Thursday, January 16, 2020

August 23rd

Well, well, well...  The last time that I saw you, it was the eve of the college football season (a pair of games on Saturday, August 24th, before the crush of games during the following week and Saturday).  At the time, the possibility that I wouldn't visit with y'all again until January 16th didn't cross my mind.  I apologize for the delay my friends.  I tend to keep myself pretty busy during football season.

So, now it's January 16th (HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!), and I'm sitting here at the keyboard playing Pearl Jam through my YouTube, with a muted tv showing the Nuggets at the Warriors sitting off to my right.  To my left, we have the pair of goldfish that I got just over a year ago (that's a pretty good lifespan for any fish of mine)...  Okay, it's time to catch up.  Again, I'm sorry about the delay in writing.  I'm quite sure that this is the longest time between posts since I started this blog a little over eight years ago (the blog turned eight on September 28th - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!)

Alright.  So I'm still living in Biloxi, Mississippi.  I'm still working in the sportsbook, and I've now been with Caesar's Entertainment for over three years (you know, since my last blog post)...  I've yet to miss a day of work, or to even be late for a shift.  :D  When I last saw you, the football season was just starting.  Now we're down to just four teams in the NFL, and on February 3rd, I'll surely be crying, because we won't have any football again til almost September (and don't get me started on the XFL, or any other startup that you have an affinity for)...  ; )  So, during football season, I work 40 hours per week, from Saturday through Wednesday this season.  I work on the swing shift (which I prefer to work for several reasons - I'm a night owl, there are always games on during my shift, etc...), and after work, I normally go to another casino (I'm not allowed to bet on sports at my casino) with one of my friends/coworkers to either place bets on the next day's/week's games, or to cash winning bets that I have.  Long story short, my personal football betting is pretty much like a part-time job for me during the season.  I'm not trying to make excuses for why I haven't written for so long, but here I am making excuses for why I haven't written for so long...  I do feel bad when I haven't posted for a while, because I have so many friends who read this blog, that it's like I'm writing a personal letter to X number of people each time that I post an entry.  You know what I'm talking about.  I don't ever go into this much detail about my personal life on Facebook or Twitter, because that would just be weird (plus it would be difficult to do in 160 characters on Twitter).  However, I can get on here and let you know what's going on in my world (or just write about pretty much whatever I feel like talking about), and I can ramble on forever.  My one guilty pleasure if I haven't written for a long period of time is that my haters and stalkers have to wait to find out what's going on in my life (ex-girlfriends, personal relationships gone bad, people who are basically just internet peeping tom's).  I'm sure that you have a few in your world too...  Well, I'M BACK....  Ha ha....

Okay, when I last left y'all, I had just returned from a June visit to Las Vegas, which I summarized in a flurry of August posts, because I had already taken my next trip, which was to central Texas (San Antonio and San Marcos, America)...  Now I've been in Biloxi for about another five months, and I've been saving up money.  In the near future, I'll be looking into getting a car.  I haven't had a vehicle for several years now, and frankly, I haven't really needed one.  I've lived close to where I worked, I've had access to public transportation, and/or I've had friends willing to give me rides when I've needed them.  I do hate putting people out (although honestly, my friends have been great, and don't make me feel like I'm imposing on them at all), and plus, I'd like to have a vehicle so I'll be able to visit Texas more easily.  I take the lion's share of my paid time off (PTO) each year between the end of the NCAA Basketball Tournament and the start of football season, so I'll be seriously investigating getting a vehicle pretty soon.  Since we're talking about money and time off, another thing that I'm pondering is whether or not I want to make another visit to Las Vegas again this summer.  The obvious pitfalls are the money I'd have to spend, and the amount of PTO I'd have to use.  Oh, if I'm visiting Las Vegas, and already paying for the round-trip flight, I'm not going for just 2 or 3 days...  That's not my style.  In case you weren't following the blog last year, or you don't remember, I stayed in Las Vegas for ELEVEN nights last June.  :D  Anyway, so there's that, and if I do go, when do I go.  When is the World Series of Poker?  Will Blue October be touring through Las Vegas again this summer?  All important questions that have to be answered....

I left work at 11:30 last night, but I had to be up by 8:00 this morning (today is my Saturday) because I had an appointment for a haircut.  What I'm trying to tell you is that my sleep was really messed up today (I normally wake up at 1:30 p.m. to be at work for a 3:30 p.m. shift). In spite of the nap that I took after I returned home today, I'm "hitting the wall" all of a sudden, but I'm going to go ahead and publish what I've written so far, because I've made promises on Facebook...  : )  Barring any unforeseen circumstances (and excluding the Super Bowl and college basketball in March), you should be seeing posts from me more frequently.  So to all of my friends and long-time readers, and to all of you stalkers and haters, I'll see you soon....  ; )  

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