Saturday, August 22, 2015

It's Time To Write

Good evening everyone.  It's been almost a month since I've bothered you.  I should (hopefully) have a lot more time to write in the near future.  Students are now returning to the University of Texas at Austin (which was evident when I saw the broken glass at the entrance to my apartment complex this morning), and that means that my countless hours of overtime for this summer are now done.  I was working on a big project in one of the dorms on campus this summer, and now I'll be able to put that time into my writing (unlucky you)...  I've been so busy that I haven't even studied my football.  I was toying with the thought of entering a random fantasy league online before the season begins, and I realized that I wouldn't have any idea who to draft.  I haven't looked at schedules yet, I don't know who the projected starters are for each team, etc, etc...  As you could probably guess, I do have my t.v. tuned into the NFL Network right now, as I'm mainly listening to the Chargers/Cardinals game.  I have $2.00 worth of baby bet action on the contest, in case you're interested ($1.00 each on San Diego (+3 1/2) and (Under 40).  The game is currently 9-0 Cards with 7:52 remaining in the first half.  The game will likely be long over once you've read this, but whatever...  :)

Speaking of football, can't miss (can't hit?) football picks will once again be coming your way from my "family of blogs."  A couple of changes are in store for this season (as seems to be the case every year).  This season, not only will my friend Joey be contributing his weekly bets, but I also convinced my brother Pete to throw in his favorite selections.  That's right, you'll be receiving wisdom from not just one, but TWO ticket writers at Las Vegas sportsbooks...  In the interest of keeping things easier on myself, AND hopefully improving our winning percentages, each of us will only be giving you our favorite three bets for each week.  These can be from college or NFL games, and they can be against the spread or on the over/under.  These picks will normally be published on Friday, and they should begin appearing at Coach's Parlay Card starting September 4th, just in time for the first full weekend of college football games.  The season is REALLY THAT CLOSE...  :D

Back to my "family of blogs," I hope to start writing a lot more everywhere.  I definitely wouldn't mind earning a living (or at least supplementing my income) by writing if I could just get myself focused and lined out.  I swear, I was so caught up this summer with my project at work that I barely had time to think about much else.  I worked overtime shifts since early July and most of this month, and I'm really looking forward to getting a chance to just RELAX a little...  Speaking of focus, if you've watched any preseason football, isn't the drop off astounding when teams are led by the second team quarterbacks as opposed to their starters???  Anyway, I'm paying a lot to rent out this space from Google, so I might as well you use it, right?  :)

I'm going to call it a night now, but stay tuned..., I'll have a lot more for you soon...  ;)


  1. So my best winning strategy is to check the top three bets each week and fade them? He he.