the Texas State Bobcats playing the Texas Tech Red Raiders...  I don't know if I have mentioned this already, but not only do I live in "Cowboy Country" (gag me), but I also live where everyone is a Texas Tech fan.  I have been heckled about this game for a while.  Although I love my alma mater, I am predicting that the Bobcats will fall short with a score of 31-10 Texas Tech.  The Texas Longhorns will play the Kansas State Wildcats.  I'm predicting an outcome of 21-17 Wildcats.  The Houston Texans are playing the Baltimore Ravens this Sunday on CBS at noon... don't forget to watch.  Luckily Andre Johnson will be back to play this game (he got a concussion last game) and I'm predicting a score of 28-24 Texans.  Go Texans and everyone have a great weekend!

I dare you not to think of Alyssa anytime that you hear about the Houston Texans after reading that (especially if you don't live in Texas)...  :)  Alyssa goes to overtime Texans' victories for her birthday, and my team has scored 9 and 10 points respectively in their first 2 games... #steelers  Okay, now I guess that it's my turn...

Coach (Last weekend 0-1/Overall record of 3-2 on Bobcats & Longhorns games)

My alma mater is undefeated and will hopefully be playing in a bowl game this season, but this week..., with the road trip to Tech, to face a Red Raider squad that is playing very well so far..., I have to go with 44-13 Texas Tech.  As for the Longhorns, if they don't win this week, it could be a very bleak season on the Forty Acres (the tough part of the Texas schedule awaits).  This one won't be in my '10 Best Bets,' but I'm going with the Longhorns 38-27 over the Wildcats.

Coach's Ten Best Bets of the Week (Last weekend 4-6, Overall record of 13-17)

Utah State (+6 1/2) @ USC - Getting points with the best team you've never heard of...
UCLA (-42 1/2) vs. New Mexico State - Sorry Joey, but I think you're right...
West Virginia (+5 1/2) @ Maryland - Taking points with the Big 12 team...
Utah/BYU (Over 61) - Shootouts are commonplace in this rivalry...
Tennessee/Florida (Under 47 1/2) - Come through for me again Gator D...
Vikings (-6 1/2) vs. Browns - Even before they traded Trent Richardson...
Cowboys (-3 1/2) vs. Rams - Still like this Dallas team...
Saints (-7) vs. Cardinals - Forgot to start Brees in my fantasy lineup...  :)
Seahawks (-19 1/2) vs. Jaguars - Long, LONG season in store for Jacksonville...
Oakland/Denver (Over 49 1/2) - Manning can throw, Pryor can run...

WOW..., I've completed three marathons, and that's what it was like...  :)  We hope that you have an outstanding football weekend and I'll see you again on Monday!



Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I Remember The First Time (35)

"I wish I could just make you turn around, turn around and see me cry, there's so much I need to say to you, so many reasons why, you're the only one, who really knew me at all..."
-Phil Collins- (Against All Odds)

"Why is one of my roommates literally yelling on the phone with one of her friends?  I'm trying to read..." -@SummerrArielll- (via Twitter)

"Through this world I've stumbled, so many times betrayed, trying to find an honest word, to find the truth enslaved, oh..., you speak to me in riddles, and you speak to me in rhymes, my body aches to breathe your breath, your words keep me alive..." -Sarah McLachlan- (Possession)

"I am really hating all of my classes right about now..." -@bethalizz- (via Twitter)

"Well excuse me, guess I've mistaken you for somebody else, somebody who gave a damn, somebody more like myself..." -Jewel- (Foolish Games)

I remember the first time that things looked bleak...  Good morning everyone.  I'm not going to say that I started worrying about my Pittsburgh Steelers after they lost 3 starters for the season in Week 1, but I did drop both of the Steelers that I had on my fantasy roster before Week 2 began...  In other news, my fantasy football team is off to a 2-0 start.  These are the four teams that are currently unbeaten in my 12-team league at work:

Bikini Hill Bobcats (2-0)  :D
Con Juevos (2-0)
Good Dotto (2-0)
Dead Crickets (2-0)  Owner happens to be a Bears fan.  Steelers play the Bears this Sunday night, then my Bobcats face his Crickets in Week 4...

I remember the first time that I had more mixed football news...  Well, my '10 Best Bets' went 4-6 last week, bringing my overall record to 13-17 on the year (more on that Friday), but..., in other news, I won the Bobcat Nation Sports Bar & Grill weekly Pick 'Em Contest through  I mentioned this contest here in the blog before the start of the football season, and the Bobcat Nation facebook page also advertised this contest, but I only had to fend off 2 opponents last week to win the $25.00 tab (which I guess is okay by me, although I'm not afraid of competition)...  Anyway, now I'm up $5.00 for the football season!  $25.00 tab - $20.00 fantasy entry...  :D  Like I mentioned here recently, some friends of mine own and run Bobcat Nation, and this is just another reason to mention them in the blog - go check the place out if you haven't already (right behind the Texas State campus on Sessom Drive)...

I remember the first time that it was too soon to be stressed...  Those tweets at the top of this entry from those college students..., it's only September ladies...  Talk to your roommate about proper phone etiquette and pace yourself - there's too much semester left to be hating anything already...

I remember the first time that I didn't have to spin my phone...  Yeah, I told you that I picked up a new phone over the weekend.  Did I tell you that as the touchscreen was dying, it was commonplace for me to spin my phone so that I could get an icon/button positioned in a different place on the screen so that I could use an app or post a status/send a tweet???  :)  Needless to say, I'm pretty happy with my new Droid so far...

I remember the first time that I saw a quote on campus...  I can't remember which building I saw this one in the other day, but the sign read:  "Your ego is no amigo..."  For those of you who know less Spanish than I do, this one means, "Your ego is no friend..."  Kinda catchy...

I remember the first time that someone was about to get mentioned twice in the blog...  First, if I haven't given you this advice before, I've found that Purell is very effective in battling mosquito bites.  As soon as I apply it, it makes the pain and swelling disappear...  I passed this advice along to my friend Jennifer recently, but I never got any feedback...

