Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Where Are You Coach?

"Pay attention, are you listening?, hey, you're my favorite girl, excuse me for the moment, I'm in another world..." -The System- (Don't Disturb This Groove)

"On and on we rode the storm, the flame has died, and the fire is gone..."
-Def Leppard- (Foolin')

"There is just something extra special about playing "God Bless Texas" in someone else's state - ha ha ha..." -Francesca Welsh-

"You recognize my noise and you heard about the pit, been told to be afraid of everything that comes with it, we can talk about it later, but I think, you've given in, we can talk about it later, but I think, you've given in, I had a feeling you might..., bury the lie..." -Silversun Pickups- (The Pit)

Good evening everyone.  Sorry about the delay in posting.  I made my little (losing) golf bets on Sunday morning, and thought that I'd be back later in the day (and definitely sooner than this), but I'm getting ready to move if you haven't heard.  Things are getting real now, as at this time next week I won't even be a third of the way through a twenty-hour (ish) drive from the ATX (Austin, Texas - for you lay people) to Las Vegas, Nevada.  I go to work at the University of Texas at Austin tomorrow, and then I return for work on Friday, and then..., well..., I won't be working for the University of Texas at Austin anymore...  Don't worry, I'll be sure to share a photo or two from my outgoing presser (press conference - again, for you lay people)...  ;)  Doing the things that you have to do when it's time to move are never easy, but as you know, I've been ready to do this for SOOOOOO long (and I actually did it for a month a couple of years ago).  The important thing about making this move two years ago is that I did ALL of the moving away from Texas stuff (which included sorting through and getting rid of A LOT of my stuff), so that process hasn't been/won't be as tedious this time.  The eyes of Texas don't have to shed too many tears though - as we ALL KNOW, I'll come back to Texas (and more specifically, San Marcos).  Whether it's for vacations, or a result of going completely broke, or being wildly successful and having dual residences, the odds are pretty good that I'll be back...

I'm still (finally) keeping up with the football scene.  As I type this, I'm currently watching (semi sort-of) a two-hour summer special on the CBS Sports Network called 'Inside College Football.' This network has also been showing a surprising amount of poker coverage by the way.  I've also been skimming through my football magazines (mostly when I'm doing my laundry).  I talked (facebook messaged) with my friend Joey last week, both about football and poker. Joey has once again agreed to submit weekly football picks for my blog.  I will also be giving you weekly predictions, and both of us will be doing so against the spread (or picking the over/under on games).  I think that our favorite Texans' fan Alyssa probably thinks that I somehow jinxed her hometown team (nonsense I tell ya) by including her picks here in the blog last year, but she already knows that she's welcome to contribute her two cents here anytime she likes...  :)  I might also let Joey weigh in on the Las Vegas poker scene if he chooses.  I discovered that we share many of the same opinions/views on playing cards in the desert.  As I told you last year, he's a ticket writer at the sportsbook at Palace Station, so feel free to stop by and say hi to him whenever you're in Vegas.  Oh, and in addition to my friends who already reside in Las Vegas, I've heard rumors that Pete P. Peters and Rob from Robvegaspoker (both in the list of blogs to the right) plan on visiting the desert over Labor Day Weekend.  #woohoo   As I told you recently, I'm very optimistic about the current state of the Vegas poker scene, as there are many available freeroll tournaments and poker room promotions for those of us who dabble in the game.  When I arrive in Las Vegas, I not only plan on ramping up the frequency of my blog posts, but I also intend to be more active on my Twitter account (about the poker rooms that I'm playing in, and probably my football picks also).  My Twitter handle is @coachatx if you're not a follower yet, and if you follow me, I'll follow you back.  ;)

That's all that I've got for you tonight my friends, but make it through the rest of the week and I'll have something for ya this weekend...  Have a good one!



  1. Best of luck to you my friend!

    I hope everything breaks your way :)

    1. Thanks Lucki - I have to be in town still for your next WSOP appearance... :)

  2. Oohh -- a Labor Day trip to Las Vegas sounds good. Just maybe ...