Monday, May 12, 2014

Lose Your Debit Card

"For our one-year anniversary, my husband saved a turtle that was crossing River Road.  That guy was almost roadkill!!  Best part...  The turtle unleashed a massive stream of pee and hissed at Josh!!  My hero!!!" -Gabbie Hiller-

"Everybody knows you've been stepping on my toes, and I'm getting pretty tired of it, stepping out of line and a messing with my mind, if you had any sense you'd quit..."
-Hank Williams Jr.- (Only Daddy That'll Walk The Line)

"I think she was brainwashed and there's nothing to wash..." -Mad Men-

"This is what happens when I watch '24' and look at houses online before bed:  I dreamed that I was hiding from bad guys in a sealed underground bunker, but it was very spacious with lots of natural light and the nicest guest bathroom I've ever seen..." -Rachel Barnes Smith-

"The most important factor is to keep your cool and not give away an inch..." -Gus Hansen-

"I feel like every eye roll, shoulder shrug, and bobble head action is all payback from the attitude I gave my teachers....karma :P" -Brittany Flores-

"Ohhhh, so you think I'm cute when I'm angry???  Well get ready, because I'm about to be GORGEOUS!!!!!" -via Leanne Calderon-

"Every single time a realtor shows our apartment, they step on my bed.  Seriously.  The long cord is the light.  It's not that difficult!" -Jennifer Marie Hernandez-

"Be Bruce Wayne until the play requires you to put on the cape and be Batman..." -David Carr-

Open tweet from bank on Twitter:  "What tips do you have for easy ways to save money?"
Ms. B (@b_jai2012):  "Lose your debit card.  That works for me.  Lol" -Belyne Gonzalez-

Good evening everyone.  And you believed me when I said that I was going to stop stealing so much from my friends...  ;)  Speaking of friends (yes, I have to pay each of them exorbitant amounts of money), a couple of my poker playing friends with blogs reported recent success stories in poker tournaments, and I thought that it would be appropriate to share their blog links with you...  'Memphis Mojo' consistently cashes in poker tournies, and he has put together another string of cashes recently that is noteworthy (or blogworthy, as the case may be).  Pete P. Peters recently wrote a post in his blog summarizing how he cashed for about $2,000.00 in a $65.00 buy-in tournament.  You can read about how Pete wasn't exactly sober during the course of this tournament, and this reminded me of a story from my original Las Vegas days (with the future Las Vegas days to come of course - HEY, it's all that I've got right now, so humor me)...  A friend of mine that I went to dealer's school with (and who I hadn't seen for quite some time prior to this meeting) told me about his success at a Bellagio tournament.  My friend wanted to get rich playing poker (sound familiar, especially in the past ten years?)...  Anyway, he had carefully worked his savings/bankroll up to $3,900.00.  Just prior to us running into each other, he had gotten drunk (sound familiar Pete?), and he "foolishly" entered a $1,000.00 nightly tournament at the Bellagio.  Well, evidently he played very aggressively during the tourney, and when the dust settled (desert ya know), he won the tournament and the $39,000.00-ish first prize.  Maybe I should start drinking when I play poker...  :)

So yeah, I watched ALL of the NFL Draft - 3 1/2 hours on Thursday night, 4 1/2 hours on Friday night, and 7 hours on Saturday.  ALL OF IT...  I already know when the Phil Steele college and NFL preview publications are due to hit the newsstands also.  I am an addict...  :)  Johnny Manziel you ask...  I've written a little bit about him before, but I'll go into more detail now.  Manziel plays hard and he plays with a lot of heart.  However, I think that his size and his penchant for scrambling around are going to get him hurt in the NFL.  I could have given you this assessment before the draft, and now Manziel has been drafted by the Cleveland Browns.  At the moment, with Josh Gordon possibly facing a year-long suspension by the league, the Browns really have no wide receivers of note.  Cleveland addressed this during the draft by picking up zero players at the position.  Additionally, the Browns play in the AFC North, where they get to meet up with the Steelers, Ravens, and Bengals twice.  Mr. Manziel is selling a lot of jerseys right now, but I honestly think that Mike Evans and Jake Matthews (players also drafted from Texas A&M on Thursday) will have more successful careers in the league.  As always, I can't wait for football season...  :D

Speaking of not being able to wait for football season, it became really obvious (wasn't it already?) where my viewing loyalty and the majority of my future sports betting will reside over the weekend. I PREFERRED watching the NFL DRAFT (that's teams PICKING PLAYERS) over watching NBA and NHL PLAYOFF GAMES!  Since you're begging me, I will talk a little bit about those sports though.  My Canadiens are currently fighting for their playoff lives, trying to force a Game 7 in their second round series against the Bruins.  Things are going well at the moment, as Montreal is currently leading 3-0 after 2 periods.  In basketball, my Spurs are currently holding a 3-0 lead over Portland in the second round of the NBA playoffs.  San Antonio is faring much better than I expected to this point, and if the Spurs can close out the series later tonight, things will look very promising heading into the Western Conference Finals.

As you can obviously tell, I have many, many things to keep track of on my television set (and Go Brooklyn!), so have a great week and I'll see you again on Saturday!



  1. "I think she was brainwashed and there's nothing to wash..." -Mad Men-

    Love it

    1. That was a mother referring to her daughter who was part of a hippie commune Mojo... :P

  2. I saw no Blackhawks luv in your post. : o (

    1. Why would you? :P I actually work with some Hawks fan, but it's all about the Canadians right now... ;)