I remember the first time that I was about to pick on Jennifer again...  Not too long ago I asked Jennifer about being a celebrity expert on a Friday in the near future.  Jennifer laughed at the notion of giving me a football prediction, saying the following:  "Lol  I only know when we win or lose.  That's my football ability.  I don't think I could be an expert.  :P  I get made fun of every football season because I'm all 'waaaaahh just happened?'..."  First of all, that sounds like it's from the Miletus' School of Excuses (Miletus picked her game correctly by the way).  Second of all, I pass myself off as an expert every Friday, and I'm 13-17...  :)  Anyway, Jennifer and her boyfriend have agreed to give me predictions for this Saturday's Texas State/Texas Tech game (they live in Lubbock and Jennifer is a Tech graduate - maybe Frank is too??? - I WONDER who they'll be picking)...

I remember the first time that I referenced something...  Speaking of these football predictions that you read here every Friday, don't be shy about giving me your pick if I ask you for one.  If you're reading this right now, there's a good chance that you're going to be asked for a prediction...  I've had several people hedge and hesitate, but there's nothing to be afraid of.  It costs you nothing, and if it was easy to be exactly right, the sportsbooks would be out of business.  Heck, they would probably stop playing the games...  ;)

I hope that you have a great day, and I'll see you again on Friday with those weekend football predictions (and with a friend who is just returning from a weekend birthday trip to see her NFL team actually WIN A GAME)...  :)  Have a good one!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Could You? (35)

"I said, "I think I love you," you said, "What's not to love?," I thought about a kiss, but I wasn't quick enough, I guess while I was thinking you were reading my mind, cause you wrapped your arms around me and you pressed your lips to mine, you sent my head a spinning just like a tilt-a-whirl..., that's when I knew you were, my kind of girl..." -Collin Raye- (My Kind Of Girl)

"Making up a whole story in your head and hoping one day it will actually happen..." -@TheHumorBook- (via Twitter)

"Well I'm not paralyzed, but I seem to be struck by you, I wanna make you move, because you're standing still, if your body matches what your eyes can do, you'll probably move right through, me on my way to you..." -Finger Eleven- (Paralyzer)

"I don't have any mental problems, I am just really annoying..., according to everyone that has ever met me..." -@AZwastingTime- (via Twitter)

"And I miss you..., like the deserts miss the rain, and I miss you..., yeah, like the deserts miss the rain..." -Everything But The Girl- (Missing)

Could you tell us about your oversight Coach?  Good evening everyone.  I had a very busy weekend..., with work, and the UT game, and going to purchase a new phone yesterday (more about that later), and visiting my friends in San Marcos, America, etc...  Well, once I reached work this morning, I realized that I had neglected to make my fantasy baseball changes for the week.  No problem - if I remembered correctly, I could make them until 5:00 p.m. CST.  WELL..., this was still in my thoughts, even as I reached my apartment door.  HOWEVER, somewhere between changing my clothes, and eating, and letting Alyssa know that Lightning had left her a comment here on the blog, her first comment ever, well...  I took a nap before the Steelers game, promptly woke up at 7:30 p.m., and THEN REMEMBERED that I had not changed my lineup for this week...  The bad news is that I won't have multiple pitchers (if any) making more than one start this week.  The good news is that the pitchers who threw for me last week for The Bikini Hill Nine (my only real shot at cashing) are my aces:  Kershaw, Scherzer, Kimbrel, Jim Johnson, Strasburg, Medlen, Weaver, Arroyo, and Lincecum.  Here's what the top of the current standings look like in my three leagues:

League 3  (50 entry fee - 1st place/300, 2nd place/50)

1)  Fishing For Trout                             67.00
1)  Nappy Heads                                  67.00
3)  The Bikini Hill Nine                          60.00 (Not cashing would be AWESOME...)  :(

League 1 (25 entry fee - 1st place/125, 2nd place/25)

1)  DraftDodgers                                  78.50 (Start engraving the trophy...)
2)  Buschleaguers                               67.00
2)  Shazzam                                       67.00
6)  The View From Bikini Hill                50.00

League 2  (50 entry fee - 1st place/300, 2nd place/50)

1)  Breaking Bats                                82.00 (Start engraving the trophy...)
2)  4troublemakers                              72.50
3)  Muchos Bravos                              65.00
5)  The Bikini Hill Bobcats                   53.00

Could you tell us about that time that you didn't have an oversight Coach?  Now that I've been back in Austin for about a month and a half, I finally feel like I'm getting some traction..., that I've got some sort of solid footing...  I don't even know if I could find the words to adequately describe how INFINITELY BETTER I feel right now than I did at this time a year ago.  I also need to reiterate my sincere and undying appreciation for the kindness and friendship that prevented me from feeling INFINITELY WORSE throughout the fall last year.  You longtime blog readers will like this one - after purchasing my new Droid yesterday, I now have an EXTRA charger.  ;)  #stupidthieves

Could you tell us Coach, did you buy something yesterday?...  As a matter of fact...  Yeah, my Droid 2 Global (which I picked up about 28 months ago) had SEVERAL dead spots on its touchscreen.  I decided that since I am going to turn 101 years old next month (although I'm really not, and I'll still refer to myself as being 100 years old), that I would get the top of the Droid line (with a keyboard that is, and I HAVE TO have a keyboard on my phone - my fingers cannot successfully work touchscreen keypads).  Now that I have a fully functional phone, I can once again notify people of the wonderful and exciting things that I'm experiencing in my life via my facebook and Twitter accounts (HEY, I could experience something wonderful and exciting someday)...

