Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Get Comfortable

"My son will do any and everything with me, acting so brave...except get in a wave pool!  Lol poor baby..." -Belyne Gonzalez-

"Spoiled has no age limit..." -Yvonne Gonzales-

"You know you're a fat kid and have a pizza addiction when you challenge yourself to a pizza eating contest and eat a large pan pizza in one sitting.  HAHAHAHAH!!!!" -Francesca Welsh-

"I think I just set a record for the most times anyone gambling has been ID'd within a span of thirty minutes.  Even my dad was impressed..." -Brittany Flores-

-How did we meet?/Let's see if you remember facebook image...-
"Doing 'Tootsie Roll' at skating rink..." -via Valerie Saenz & Linda Mendoza-

"Just saw a black dog on 3353 between 1979 & Dreibrodt.  Has a chain hanging from a "collar" - seems timid.  If you know who it belongs to I can try to catch it..." -Kelley Senn Leeds-

Good evening everyone.  Yeah, grab a snack and something to drink.  This one's going to take a minute to read...  First we're going to quickly recap tonight's opening section because it's a little different.  Belyne's tweet is actually pretty self-explanatory, and she deserves some type of award for as often as I raid her twitter account.  Thanks Belyne...  :D  Yvonne's quote is not derogatory in any way (not using the word 'spoiled' as an insult), but was instead referring to how her mom always thinks of her when shopping (it was actually a hashtag to a facebook status that I decided to steal - SHOCKING)...  Thanks Yvonne...  ;)  Francesca (of 'Francesca and Leanne', who REALLY NEED TO reopen the doors at their 'Training Truths' page) pitched pizza earlier last week on facebook, and then was talking up some drink that I really wasn't too excited about (at which point I informed her that I was completely on board back when she had been touting the PIZZA)... Okay, well I just looked back and couldn't track down the drink, but it was something healthy and most likely tastes horrible.  The quote that Francesca gave above was accompanied by this photo...

I still can't believe that Francesca sucked a WHOLE PAN PIZZA out of the edge of the pizza box, but she's a trooper...  ;)  Speaking of Francesca (who already knew that she was going to be in tonight's blog post for the pizza), well, she decided to share this gem as I was typing this entry, and I don't even have to retype it...

I don't know exactly how old Francesca is, but she's wise beyond her years...  ;)  And yeah, she's PROBABLY just kissing the pizza and not sucking it through the edge of the box in its entirety.  I would SOOOO kiss a pizza right now...  Okay, back to work.  Thanks Francesca...  :)  Brittany shared that awesome quote during her family's recent trip to Las Vegas (yes, if I was on top of things, I would've posted the quote WITH the photo of her on Las Vegas Boulevard - shoot me)... The 'Tootsie Roll...'  :)  Usually I'm not a big fan of the facebook questions ("How did we meet?," whatever), but I started reading the responses to Valerie's status, and I LOVED Linda's reply.  You will not cross paths with many on this planet who can honestly say that they ever met any other person while doing the 'Tootsie Roll' at a skating rink...  "Cotton candy, sweet and low, let me see that tootsie roll..." -69 Boyz-  Yeah, you're officially old if you remember that song...  Thanks ladies...  :)  And then Kelley...  :)  I met Kelley (coincidentally, doing the 'Tootsie Roll' at the skating rink)...  ;)  No..., I met Kelley at a really frustrating point in my life (right up there with moving to Las Vegas, having my place broken into, and moving right back to San Marcos frustrating), and she's just really cool.  It's awesome to have a friend who would type that facebook status, and (of course), on her summer vacation from teaching (and every day of that is valuable, trust me), she totally tried to catch the dog.  Like I told her earlier, stay awesome Kelley...  :)

And that leads us right into tonight's post (and there will be all kinds and types and sorts of segues and back references in your near future, so be prepared)...  As the countdown toward Las Vegas starts to SPEED BY now, I have to remember to have patience regarding the coming fall in the desert (this is where we reference Leanne of 'Leanne and Francesca' and bring Memphis MOJO into the fray)...


And again, thank goodness for the birth of facebook, so that I can keep track of all of my friends and former students...  I told Leanne after she posted this yesterday that all of these selfies are basically fitness poster quality, and that I'm extremely proud of her and impressed by all of the hard work that she's put into achieving her goals (and I really could stand to lose weight, but that's another blog post)...  ;)  The point is, when I reach the desert, with the sports betting and the poker, I KNOW that I'm going to want to be successful, EXTREMELY SUCCESSFUL, RIGHT NOW!!  I just have to remind myself (like with Leanne), that it's going to take a lot of hard work, and discipline, and TIME.  I'm going to want to be MOJO and final tabling World Series events and taking down over a quarter-million dollars YESTERDAY, but homework, and dedication, and PATIENCE...

You can't just wish yourself into shape, and you can't just start bagging chips for the next day of competition at World Series events without working at it.  And MOJO, I'm betting that somebody had some idea as to who you were at the Main Event, unlike when they were wrongly posting your home state throughout the duration of the Seniors Event, eh???  ;)  For those of you who may have missed it, MOJO turned a $1,000.00 entry fee into a little over $279,000.00...  So yeah, Leanne..., MOJO..., keep doing what you're doing - it's inspiring...  :)

As far as all of that goes, the funny thing is that, even without a job, I've figured out that I could survive out in the desert if I could find a way to win as little as $40.00 a day (or I could get a job)... Among the SEVERAL advantages to not having to work, the more poker you play, the better you get (allegedly), and I'd have much more time for studying sports also.  I could probably get by on even less than $40.00 a day with the right living situation.  Regardless, the content of my blog will change substantially within the next month, as my facebook friends find their statuses being pillaged and plundered less frequently, and you start reading a lot more about my poker and sports whining (journey)...  ;)  Even back as far as 2006 (when I was dealing at the Riviera), I knew that poker was a game that could be mastered.  When our casino hosted the pool players twice a year for their big tournaments (and I'm talking about televised on the likes of ESPN tournaments), we had a gentleman from Louisiana who would show up to play poker when they were in town (the pool players like to gamble).  This polite, good-tipping (by the way) Louisiana poker grinder would CONSISTENTLY beat the table (and I'm talking pretty much on a nightly basis) at 1/2 and 2/5 no-limit hold 'em (maybe you remember him Joey, Brian, Maly, Scott???).  Well anyway, the dream is alive and kicking...  ;)

And speaking of dreams (and of Carrie still owing us a Las Vegas photo), I've mentioned here before how I've always loved the water, but have never lived near it (and I'm not talking about the San Marcos River here)...  I've also mentioned that although I lived in Vegas for two years the first time around, I've still never seen the Pacific Ocean in person, although I lived within driving distance (if you drive for 5 or 6 hours)...  Carrie hasn't posted her Vegas photos yet (SLACKER), but she did let me steal her cover photo...


Actually, this picture is A LOT like Las Vegas, except for the fact that the desert has NO WATER...  Thanks Carrie...  VENICE BEACH, VENICE BEACH, VENICE BEACH!!!  ;)

Okay, that's probably all of me that you're going to see until at least the weekend, so have a great week and I'll see ya next time!


  1. Thanks for the shout out. Don't ask how I did today.

    1. You don't final table every single tourney you play MOJO??? ;)