Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Can I Go With You?

Good morning everyone.  This is your ramble coming to you on a Wednesday since I wanted to vent about poker on Monday.  As I suspected before I moved, now that I'm living in Las Vegas again, I could easily do a post about poker, sports betting, or random things today - there is just so much to write about...  This was the conversation that I had with three attractive girls who were all decked out in very revealing dresses as I was making my way to the parking garage at the Flamingo a few nights ago:

Closest Oncoming Attractive Girl: "Hi, what are you doing?"
Me:  "I'm heading home..."
Closest Oncoming Attractive Girl:  "Can I go with you?"
Me: (Smiling)  "No, I'm good, but I appreciate it.  Y'all have a good one..."

I've been back in the desert almost a whole month and I'm FINALLY propositioned...  :P  Continuing with this Las Vegas theme, I stopped by the Wynn a few nights ago to watch some of the no-limit poker action - as I was walking through the casino, I spotted a penny of the floor.  I don't know about you, but I didn't even think that pennies were allowed into the Wynn.  I was thinking that if I stopped to pick it up, I would probably be ridiculed by the wealthy people patronizing the establishment...  :)  Back to the Flamingo, right before I got propositioned, I saw a slot machine ticket for 27 cents that was laying by the abandoned row of slot machines - now I'm stopping for 27 cents...  :)  Anyway, I quickly found a machine to cash the ticket, and already laying in the change receptacle of the machine was 75 cents.  I bring this story up because it's the most success that I've ever had "playing slots"...  (I don't play slots, if you're new to the blog)  Around to gambling that I do participate in, I will have my complete breakdown of games that I'm betting on for this opening week on Friday, but I did want to include one Thursday night game, although I wouldn't bet your house on it.  I had mentioned previously that I would be watching the numbers this season on the overs/unders for the Washington State football games now that Mike Leach (formerly of Texas Tech) is now the head coach.   The number for the over/under on the Cougars game against BYU opened at 62, and if it stays in that range, I will include the over on a few of my two-dollar parlay tickets.  My first bad-beat of the day yesterday was discovering that the two-dollar parlay cards for football would not be available until Thursday evening (after having been previously informed by a few girls working the LVH sportsbook on Monday that they would be out on Tuesday).  Anyway, you can bet more than two bucks on these cards if you want, but I like grouping my bets together on these, taking cheap shots at the bigger money (even with a two dollar bet, hitting a 10-team parlay pays 800 to 1, or $1,600.00).  I have now placed a total of $45.00 in opening week bets on college and NFL games, but all but one of those parlay tickets includes NFL games, so even if it hit them, I won't be cashing them for a few weeks.  One thing that I've noticed driving around Vegas during the past week especially is how many people will operate their vehicles at night without their headlights on.  I attribute this to the fact that they don't turn them on when they're leaving the parking garages (which I do automatically, just because it's night), and then if they are in the vicinity of the Strip, there is so much neon around that they don't notice.  However, when they're driving on the streets leading away from the Strip, this becomes a potentially dangerous situation (not being able to see their dark-colored cars, you know, in the cases where they're driving dark-colored cars)...  TIDE Balls - yeah...  I was at the store a few nights ago (I was very busy a few nights ago, by the way), and I noticed 'TIDE Balls' on the shelf...  Evidently, pouring liquid up to a line in a cap has become a very difficult task, so TIDE has all of the detergent conveniently balled up so that you can just toss it into the wash (to be fair, TIDE wasn't the only company hawking these items, but just the most familiar one to me)...  Did you happen to see that my baseball team was BLOWN UP the other day?  Now the Red Sox have traded Youkilis, Gonzalez, Beckett, and Crawford this season (insert ominous music here)...  Have I mentioned yet how thankful I am that the football season is going to kickoff tomorrow night?  ;)  With the abundance of weekly poker freeroll tournaments now available in the desert, I am going to play in freeroll tournies Friday morning, Saturday afternoon, and Monday morning (by the way, who is scheduling tournaments at 9 a.m.?!)...  My television set automatically opens up on The Weather Channel whenever I power it up.  This morning I was treated to the sight of Jim Cantore and Al Roker trying to stand up in fifty mile-per-hour winds in the middle of a downpour while reporting on the hurricane that is heading into New Orleans.  My thing is, they have been telling us FOR DAYS that this hurricane was on the way, so WHY are they standing out IN THE MIDDLE of the freakin thing when it arrives?!  #brilliant  I actually left the t.v. there for a few minutes just to see if they would get blown over - c'mon people...  Alright, that's all I've got for right now, but have a great day and I'll see you again on Friday!


  1. I am actually glad they are blowing it up.. the teams attitude is making me sick... not to mention the losing.. but getting rid of Beckett and freeing up some cash... giving a chance to rebuild.. I think it is great.

  2. I was thinking that if I stopped to pick it up,

    Go ahead, pick it up -- brings good luck!

    One comment, your blog would be easier to read if you had a paragraph break or two.

  3. You must be ECSTATIC if you like trainwrecks Sir...

    Yeah Mojo, it's just a gimmick for my rambles. You're like the 3rd blogging friend who has mentioned this about the one paragraph rambles, yet they're very popular - go figure... :) Hope that rain isn't hitting you too hard!

  4. Glad to see you're having some luck with the ladies now that you're back in Vegas. I just dunno why you rejected them so fast. You did say they were attractive, right? I guess you have so many girls throwing themselves at you you can't handle them all. :)

  5. I kept my eyes open to see if you were following them into the casino... ;)

  6. Coach, remember when we previously talked about paragraphs?
    Hit the enter button twice (in a row) once in a while :)

    Also, congrats on the hookers - Rob will now teach you how to follow THEM around and not get cau....nevermind

  7. I'm so random on the rambles that I'd have like twenty paragraphs... :P