Could you pass along the best quote that you've heard recently?...  A friend of mine who has smoked for quite some time recently got an electronic cigarette from another friend of mine (and if you're looking to pick up an electronic cigarette in the Austin area, check out All About Vapor).  Anyway, the use of tobacco products is prohibited on the UT campus, but electronic cigarettes, etc..., are not (to the best of my knowledge).  One day at lunch last week (and the DAY AFTER my friend stopped smoking actual cigarettes), someone asked my friend if he wanted to go and smoke a cigarette.  My friend replied, "what, go OUTSIDE and smoke, like ANIMALS?!..."  :)

Could you tell us what you think Coach?  I think that these officials are KILLING my Steelers tonight, and that I'm about to go 4-6 on my '10 Best Bets' of the week due in large part to their brilliance...

On that "happy" note, have a great day and I'll see you again on Wednesday...  ;)


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Week 3 Football Picks/13-14

Good evening everyone.  As I begin typing my third predictions post of the football season tonight, the Patriots/Jets game has 4:10 left in the first quarter.  This is later than I started last week, but the Bobcats have a bye this weekend (no list of Bobcat celebrity experts' predictions to type), and I already have all of my Texas predictions in, so we should be just fine.  Last weekend my Bobcat experts went 10-1 on Texas State's 28-3 victory over Prairie View A&M, and my Longhorn experts went 0-11 on the 40-21 defeat that Texas suffered at the hands of BYU.  Alyssa and myself both went 1-1 on these games, picking the Bobcats and the Longhorns to win.  No one was able to pick the exact score of either game, so 'Coach's Hall of Fame' remains empty after two weeks.  On Saturday the Longhorns (1-1) will be hosting the Rebels of the University of Mississippi (2-0).  Here are the celebrity experts' selections for Week 3:

Celebrity Experts (Last Weekend 10-12/Overall record of 31-13 on Bobcats & Longhorns games)

Saturday, September 14th - Texas Longhorns (1-1) vs. Mississippi Rebels (2-0)

Texas  30-27     James McDuffie - UT Fan
Texas  21-17     Ben Major - @coach_major
Texas  38-35     Russell - @atxpkrgolf
Texas  41-38     Marian - Writer,
Texas  24-20     William Anastassiou - UT Student
Texas  49-35     Travis Cornelius - University of Texas at Dallas/@cornman76
Texas  38-21     Nathan Odom - @odom_nathan
Texas  41-31     J.B. Texas-Ex - @JBTexasEx
Texas  31-27     Lando - @orlandobrrr
Ole Miss  38-27     Sarah Mitchell - University of Mississippi Alum
Ole Miss  45-38     Matthew Bodin - Progressive Liberal Agnostic Atheist/@MattBodin
Ole Miss  27-17     Elz - Full-time Mom, Wife, Attorney, Football, Design & Fashion Fan
Ole Miss  35-21     Joe Chiavone - Johnny Manziel Apolgist/@The_ThirdJAC
Ole Miss  27-17     Chad Spear - Southland Conference All-Decade Baseball Team, Little League All-Star Coach, & Owner of the Dead Crickets (Who Are Currently Tied For First With Myself And Four Others In Our Fantasy Football League)...

This week I have picks from 14 celebrity experts for the game as opposed to 11 because when I solicited predictions on Twitter, 3 of the original people that I asked for picks sent me their selections after the first 11 came in.  You'll notice that coming off of last weekend's Texas loss, the experts are more split in their selections this week, with 9 Longhorn and 5 Rebel picks.  Several people that I asked for predictions this week wanted to give me multiple picks (i.e., "I say this score if Ash starts, but this score if McCoy starts...").  You'll notice that out of 14 total picks (and only 5 Ole Miss takers), we have a pair (Chad and Elz) who predicted the exact same score on the game (it's funny how that works out)...

Coach (Last Weekend 1-1/Overall Record of 3-1 on Bobcats & Longhorns Games)

Last Saturday's Texas/BYU game was very surprising to me.  Maybe the weather delay at the outset threw the Horns off balance - I'm really not sure...  Taysom Hill, the Cougars' quarterback, just seemed to be moving at a different speed than everyone else on the field in that game.  What I know of Ole Miss this season is what I watched in the 4th quarter of their thrilling season opener at Vanderbilt.  I believe that 4 touchdowns were scored in the final 9 minutes of that game, which the Rebels won 39-35 on a very late touchdown.  From the time that I first spotted it, Texas has been bet down from a 4 1/2 to a 2 1/2 point favorite in this game.  I believe that the Horns will bounce back this week, and I'm going with a score of 38-28 Texas.

Coach's Ten Best Bets of the Week (Last Weekend 6-4/Overall Record of 9-11):

Louisville/Kentucky (Under 59 1/2) - Banking on Louisville's defense showing up...
Alabama (-8) @ Texas A&M - The Tide looks to atone for only loss last season...
Texas (-2 1/2) vs. Ole Miss - Yes, I'm that confident that the Horns bounce back...
Miami/Indianapolis (Over 42 1/2) - I see a lot of passing in this game...
St. Louis/Atlanta (Under 47 1/2) - Seems like a high number for these defenses...
Detroit (-1) @ Arizona - Lions beat the Vikings by 10 last week...
Dallas (+3) @ Kansas City - I like this year's Cowboys team...
San Diego/Philadelphia (Over 54 1/2) - Eagles hyper offense, Rivers chucking it...
49ers/Seahawks (Over 44 1/2) - Sensing big plays (including turnovers) in this one...
Steelers (+7) @ Bengals - How often are the Black & Gold spotted a touchdown?...

I've got Alyssa on facebook now, and she CLAIMS that she sent her words to me at 6:00 (which I'm inclined to believe, since she said that the reason for sending early was that she has stuff planned for her birthday - you HAVE TO BELIEVE this)...  While we're waiting (and before I put up a different photo of her), let me say right now that I picked the Texans (against the Titans) in Lucki Duck's contest this week, and that Alyssa did not make me, and that my reason for doing so had nothing to do with the fact that this is her birthday weekend...  :)  Okay, I just received Alyssa's text, and let me state now that we did not tell each other what score we were going to publish here for the UT/Ole Miss game (VERY similar)...  Okay, that's enough stalling - here's the reason that you showed up...  Happy Birthday Alyssa!  Oops..., let me also state that Alyssa was closer than I was on the Bobcats score AGAIN last week, and that she predicted a final score of Houston 35  San Diego 24 on Monday night.  The actual final was the Texans 31-28 over the Chargers - SUCH a showoff...  And yes, I see it - in her VERY FIRST Texans prediction, she called the EXACT NUMBER OF POINTS that was scored in the game...  I just even double-checked the final score of the game online (even though I was POSITIVE it was 31-28).  Freaking unbelievable)...  :D  Okay..., here she is...

