Friday, October 21, 2011

Almost Hit By A Car

Hey there, I've got a lot in store for you today.  To open, I will be addressing my blog's rejection at, followed by the true story of how I was almost hit BY A CAR while walking to work last night, with my usual weekend football picks closing the blog.

I am not going to spend too much time on why my blog was rejected at (because I don't actually know), but the story is just too stupid not to share...  This is part of the rejection e-mail that I received from last night: "Unfortunately upon reviewing your blog we are unable to grant it access to the directory.  The most common reasons for not getting into Blog Catalog are:"  I am DEAD SERIOUS - they sent me a FORM REJECTION LETTER, and did not tell me why my blog was rejected.  The e-mail went on to list reasons why blogs may be rejected, and told me that I may re-submit my blog if I wish at a later date.  Yeah, that WON'T be happening...  This seems like a great time to say thank you again to my facebook friends who have read my blog, and to those of you who have found it through some other outlet.  I have done NOTHING to promote this blog other than let my facebook friends know that it's here, and the blog should officially push into having hundreds of views with this entry - I appreciate ya!

Sooooo, I'm walking to work last night, and I'm crossing the street between the university and Jack In The Box (if you don't live in San Marcos, America, I'm crossing a street)...  :)  I have the 'little while stick figure go ahead and cross the crosswalk guy' working in my favor, but I'm not at the crosswalk yet, and the first car takes its left turn in front of me.  I am at the street after it passes, and I start crossing.  GENIUS girl on her cellphone driving her silver sports car does not stop, making her left turn, and she SURELY would have hit me if I did not quickly take two 'shuffle steps' to my right...  At this point, she hits her brakes, and I instinctively throw my arms up in the air, yelling "DO YOU KNOW WHAT THESE MEAN?!" (my palms are pointing to stick figure guy on each side of the street).  BRILLIANT girl has her windows rolled up, and hits the gas again, taking off, not only not apologizing, but continuing to talk on her cellphone.  She probably works for I'm guessing (and that's the last time they'll be mentioned in any blog of mine).  ;)

Football, football, football...  It's seeming more and more like I should have moved to Vegas for football season (so far).  Last week I was 3-2 on my college picks and 3-0 on my NFL picks.  To recap, my college winners were Texas A&M, Oklahoma State, and Auburn, while my losers were Texas Tech and Michigan.  My NFL winners were ALL 1/2 point winners (I'm rolling my eyes and whistling right now)...  ;)  I took the Bills + 3 1/2 (they lost by 3), I took over 50 1/2 points (the Bills and Giants combined for 51), and I took Oakland - 6 1/2 (they won by 7).  For the season, I am now 10-6 on my college picks, and 7-2 on my NFL picks.

This week's college games...  This is a bad weekend if you're a college football fan, in respect to the fact that there aren't as many marquee matchups as there have been in the past few weeks.  I am going to take my shot on the 2 games where Top 25 teams are meeting, and on one other (because a friend and blog reader wants me to, and because it is also a good matchup), but the best matchups don't involve any Big 12 teams this weekend - sorry...  #6 Wisconsin is traveling to #16 Michigan State this weekend, and I am going to pick the 5-1 Spartans over the 6-0 Badgers in this one.  I was impressed that the Spartans defeated Michigan by two touchdowns, and I don't like that the Badgers have been playing so often at home this year.  I think that a solid effort at home by a good Michigan State team can win this one.  In the second matchup of Top 25 teams this weekend (barely), I will go with the favorite this time, and take #8 Stanford over #25 Washington.  I don't think that this matchup should be near as close as the Wisconsin/Michigan State game, but Washington is much better than they were a few years back, so why not throw them a bone and include their game.  USC at Notre Dame - both unranked, but very likely to be the most watched game this weekend, given the teams' collective following and the prime-time kickoff.  I am going to take the Irish at home.  I think that their early schedule has been more solid than USC's, I like the fact that they're playing at home, and this is the best Notre Dame has played in the past few years I think, in a game that they will definitely want to take.  For Kathryn, I DO think that the Wildcats beat the Jayhawks this weekend, but I can't count that game...  SHOULD be an easy one - EMAW!!  ;)

In this week's NFL slate, I would take the Raiders (-5) against the Kansas City.  Oakland is again at home, and they now have Carson Palmer at the helm, who I think will be worth the draft picks that they gave up if he stays healthy.  There just are not that many proven quarterbacks in the NFL.  I like the Steelers (-3 1/2) at Arizona.  With the offensive line woes that Pittsburgh has, it seems like the team should be doing worse (I am a Steelers fan, for those of you who may not know), but the team has been finding a way to win games.  I thought that the Cardinals would be playing better than they have so far this year with Kevin Kolb landing there, but it hasn't materialized yet.  I also expect that the Chicago/Tampa Bay game will stay under 43 1/2 points.  Both of these teams have decent defenses, and that Bears effort in Detroit is still fresh in my head.  Devin Hester returning 3 kicks for touchdowns could hurt this pick, but I think the game stays under.

My intention at this point is to now start doing this blog 4 days during the week, while still taking the weekend off.  Again, I appreciate you stopping by to read it.  Have a great weekend! 





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