Monday, January 25, 2016

Not Tonight Sunapee

Good morning everyone.  It's fast approaching midnight here, and it's not so much that I have a lot to say this evening, but more that I told a few friends who I'm stealing material from that I'd publish today, so off we go...  My big social activity for the evening was attending my Alma Mater's boys basketball games, and I'm pleased to report that both the J.V. and Varsity Crusaders beat the visiting Sunapee Lakers by about 20 points each.  Sunapee is supposed to be a pretty good squad, at least compared to the other opponents that I've seen come into my old high school gym so far this season, but although the games were more spirited, they weren't very close.  The Varsity Lakers managed to pick up a couple of techncal fouls, so there was that...  :)  Anyway, after I returned home, I found some food and watched 'Enemy of the State,' and now I'm talking to you.  It's ironic that I actually did something other than work tonight, because the theme of this entry is how my friends have been out having fun while I have pretty much been working.

We'll begin with my friend Nick, who just had a profitable visit to Las Vegas.  Each stack of red on this poker table is worth $100.00, and Nick started his session with two of the stacks.  That's right, there's just over $1,000.00 pictured here.  I should probably learn how to play poker...  Nick also met my brother Pete durng this trip while Pete was working at the Bally's sportsbook.  I should probably learn how to bet on sports too...  :)  Okay, so everyone's in Las Vegas, and I'm not.  Well, except for those people who are in Arizona...

This appears to be my friend Crystal and some guy at a basketball game.  I think it was very nice of Crystal to agree to pose with Coach Popovich...  :)  Our Spurs are doing very well again this season, and this coming spring ought to be very interesting.  Poker, basketball...  But has anybody been to a hockey game recently?

Right on cue, there's my friend Jaidhe (pictured in the center).  I can assure you from the seemingly hundreds of photos that Jaidhe posted that the arena wasn't empty, and that a Bruins game did indeed take place...  :)

Like I said, I don't have a lot to say tonight, but I'll leave you with a photo of my friend Trevor's dogs...

No matter how many times I look at this picture, I still can't get over the expressions on their faces...  :)  Alright, that's all for tonight, but I'll be back soon to bother y'all again.  Have a good one!

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