Alyssa (Last Weekend 2-1/Overall Record of 4-1 on Texans, Bobcats, & Longhorns Games)

Happy Thursday!  I'm going to start off by saying how happy I am that my Texans pulled through and won against the Chargers Monday night!  My hands were so red from clapping!  This week has gone by so fast and I'm looking forward to my 3 1/2 day weekend.  My boss man gave me time off to go home to Houston for my birthday!  I'm going to the Texans/Titans game on Sunday also!  I hope the Texans pull through with a win!

Texas plays Ole Miss this weekend and I predict an outcome of 35-24 Texas.  The Texans play the Titans on Sunday and I predict an outcome of 28-17 Texans.


Did you also notice that her UT prediction (besides being eerily similar to mine) is also the prediction that she gave for the Texans/Chargers game last week?  Maybe she just uses that prediction ALL THE TIME...  Oh..., Texans 28-17 - I guess not...  :)  Alyssa, I hope that you have a VERY SAFE and INCREDIBLE birthday weekend, and we both hope that all of you enjoy your football weekend!  See y'all again on Monday!


I Remember The First Time (34)

"Things aren't the way they were before, you wouldn't even recognize me anymore, not that you knew me back then, but it all comes back to me in the end..." -Linkin Park- (In The End)

"United We Stand..."  -On The Electronic Scroll Of All Of The UT Buses Today-

"I know you're an emotional girl, it took a lot for you to not lose your faith in this world, I can't offer you proof, but you're going to face a moment of truth, it's hard when you're always afraid, you just recover when another belief is betrayed, so break my heart if you must, it's a matter of trust..." -Billy Joel- (A Matter Of Trust)

I remember the first time that I started a post really late at night (and it wasn't tonight)...  Good evening everyone...  

I remember the first time that my smartphone wasn't so smart anymore...  Yeah boys and girls, it looks like I'm going to have to get a new phone.  The majority of my touchscreen is no longer cooperating, making it almost impossible to use my Droid.  It looks like someone is going to be getting themselves an early birthday present this weekend (I turn 101 next month)...

I remember the first time that it seemed like some of the college kids were catching on...  Recently I wrote about the crowded campus buses here (and right now you're thinking to yourself, "this HAS TO BE the most exciting blog ON THE PLANET!...").  Anyway, every time that I get off of the bus, I thank the bus driver.  Even if I'm exiting out of the back door of the bus, I YELL "Thank You!" to the driver.  Well, when I left the bus a few days back, about five people IN A ROW exiting in front of me thanked the driver for the ride...  #makingadifference  ;)

I remember the first time that I posted fantasy football scores in the blog...  You're going to have to sit down for this - my team WON last week!  Okay, these are the scores from Week 1 (this will get everyone in the blog this week - from here on out, I'll put the teams at the top of the standings in here each week):

Bikini Hill Bobcats  116  You Have No Mahbles  98
Dead Crickets  113  Team UPRISING  83
Con Juevos  74  Team DonkeyDave  61
Good Dotto  141  Team Morales  126  (That's usually my luck - 126 meets 141...)
Out On Bail  127  Dirty South NASCAR LARRY  102
Midday Moon Assassins  68  Team Dionne  67  (That's usually my luck, losing by one...)

I remember the first time that I added another football day to the week (yes Miletus, this is just for you)...  :)  So we have NFL football on Thursday night, college football on Friday night, college all day Saturday, NFL all day Sunday, the NFL Monday night game, nothing on Tuesday (who can we talk to?), and no games on Wednesday.  BUT, Wednesday is the day that I solicit my celebrity experts for their picks, I find my 'Ten Best Bets' for the weekend, I enter my contest picks, and I look at my fantasy lineup for the week.  Not such a bad day after all...  ;)

I remember the first time that things would never be the same again...  Twelve years ago I was standing in the hallway at San Marcos High School during a passing period when the teacher next door told me that an airplane had crashed into one of the Twin Towers in New York City.  I also remember later that day when a freshman student of mine felt bad (maybe guilty is a better word?) because September 11th is her birthday.  May you always celebrate your birthday with pride Carrie, and may God bless America...

Have a great day and I'll see you again tomorrow (with my co-pilot Alyssa, who has no possibility of being annoying after her Texans came back from down 28-7 to win on Monday night)...  ;)



Monday, September 9, 2013

Could You? (34)

"So long ago, I don't remember when, that's when they say I lost my only friend, well, they said she died easy of a broken heart disease, as I listened through the cemetery trees..."
-The Wallflowers- (One Headlight)

"They can be unhappy because you won't let them walk all over you, or you can be unhappy because you let them..." -Chris Wyatt-

"And I know people hurt you, so bad, they don't know the damage they can do, and it makes me so sad, how we knock each other down, just like children on a playground, even after that ol', sun went down..." -Don Henley- (Not Enough Love In The World)

