Saturday, May 12, 2012

Staggered NHL 3rd Rd./NBA 2nd Rd. Predictions

Good morning everyone.  I missed yesterday's post intentionally to see if I might get one more NBA series completed before I made this next round of predictions.  Due to "next round" series in the NHL and NBA starting today and tomorrow, I will give you some predictions today with the rest to come on Monday in my ramble...


Every second-round series in the NHL is completed except for Rangers/Capitals, and if Washington would have held onto a lead for 7 more seconds, I would have nailed my prediction in that series...  Below is a recap of my second-round predictions and the series' outcomes:

My Prediction                                                               Actual Result

Phoenix over Nashville in 7 games                                 Phoenix in 5 games
Los Angeles over St. Louis in 6 games                          Los Angeles in 4 games
Philadelphia over New Jersey in 6 games                      New Jersey in 5 games
Washington over New York in 6 games                        Game 7 tonight in New York

Game 1 of Western Conference Finals begins tomorrow night, and I am picking the L.A. Kings over the Phoenix Coyotes in 6 games.


I missed nailing a prediction in the NBA last night also as I took the L.A. Clippers to beat the Memphis Grizzlies in six games.  Below is a recap of my second-round predictions and the series' outcomes:

My Prediction                                                                Actual Result

Miami over New York in 5 games                                  Miami in 5 games
Indiana over Orlando in 6 games                                    Indiana in 5 games
Atlanta over Boston in 6 games                                      Boston in 6 games
Chicago over Philadelphia in 5 games                             Philadelphia in 6 games
San Antonio over Utah in 6 games                                 San Antonio in 4 games
Oklahoma City over Dallas in 7 games                           Oklahoma City in 4 games
L.A. Lakers over Denver in 7 games                              Game 7 tonight in Los Angeles
L.A. Clippers over Memphis in 6 games                         Game 7 tomorrow in Memphis

The first games of the Eastern Conference Semifinals are tonight and tomorrow night.  I am taking the Boston Celtics over the Philadelphia 76ers in 5 games, and I am picking the Miami Heat over the Indiana Pacers in 7 games.  

I hope that you have a great sports weekend and I will see you again on Monday with my ramble, where I will be completing the predictions for the upcoming rounds in these playoffs.



  1. I'm really hoping that Denver beats the Lakers and that the Clippers advance.

    I really just want to go to work and talk to everyone about how LA is going to take the whole thing and when they complain that the Lakers lost I'll tell them that I meant the better of the two LA teams and smile in their agony.

  2. I wouldn't mind at all if the Nuggets knocked out the Lakers - my heart or my prediction, which one will it be??? :)