Monday, July 25, 2016

Come On September

Good morning everyone.  Sunday/Monday become my blog-writing day this week, without any real plan being in place beforehand.  For some mysterious reason, after I change my sleep schedule to play poker all night on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, I end up being tired on Sunday.  Go figure...  I woke up at about noon yesterday after sleeping for five hours.  I almost talked myself into going to the Flamingo for some Sunday afternoon poker, but instead, I started writing an entry for my poker blog.  It's a good thing too, because at about 4:00 I hit the wall, and proceeded to take a 4-hour nap.  If you click on that link, you will find a very detailed post that summarizes my last week of playing poker.  I appeciate all of you who have found my new poker blog via this one.  For a blog that's in its infancy, it has received substantial traffic.  I also appreciate all of your support and positive comments.  As you can read in my poker blog ('Three Chips Poker'), July has been a successful month for me, despite some very bad beats.

July has also been very, very, very, very, VERY HOT!!!  Our average temperatures now in Las Vegas are highs of 110 with "lows" in the mid-80's.  It's looks like we're going to have another week of this before the mercury begins to drop just a little bit the following week.  With the combination of lower temperatures and the onset of the football season, I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of fall.  I still have to figure out how I'm going to play poker and watch football on the weekend during football season.  As I've told several people, my poker is the primary focus this time around, and my football betting will be secondary unless I begin finding some success there.  The best poker games can be found on the weekends when the tourists are in town, and that's when the majority of football games are played.  However, I can't stay up all night playing poker on Friday night, watching college football all day on Saturday, playing poker all night Saturday, and then watching football all day Sunday.  I have to sleep somewhere in there, despite my talent for staying awake for extended periods of time...  :)

As for my move, I still have two big duffle bags of stuff to sift through, but I've been wading through my things pretty tediously, and have thrown out several unnecessary items up to this point.  I'm also anticipating having a little more energy to do tasks in general once the stifling heat of the summer passes us by.  Come on September...  My new place has been fine, and I really don't like spending more time than necessary here anyway.  I didn't move to Las Vegas to be in my apartment.  I've never lived anywhere just to be in my apartment...  ;)  Even when I find some time to catch up on my poker studying, or to simply catch up with my out-of-state friends (via social networks), I'll likely do that from the Strip.  Yeah, probably from a sportsbook...  :)  To my credit, I've been so focused on my poker that I've hardly cracked open my football magazines yet.  So much studying to do...

As for the Strip, people still don't know how to look where they're going while walking.  They also love to congregate in their big tourist groups by huddling right smack in the middle of major walkways/pathways through the casinos and outdoors.  The abundance of baby strollers that can be found after dark on the Las Vegas Strip is not only frightening, but it also does a lot to expedite the flow of traffic.  Ugghhh...  I love people-watching. but it's much better when you're sitting back enjoying a cool beverage, and not when you're in a hurry to get somewhere...  ;)  Hopefully I can succeed enough with the poker that I can build some cushion into my bankroll, and then I'll take the time to do some detailed investigating into good Vegas stories for you.  Again, with my friends that I tag on Facebook to these blog entries, I can only notify twenty at once, so that's why I rotate through the different people who have supported my writing and my adventures.  Hopefully with my more steady writing schedule now (at the start of each week), everyone will know when to come here for new posts.

That's all I've got for you right now, but have a great week and I'll see you soon!  



  1. Detailed investigating into some good vegas stories?? Like hookers?? Lol

    1. Nah, I make better use of this space. You reminded me of a story for next week though... :)