Could you tell us about your football weekend Coach?  "They were the best of times, they were the worst of times..." -Charles Dickens- (A Tale of Two Cities)  Okay, so the 15th-ranked, 7-point favorite Longhorns traveled to Provo, Utah and fell 41-20 to the previously 0-1 and unranked BYU Cougars on Saturday.  All eleven of my celebrity experts (including a BYU Alum)..., Alyssa..., myself..., Las Vegas..., EVERYONE missed on that one (Las Vegas probably had a lot of people who bet on Texas though, so don't feel bad for the sportsbooks)...  Oh, and my brother Pete felt slighted that I didn't ask him to be a celebrity expert again last week, so please note that his prediction was 49-17 Longhorns...  ;)  EVERYONE missed...  In the NFL, my favorite team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, lost 3 players FOR THE SEASON yesterday, and opened up with a 16-9 loss to TENNESSEE...  The Steelers were also favored by seven points during the week...  On the bright side, my alma mater is now 2-0, as the Texas State Bobcats defeated Prairie View A&M 28-3 on Saturday.  My fantasy football team, the Bikini Hill Bobcats, is currently up 106-51 on You Have No Mahbles.  I have LeSean McCoy, Alex Henery, and the Houston Texans defense going tonight, while my opponent has RGIII, Alfred Morris, and Owen Daniels playing.  McCoy's touchdown just put him over twenty for the night (remember that blog entry when I said that you should have picked him up)???  ;)  AND (this is obviously the most unbelievable thing), my '10 Best Bets' are currently sitting at 5-3 for the week.  I took the over of 51 on this game (currently 33-7 Eagles with 13 minutes remaining in the 3rd quarter), and I picked the Texans (-4) over the Chargers.  It would be kinda nice to follow up that opening week 3-7 with a 7-3...  :D  I also picked my game right in Lucki Duck's contest (the Colts - I ALMOST jinxed them) this week...

Could you make me smile while I'm writing my blog entry?  As I processed all of the happenings yesterday during the opening Sunday of the season, it occurred to me that it MUST HAVE BEEN KILLING my partner Alyssa that her Texans were the VERY LAST GAME of the week.  She agreed, and said that tonight would be a late night for her (9:15 p.m. Texas start).  I suggested that she take a nap today (which she did), and a few moments ago she said that she hopes that doesn't fall asleep during the game.  Like Alyssa has EVER fallen asleep during a Texans game" was my spot-on read as I replied with a HUGE SMILE on my face...  Enjoy your season opener Alyssa!  :D

Could you tell us about the first time that you returned to 6th Street Coach?  This trip actually took place after the Longhorns home opener against New Mexico State a week ago Saturday, but since I've had so much to write about lately (yes, football Miletus), I'm including this tonight.  As I walked up and down 6th for a while on Saturday (before landing at Bikini's and having some milk and cookies - ;) ), it struck me that the 6th Street vibe reminds me more of Las Vegas than any other place that I have been.  You aren't allowed to bring your drinks outside of the bars, but the people in the street are very upbeat and very entertaining...  There was some live music being performed in the street (including a man playing "drums" on a set made out of buckets).  There was a woman painted up to look like a statue (which I honestly didn't realize the first couple of times that I walked by her - I'm very observant, hmmmmm...), and I saw a fight almost break out.  Well, you've seen this fight almost break out too I'm sure:  the guy who is really upset keeps jumping and yelling around the perimeter of the crowd, while his friends somehow manage to hold him back...  I'm just saying, that if I'm that revved up to start barking at someone in public, GOOD LUCK keeping me from NEVER getting to the source of my discontent...

Could you tell us about your commute home from work?...  Well, since classes are now underway on campus, the buses are VERY CROWDED at about 4:00 p.m. when I head home from work.  When I say crowded, I mean that every seat is taken and that every possible place to stand from the front to the back of the bus is occupied.  Neither here nor there, but since I'm talking about packed buses, I forgot to mention above that when I left 6th Street at about 1:00 a.m. last Saturday (I was SUPER TIRED, so shut up), a FULL BUS of party goers ARRIVED from West Campus (they shut down 6th at 2:00 a.m., if you don't understand why this is funny - enjoy that HOUR!!!)...  Anyway, based on past experience, the crowding issue on the buses seems to alleviate itself as the semester progresses, with fewer and fewer students going to classes...  :)  OKAY, in all fairness, I'm sure that more people are willing to walk to their destination when the temperature isn't FOUR BILLION DEGREES outside (no exaggeration)...

Could you give us the latest on the fantasy baseball Coach?  It's honestly pretty sad right now, because I watch almost no baseball, even with my three fantasy teams "competing..."  If the Red Sox would have been leading the American League East back when I was in high school (100 years ago)..., OH MY GOODNESS...  Okay, here ya go, with about three weeks left to play...

League 1  (25 entry fee - 1st place/125, 2nd place/25)

1)  DraftDodgers                        77.50
2nd-5th)  Shazzam, Neshanic, Buschleaguers, Rocky Roto with 67.50 to 61.00 points (vicious battle for 2nd and their money back)
6)  The View From Bikini Hill      54.00 (Shut Up...)

League 2  (50 entry fee - 1st place/300, 2nd place/50)

1)  Breaking Bats                       81.00
2)  4troublemakers                     74.00
3)  Muchos Bravos                     61.50
5)  The Bikini Hill Bobcats           53.00 (The fantasy football version is better...)

League 3  (50 entry fee - 1st place/300, 2nd place/50)

1)  Nappy Heads                        68.50
2)  Fishing For Trout                   62.50
3)  jonnylove7                            61.00
4)  The Bikini Hill Nine                59.50 (My one chance at money fading a little...)

For those of you living and dying with the Bikini Hill Nine, this is another big pitching week (and no, I don't really believe that any of you are living and dying with them - if so, PLEASE find something to do)...  :)  Anyway, Kershaw, Scherzer, Strasburg, Medlen, Weaver, Arroyo, and Lincecum will account for TWELVE starts this week (cross your fingers)...

