Saturday, November 1, 2014

Blame It On Halloween

Good evening everyone.  Got some late football picks for you.  I could blame it on Halloween, but it's really not Halloween's fault...  When I messaged Joey this morning about his picks, I got an "oops..."  However, I still haven't picked seven bets, and will be doing so after I enter his selections for this week.  I also hope to get our records up to date afterward.  I'm still doing fine in Austin, staying with some awesome friends and watching some UT football as I type this.  My brother and his family made a huge trek here from San Antonio today to hang out with me, and then I took a long nap for much of the afternoon.  Without any further ado, here are Joey's picks for you.  I'm sorry that it's too late for you to act on Joey's selections, but life isn't always fair...  :P  Live from the Palace Station Sportsbook & Casino, here's Joey...

Joey's Lucky Seven (3-4 Last Week, 24-37-2 Overall)

Duke (+3) @ Pittsburgh
Boston College (+4) @ Virginia Tech
Air Force (-3) @ Army
Middle Tennessee State (+4) vs. BYU
Kansas State (-12) vs. Oklahoma State
Colts (-3) @ Giants
Cardinals (+4) @ Cowboys

And it's my turn...  Just for Joey we've got the shiny Bobcats helmet.  Texas State 37  New Mexico State 29 - Eat 'Em Up, Cats...  ;)

Coach's Lucky Seven (2-5 Last Week, 29-33-1 Overall)

Cardinals (+2 1/2) @ Cowboys - Dallas lost to Redskins, and are iffy at QB this week.
Browns (-6 1/2) vs. Buccaneers - Browns hosting one win Bucs in chilly Cleveland.
Eagles/Texans (Under 48 1/2) - Texans have good D and not much passing.
Jaguars/Benglas (Under 43 1/2) - Jags also play D and don't score much.
Chiefs (-9) vs. Jets - Jets take woeful QB play to tough Arrowhead environment.
Chargers (+2) @ Dolphins - Miami getting too much credit here...
Patriots (+3) vs. Broncos - Chilly weather and Brady getting points at home...

And that's it folks.  I still need to get completely settled in, and then I'll have a lot more blog posts for y'all.  Remember to set your clocks back an hour before you go to bed tonight.  I hope that everything is going well in your world and I'll see you soon...  :)

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