Monday, May 14, 2012

Spoons Made Me Fat

Good morning everyone.  Buckle your seatbelts because this is going to be a long ramble...  Now that the NBA and NHL have sorted out their 1st and 2nd rounds, respectively, let me give you a quick recap of what I predicted and what I am predicting, and then I'll ramble...

The NHL 2nd Round:

My Prediction                                                                       Actual Result

Phoenix over Nashville in 7 games                              Phoenix in 5 games
Los Angeles over St. Louis in 6 games                         Los Angeles in 4 games
Philadelphia over New Jersey in 6 games                  New Jersey in 5 games
Washington over New York in 6 games                      New York in 7 games

NHL Current Round Predictions

Los Angeles over Phoenix in 6 games
New Jersey over New York in 6 games

The NBA 1st Round:

My Prediction                                                                         Actual Result

Miami over New York in 5 games                                  Miami in 5 games
Indiana over Orlando in 6 games                                    Indiana in 5 games
Atlanta over Boston in 6 games                                       Boston in 6 games
Chicago over Philadelphia in 5 games                          Philadelphia in 6 games
San Antonio over Utah in 6 games                                 San Antonio in 4 games
Oklahoma City over Dallas in 7 games                         Oklahoma City in 4 games
L.A. Lakers over Denver in 7 games                              L.A. Lakers in 7 games
L.A. Clippers over Memphis in 6 games                       L.A. Clippers in 7 games

NBA Current Round Predictions

Boston over Philadelphia in 5 games
Miami over Indiana in 7 games
San Antonio over L.A. Clippers in 6 games
Oklahoma City over L.A. Lakers in 7 games

Let me say here that I actually saw the L.A. Kings play a little bit last night and they look like a force to be reckoned with - they are so aggressive and swarming.  In their 4-2 victory last night, they outshot the Coyotes 16-4 in the first period...  The Heat/Pacers series just got a lot more interesting because ESPN literally just announced that Chris Bosh will be out indefinitely, and I already had that series going seven games...  Don't mess with my fantasy baseball team - they have woken up.  I am still in 9th place in my 10-team league, but a few weeks ago where I was 50 points behind the league-leader in batting average, I now trail the leader by only 13 points after my team hit .351, for the WEEK...  ;)  I am also now 3rd in stolen bases after my team swiped 12 bags this week.  Curiously, my pitching is suffering more than my offense now, but my pitching staff is LOADED, and I am confident that they will turn it around (something to watch until I move to Las Vegas)...  Speaking of Vegas, I have literally had two dreams this week about moving back to the desert (one which I awoke from right before I started typing this blog entry)...  :P  I think that the Domino's commercials promoting their 'Pizza Hero' game/app are BRILLIANT...  They are touting the fact that you can get a job with Domino's if you are good at Pizza Hero, and they get to "train you" and see if you are competent without investing any paychecks in you - GENIUS...  It finally paid off!!  I have always picked up discarded scratch-off lottery tickets because some people do not understand how the games work.  At work last week, I found a scratch-off ticket on the sidewalk in front of our venue, with three different ways to win on it.  The second 'game' involved scratching off 6 different dollar amounts, and if 3 of them matched, you'd win that amount.  I scanned the scratched ticket to see "Four, Four, Four" included in the group of amounts...  I took it to the convenience store, and it turns out that I found four dollars on the sidewalk...  ;)  Now I have to share with you the contents of a photograph that popped up on a friend's facebook account this week.  A man is shown protesting in front of a store called 'The Shooters Shop' with a poster that reads, "Gun Sellers Are Accomplices Of Crimes..."  This prompted another man to find a piece of regular cardboard, sketch a couple of utensils on it, and proudly display his own sign, "SPOONS MADE ME FAT" - in the photo, the gentlemen are standing side-by-side, and their heads are turned to where they're facing each other (I'm assuming in conversation)...  So there ya go...  :)  I hope that you have a great day, and I'll see you again on Wednesday with a poker post.


  1. Why is Bosh out? Injury or stupidity? (I don't follow basketball)

  2. Lower-abdominal muscle strain Groucho...

    1. Well, sucks to be him - However this will show Miami how much they really need Bosh to be part of the trio or how much of a 3rd wheel and replaceable he is.