Well, I took so long typing this that the Eagles game with the Redskins has gone over 51 total points, so my '10 Best Bets' are now 6-3 for the week.  Also, my Twitter account has been suspended again (I have NO IDEA why, but it's getting a little annoying now).  Anyway, if you have tried to access it today, I apologize...  Enjoy the rest of tonight's football action and I'll see you again on Wednesday!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

NFL Kickoff 13-14/Wk. 2 Picks

Good evening everyone.  As I sit here beginning to type this entry, the Ravens/Broncos game is scoreless at 11:09 of the first quarter - the NFL is BACK!!!  :D  I have to say that I'm very proud of the performance of last week's celebrity experts as I start this post.  The experts went 11-0 on the Longhorns game and 10-1 on the Bobcats opener with some very close picks.  Alyssa and I also went 2-0 on these games (with Alyssa's prediction being closer for each contest).  This Saturday finds the Longhorns (1-0 and 56-7 winners over New Mexico State last week) traveling to face BYU (0-1 after falling 19-16 at Virginia last Saturday).  The Bobcats (1-0 and 22-15 victors at Southern Mississippi last Saturday) will host Prairie View A&M (1-0 after beating Texas Southern 37-13 last weekend at BBVA Compass Stadium in Houston).  And here are the celebrity experts' selections for Week 2:

Celebrity Experts (21-1 overall on Bobcats & Longhorns games)

Saturday, September 7th - Texas Longhorns (1-0) @ BYU Cougars (0-1)

Texas  38-21     Daniel Plante - Vice President of San Antonio Advocare
Texas  20-14     Spencer D-0 - UT Student - @su_spence_
Texas  34-20     Aaron Smith - Texas Cougar/BYU Alum
Texas  31-20     Julie Andel - UT Fan/TAMU-CC Alum/Concordia Grad Student/Coach
Texas  38-10     Andrew Garza - UT Student - @andrew_garza10
Texas  28-17     Joe Garcia - UT Student - @PatchesGarcia
Texas  35-16     Joey Reed - Ticket Writer, Palace Station Sportsbook, Las Vegas
Texas  35-14     Art Garza - UT Football Fan & Season Ticket Holder
Texas  35-14     Monica Rodriguez - Mother of Two
Texas  35-14     Tyler M. - UT Student - @tylerhscott
Texas  28-17     Belyne Gonzalez - UT Fan

There are two things that I want to note here.  First of all, last week after I had published my football entry, I tagged some of my facebook friends (including Belyne) to the status that I entered to notify them of the post that I had published.  My intent was to let them know that they would be invited to be celebrity experts on a Friday in the near future. Well, after I had done so (and before the Texas/New Mexico State game was played), Belyne gave me a prediction of 52-7 Longhorns (the final turned out to be 56-7).  Her prediction is very close to mine this week, so I think that she predicted well once again...  ;)  Also, you might have noticed the THREE predictions of 35-14 Longhorns (along with a pick of 35-16 Horns).  I just found that interesting out of ten total predictions...

Saturday, September 7th - Texas State Bobcats (1-0) vs. Prairie View A&M Panthers (1-0)

Bobcats  36-24     Miletus Ogden Borne' - Original Blog Follower
Bobcats  35-13     Melanie Clancy - Texas State Alum/Diehard Packers Fan
Bobcats  27-17     James Needham - TXST Senior/Louie's Oyster House & Beer Garden
Bobcats  34-17     Rebecca Adkins - TXST Senior/Bobcat Nation Sports Bar & Grill
Bobcats  24-17     Zane McCoy - Texas State Student/The Marc
Bobcats  56-21     Rachael Jorgensen Pringle - Texas State Alum & Graduate Student
Bobcats  45-44     Nate Castro - Texas State Alum
Bobcats  27-24     Courtney Cooley - Manager, Treehouse Apartments/TXST Fan
Panthers 42-14     Chris Martinez - Diehard USC Fan (w/"Spoilers & Possible Upsets")
Bobcats  34-27     Jamie Shy - Mother of 2, Texas State Alum '98, Harper's Hall, Louie's Oyster                                House & Beer Garden, and Crossfit Fanatic
Bobcats  27-14     Jessica Johnson - Former Student-Athlete of 'Coach' and Lifetime Lover of All                                Things Football (Except the Aggies)

And now what you've all been waiting for..., updates on my fantasy football team!  Wes Welker just caught a touchdown pass!!!  :)  Okay, although that's true, it's Alyssa's turn now.  Predictably, the blog views spiked over the weekend (almost surely due to her debut), and now the Texans will be playing football too...  #lookout  And here's my co-pilot...

Alyssa (2-0 overall on Texans, Bobcats, & Longhorns games)

Hello again!  I want to start off Alyssa's Corner by bragging that my Texans beat the Cowboys last Thursday!  Yes, I understand it was preseason (as the Cowboys fans keep repeating), but a win is a win.  :)  Also last Thursday was my office's potluck lunch!  I was super excited to eat some very delicious home cooked food...mostly because I still eat like a college student and eat pizza on the reg.  I decided to go with something I made spaghetti.  Everyone likes spaghetti, right?...WRONG!  Not a single person ate my dish...not even me.  But I have been going through Pinterest and I will dominate the next potluck...I just couldn't compete with the older ladies' dishes.  Now for my predictions...

This coming weekend we have the Texas State Bobcats playing their first home game against Prairie View A&M.  I predict that the outcome will be 31-14 Bobcats.  The Texas Longhorns play at BYU and I predict an outcome of 27-14 Longhorns.  Playing on Monday night we have the AMAZING HOUSTON TEXANS playing the San Diego Chargers.  I predict an outcome of 100-0...just kidding.  I predict 35-24 Texans.  Until next time!


I honestly don't know if my favorite part of that was that Alyssa didn't eat her own spaghetti or that she's going to "dominate" the next potluck...  :)  Oh, and Wes Welker just caught ANOTHER touchdown pass everyone!  #fantasyfootball

And now for me...  Well..., last week I went out on that limb (having no previous games to base my picks on), and that limb BUSTED!  I went 3-7 in picking my ten favorite plays of the week.  I was correct in taking the Bobcats and Longhorns to win, but if I don't slide those selections into my "ten best bets," well, you get the idea...  :)  Here's what I have for you this weekend:

Coach (2-0 overall on Bobcats & Longhorns games/3-7 overall on '10 best bets')

The Bobcats host their season opener this weekend against the Panthers from Prairie View A&M.  Due to the fact that the Panthers play in a lower division, Vegas doesn't put odds on the game.  I think that the Cats are going to open Bobcat Stadium with a 41-10 victory over Prairie View on Saturday.  The Longhorns are going to be visiting the Cougars of BYU in Utah on Saturday, and the Horns are a seven-point favorite (NOTE:  All of the lines and overs/unders in this post are Vegas lines as of last night, when I made my predictions...).  I predict that Texas is going to beat BYU 33-17 in Provo on Saturday.

