Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Opening Day

Welcome to the first of what I hope will be many blog entries from Bikini Hill.  Bikini Hill is actually the nickname for a stretch of grass on the nearby university campus where many local townspeople, college students, and visitors enjoy the river that runs through campus (moreso when the state hasn't experienced the hottest summer of any state in any year since weather records have been kept).  The View From Bikini Hill was chosen as the name of my new blog after being the only prospective name that didn't already exist as somebody else's blog name, website, group, etc..., when I ran it through the internet search engines.  I plan on posting entries at least twice a week if my schedule allows me to do so, and more often if I have the opportunity.  My weekday posts will likely cover a wide variety of topics, while my weekend posts will more often be sports-related.  This is the first blog that I have ever set up, and I did not realize how much time would have to be dedicated to just that aspect of it.  For any of you who ever plan on starting your own blog, this site will allow you to do so for free, but be prepared to have a name for your blog, the time to set up the design for your blog page, the time to read the user agreements, etc, etc, etc...  I have spent over an hour on that part of the process, but it seems like the page is good to go...  The page allows you to leave comments, so please feel free to do so.  I promise to bring more in the future, but I didn't want someone stumbling along this page today, and leave thinking "that didn't have anything to do with bikinis, or hills, or even views"...  ;)  I hope that y'all have a great day, and I'll see ya this weekend, if not sooner...

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