Thursday, August 2, 2012

Just A Statistic

good morning everyone.  i have tried to post twice from my phone, and am now attempting to do so within the blogger phone app.  i still cannot figure out how to capitalize letters,  but read on if that doesn't bother you..  i made the trip from san marcos, america to the desert in 21 hours and 12 minutes.  i visited my friend who writes 'life as a las vegas poker dealer' early tuesday morning (the friend who is the only reason that i ever started to blog, since i didn't know what a blog was until i read his)...  he said that he recently read that many people who move away from vegas return within 3 years, so i guess i'm just a statistic...  :)  on a positive note, one of my blog readers is playing the role of superhero and has provided me with a temporary place to stay, which has been a huge, huge help (i need my all caps), and will not be forgotten...  other than getting to know more of phoenix than i ever intended, the trip went pretty smoothly, and actual rain in the arizona mountains was a blessing...  i'm going to hit enter and see what happens.  i'll have a poker post for you soon if this doesn't look too ridiculous...