Coach's Ten Best Bets of the Week:

Texas/BYU (Under 56) - I feel confident enough to include it this week...  :)
Washington State/USC (Over 53) - 2 wrongs make a right (both teams bit me last week)
Florida/Miami (Under 49) - Hopefully the D shows up in this rivalry...
Tampa Bay (-3 1/2) @ N.Y. Jets - How do the Jets score? (Sorry Pete P. Peters)
Tampa Bay/N.Y. Jets (Under 41) - How do the Jets score? (Sorry Pete P. Peters)
Seattle (-3 1/2) @ Carolina - Don't the Seahawks seem better than this?
Arizona (+5 1/2) @ St. Louis - Give Palmer and Mendenhall some love...
Kansas City (-4) @ Jacksonville - Don't the Chiefs seem better than this?
Philadelphia/Washington (Over 51) - Going to be a lot of plays run in the game...
Houston (-4) @ San Diego - The Texans are better than this (and Alyssa didn't make me say this)

And there you have it my friends.  Week 2 of the college football season and the first week of NFL action are upon us...  I hope that you have a great football weekend and I'll see you again on Monday!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I Remember The First Time (33)

"When I hear your name, feels so cold deep inside, still it's hard to explain..., oh, what your love meant to me, they say time will heal the pain, but it just goes on forever..."
-38 Special- (If I'd Been The One)

"I don't want a guy to fall for me when I'm all dressed up because 90% of the time I won't look like that..." -@marysa_travieso- (via Twitter)

"Can you read my mind?, Have you closed the door on love?, Can you be so blind?, Did you think I'd just give up?..." -38 Special- (If I'd Been The One)

I remember the first time that I remembered on a Tuesday night...  Good evening everyone (and good morning by the time that I publish this).  Due to the fact that I'm working days now, you may have noticed that my Monday posts will very likely be typed up on Sunday nights, my Wednesday posts on Tuesday nights, and my Friday posts on Thursday nights (now back to your originally scheduled programming..., yes, already in progress)...

I remember the first time that Miletus made me do a double take...  I recently asked my friend and original blog follower Miletus (and I mean original as in when this blog was closer to 5 total views than 50,000) to be a celebrity expert for this weekend's football picks.  The response that I got was, "Dude.  You're lucky that I still read the damn thing and know what you're talking about!"  My initial reaction was, "WHOA..., what did I do to Miletus?..."  And then I figured it out - the PLETHORA (it's a word, look it up) of football that I've written about here recently...  Just so you know, in spite of what Miletus may say, so far I only have one prediction for this weekend's games, and you don't get any guesses as to who it's from...  :)

I remember the first time that Alyssa had fans...  Speaking of Miletus, when she was browbeating me about the football, I mentioned to her that she would like Alyssa.  Her reply was, "I already liked her.  The crawfish story got me..."  Pretty sharp, remembering (for the first time?) all the way back to the crawfish post.  And then this weekend while I was tweeting about doing my wash (yes, the excitement that is my Twitter account - it's no wonder I'm up to six followers), my high school classmate and friend Vicki and I got into a Twitter conversation (Twittersation?)...  Vic mentioned that the character limit on Twitter might be the reason that our verbose yankee (as in New Englanders, NOT as in New York) friends don't have accounts yet.  When I mentioned that they could start a blog on the side, she replied, "and get an assistant!! #youaremyhero ;)"  Since I've read my writing before, I'm sure that this was another compliment to my football co-pilot Alyssa (and Alyssa hasn't even started gushing about her Texans yet)...  :P  Of course it was very nice to discover that Vicki reads the blog regularly, bringing that count up to what..., 3 or 4 of you?  ;)

I remember the first time that I complained about traffic...  Here are a couple of recent Austin traffic stories for you...  While a friend and I were driving on campus, down a narrow hill of a street, a bicyclist coming up the street cut across the front of our vehicle, crossing to our passenger side, and then when he found that he was squeezed between us and the parked cars to our right, he says, "DUDE!!!..."  Completely understandable, because bicycles are supposed to travel AGAINST the flow of traffic after cutting across it... #whatever  And then more recently, while a friend and myself were driving down Guadalupe (a.k.a., 'The Drag'), we were behind a vehicle that was moving VERY SLOWLY (we had actually been behind it on campus also, and had the bad luck of ending up behind it again on The Drag).  THEN, as it appeared that the driver of this vehicle was giving a tour of the campus FROM GUADALUPE, the vehicle COMES TO A STOP at a GREEN LIGHT!  When my friend hit the horn, the driver of the vehicle FLIPPED US OFF!  Naturally, right, because WHO ARE WE to honk at a vehicle that comes to a complete stop at a green light on one of the busiest streets around campus? #merp

I remember the first time that I saw something cute...  So I was walking on campus today when a girl approached me from the opposite direction.  We made eye contact, and then my eyes were drawn to her colorful shirt, which was a combination of red and glitter set against the black fabric of the shirt.  It read, "I STILL (and then inside the red heart) BSB..."  The thought of "I still heart the Backstreet Boys" brought a little smile to my face, which was obviously visible, because when we made eye contact again, she had a HUGE SMILE on her face...  :D

Alright, it's already tomorrow and I have to work later today, so have a great Wednesday and we'll see you again on Friday with our football predictions!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Could You? (33)

"I thought that I heard you laughing, I thought that I heard you sing, I think I thought I saw you try..., every whisper, of every waking hour, I'm, choosing my confessions, trying to keep an eye on you, like a hurt lost and blinded fool, fool..." -R.E.M.- (Losing My Religion)

"It takes some time..., God knows how long, I know that I can forget you, as soon as my heart stops breaking, anticipating, as soon as forever is through, I'll be over you..." -Toto- (I'll Be Over You)

Could you tell us about your new football season gameplan for the blog Coach?  Good afternoon everyone.  In light of the fact that I'm busier during the season (I LITERALLY tacked a sheet of paper to my wall that says "Weekly Football Checklist" today), I'm going to scale my posts back to three days a week (the football season just gets worse and worse, hey Miletus?)...  This means that my 'Could You?' posts will be here on Mondays (alas...), my 'I Remember The First Time' posts will appear on Wednesdays, and that Fridays will be devoted to football and football predictions...  Every other day with weekends off til at least the beginning of February folks (although you may find that random extra post here from time to time)...

