Saturday, October 11, 2014

Birthday Weekend

Good morning everyone.  This is obviously coming to you way later than I'd like, especially considering that the UT/OU game kicks off in less than nine hours.  However, since my 101st birthday is this weekend, I will forgive myself...  ;)  Well, except for in the morning, when I have to wake up.  Merp...

Joey and myself both went 2-5 last week, so I should probably start charging for this priceless info. (I'll give you half Joey)...  Okay, without any further ado, live from the Palace Station Sportsbook & Casino, here's Joey...


It's that time of the week again for the parlay cards to come out, so let's color in the bubbles (Joey is clearly stealing my material)...

Joey's Lucky Seven (16-24-2 Overall, 2-5 Last Week)

U. Mass (-2) @ Kent St. - U. Mass is winless, but they could be 4-2.  There's a reason Kent State is 0-5.
Alabama (-9) @ Arkansas - Bama knows it has to run the table.
Memphis (-7.5) vs. Houston - Cougs QB is having his sophomore slump.  Memphis is 6th in the nation in takeaways.
 Temple (-17) vs. Tulsa - Temple had a week off & Tulsa is 4-13 versus the spread.
Penn St. (-1) @ Michigan - H.C. Brady Hoke is about to be fired from UM, if not now, then in 4 weeks.
Browns (1.5) vs. Steelers - Like I said last week, I'm betting the Steelers one week & this week is the blind bet against.
Bengals (-6.5) vs. Panthers - Cincy has something to prove after Pats, plus Panthers can't run the ball.

That's it for the parlay card, except for my New Mexico State play.  The Aggies are on the road to Troy, and that's all you need to know.  Close game, but the Aggies lose 35-34.  May all your parlay cards be winners...

As I said, I also went 2-5 last week, so I'm going to spare Belle the Cat...  I'm going to DARE my picks to be wrong now, under the watchful eyes of Francesca and Leanne (it's just been way too long since y'all have been in the blog anyway)...  :)

Coach's Lucky Seven (21-20-1 Overall, 2-5 Last Week)

Clemson (-9.5) vs. Louisville - Tigers are tough in Death Valley.
Texas (+16) vs. Oklahoma - Big spread against this improved UT defense.
Memphis (-7.5) vs. Houston - Tigers have played well, Cougars, not so much.
Texas A&M (-1.5) vs. Ole Miss - Letdown game for Rebels at Kyle Field.
Broncos (-8.5) @ Jets - Hope it's as easy as it seems.
Patriots (-3) @ Bills - Brady vs. Orton - Bills will have to prove it to me.
Steelers/Browns (Over 46.5) - Every Browns contest has video game scoring, as did this matchup in Week 1.

And that's all boys and girls.  If I don't see you again before Tuesday, tune into ESPN 2 on Tuesday night for the Texas State football game.  Eat 'Em Up, Cats!  Enjoy my birthday weekend and I'll see you soon!


  1. Happy birthday, Coach. Let us know how it is to actually hit 60 years old.

    I will be making my football predictions soon. Let me find a quarter to flip first ... : o )

    1. Thanks - and I'm like a whole half-game ahead of a quarter, on an average day for the quarter... :)

  2. How 'bout the finish to that Bronco game? I bet the Broncos too, whew!

    1. All you do is win Dave... :)

    2. I don't always win, but I do always win when the broncos cover.

      Tonight I have 49ers -3.5 parlayed with the over (44). I like betting the over because I love to see a game with a lot of scoring, That's a good strategy, right?

  3. 49ers and over is best possible outcome for me...