Thursday, August 9, 2012

We Want Touchdowns

Good morning everyone.  Well here I am, back on good ole computer #8 (if you're in the library, please feel free to stop by for an autograph)...  I'm feeling a little less bitter right now than I did last night.  In my previous 2 days of betting parlays preceding yesterday, I had lost $5.00 and .15, respectively.  Yesterday I managed to lose $19.00.  Not every game that I bet, but at least one loser on every ticket.  The title of today's blog entry was almost, 'NEVER Bet On The Chicago White Sox' (hey lightning).  The pale hose really killed me the last few days (stupid Royals).

Anyway, this brings us to today, which I 99% guarantee you will end at Aliante Station Casino at about 8:00 today because I went down to the strip to meet a couple of friends last night after my brilliant day of sport prognosticating...  Upon leaving the library today, I will be treated to the Olympics Women's Soccer Final, featuring team Stars & Stripes vs. Japan (the same Japan who defeated us in the World Cup if I'm not mistaken).  During that game, I will be figuring out my parlays for the day, but I have already figured out one of them, so that you can follow along at home.  Oh, did I mention that the NFL is rolling out six preseason games today?  :)  Every over/under number is in the 35ish range for these 6 games, so I am going to dedicate a 2-dollar parlay ticket to the 6 overs in this set (it would pay in the neighborhood of 90 bucks if it hits).  I have already decided that ten bucks will be my limit for today.  I was really ticked off yesterday that I lost the 19 bucks on the 4 baseball parlays, and at the moment I'm really happy that I was so upset yesterday.  I did not move all the way back to the desert to lose...  So anyway, root for a lot of scoring in today's football games.  They all kickoff in the same half-hour time frame, which ought to make things very interesting when added to the slate of baseball games. 

I have given up on my fantasy baseball team since arriving in the desert.  Even though I couldn't win a ton even if I did come back to cash, it's more on principle that I'm not giving it another look.  When I live in a place where I can bet games on tap, I find no reason to participate in that silly stuff.  Injuries can kill you in fantasy sports, and true to the form of my recent football teams, this baseball squad was just DECIMATED by injuries.  R.I.P. Bikini Hill Giants...  :(

I've also decided to make it a point to visit a sportsbook everyday.  I am still patiently chomping at the bit to get a job and find a permanent place to live in the near future so that I can figure out my finances and what my 'official' betting and poker bankrolls will be.  I have found numerous temporary extended-stay places online (and I hear that this town has 1 or 2 hotels if you are in a pinch), so my immediate future has me going into overdrive searching for a job.  I think that I've stated this before, but just ONE JOB, ANYTHING, will be sufficient to pay the currently low rental rates in Las Vegas, America.

I also wanted to give a shoutout to my fellow bloggers, and let you know that I haven't forgotten about you if you've missed me in the comments sections, but reading blogs over my phone is about as easy as making blog entries.  GRRRRRRR...  As I've said during this week, this is my Friday post since the library is closed on actual Fridays, but I will see you again Monday with my ramble.  Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Football was not on the parlay cards, so I took Saints and Packers gzmes over 37.5 and Steelers over 35...

  2. I heard parlays are for chumps from my best sport betting buddies... I like the Pats/Saints wayy over 35 man! It should be fun.

  3. They are definitely longer odds, but they are cheap... :)

  4. I've found parlays are fun but wacky. Good luck with them.

  5. now that you live here I fully expect you to learn me the ways of this "ports spetting" thing that you seem to like so much.

    I have never made a sports bet in my life mind you!

  6. Did I spell it wrong somewhere or are you having fun? :) I'm already ittching to place a Week 1 parlay - I'm horrible,,,

    1. Just messing with you since you have to review everything you wrote through your phone - that's all.

  7. Ha ha - that's perfect, because even if I did make a mistake, it wasn't getting edited until tomorrow's library time... lol

  8. You never know what the White Sox will do. Totally unpredictable.