Could you tell us about irony Coach?  I recently messaged my friend Jessica on facebook to ask her about being a celebrity expert here on a Friday in the near future.  In reference to the football predictions that I make here every Friday, Jess asked, "Isn't it scary to put yourself out there like that?"  The ironic part of that comment is that Jessica is a "former" model (former until someone shows her a big pile of cash I said)...  :D  To answer her question (in case y'all were wondering the same thing yourselves, in light of the fact that my '10 best bets' have gone 2-7 so far this week) I told Jess this:  "If I'm right, I look great, but I hate that I'm not in Vegas betting.  If I'm wrong, I look bad, but it didn't cost me anything..."

Could you tell us how bad you're going to look this week Coach?  To be honest, once I got off to the 1-7 start on Saturday, I thought that it would have been funny to go 1-9 for the week, just for the advertising value.  Have you ever heard those prognosticators who advertise, "I've been right on 71% of my selections" (or something to that effect)?  Wouldn't it have been great after Week 1 for me to roll out, "TEN PERCENT - you can count on me to get 1 out of every 10 games right.  Who else can promise you that?!"  :P  I actually got into a hole here early last season (I generally do much better after seeing the teams play), and we're looking for Florida State and Pittsburgh to combine for over 49 1/2 points tonight so that we'll be 3-7 for the first week...

Could you give some credit to those celebrity experts Coach?  Well, my celebrity experts went 21-1 picking the outcome of the Texas State (22-15 over Southern Mississippi) and Texas (56-7 over New Mexico State) games on Saturday (Alyssa and I also managed to pick the winners in these games also, which will be reflected here in the blog on Friday).  And YES, Alyssa was closer than I was on the score of BOTH GAMES - shut up people...  :)  No one picked the exact outcome of either matchup (which is extremely difficult to do), but we had some very impressive near-misses (especially considering that this was the first week of the season).  Daniel Guerrero (the Mayor of San Marcos) had the Bobcats winning 21-12, while Lauren "I don't know anything about no foosball" Meckel (Superfly's Lone Star Music Emporium/Texas State Alum) had the Cats 23-21 over the Golden Eagles.  As for the UT game, Hunter Harvin had Texas winning 54-10, while @NotUfatJesus had the Horns taking it 51-3.

Could you tell us how your fantasy football draft went yesterday Coach?  Well, this draft was for a 12-team league, and it was my first draft of the year (I may be in another league, if it gets squared away REALLY QUICK - the NFL kicks off its season on Thursday with the Ravens visiting Denver).  About an hour before the draft I found out that I had drawn the 10th pick (snake draft order), and these are the results of my draft:

10)  LeSean McCoy  15)  Drew Brees   34)  Wes Welker   39)  Larry Fitzgerald
58)  Jason Witten   63)  Ahmad Bradshaw   82)  Seahawks   87)  Texans
106)  Michael Vick   111)  Mark Ingram   130)  Alshon Jeffery   135)  Felix Jones
154)  Markus Wheaton  159)  Donald Brown  178)  Alex Henery  183)  Dexter McCluster

I like the first half of my draft, up through and including stealing Vick in the ninth-round.  Taking the defenses back-to-back where I did was an unorthodox move, but I took them before they appeared on the league's draft scroll.  Their schedules complement each other in that I will be facing very weak offenses for the majority of the season - Seattle gets Arizona and St. Louis twice, while Houston gets Jacksonville and Tennessee twice.  I stuck to the predictions entry that I wrote here when taking McCoy, Brees, Vick, and Henery.  The Eagles will run A LOT of plays this season, and Brees actually beat out Aaron Rodgers in points last year under the ESPN scoring system that our league is playing in (someone took Rodgers fifth overall in our draft).  I don't usually draft too many Steelers (my favorite team) to avoid bias, but I think that Jones and Wheaton have a lot of upside where I was able to pick them up.  Witten was the only tight end with over 1,000 receiving yards last season when I drafted him.  I thought that Welker and Fitzgerald had more upside where I got them than the running backs that were still available.  Although my backs aren't superior after McCoy, I have a good shot at having the Colts starter having both Bradshaw (foot injury currently) and Brown on my roster (the Colts have the 3rd-weakest schedule in the league again this season, starting with facing Jacksonville and Tennessee twice).  Ingram gets most of the carries for the Saints.  Alshon Jeffery - well, this is a funny story...  Although Jeffery is the Bears number two receiver, he only found a spot on my squad AFTER my 90-second clock RAN OUT, the only time that this has ever happened to me while drafting.  He was my autopick after I got caught up in switching back and forth between the WR and RB availability screens...  And McCluster is a wild card with a lot of speed for the Chiefs...

Could you give us your condensed fantasy baseball update Coach?  I'm almost out of time here, but my teams are currently in 6th, 5th, and 3rd place this week in my 3 leagues.  As the baseball season winds down, I'll be more specific as to which teams have which players when the money comes into play (the top two finishers in each league cash).

Well, that's it for today, but I'll see you again on Wednesday (and it won't be so sports-heavy then Miletus)...  :)  Have a great Labor Day everyone!