Saturday, July 2, 2016

Poker & Fireworks

Good morning everyone, and welcome to July...  I'd hate to sit here and brag about my self-discipline, but it's been two weeks since I've played poker.  HOWEVER, that's going to change today.  :)  I actually anticipated playing yesterday, but my week-plus of staying home and unpackng into my new apartment saw me staying awake into the wee hours of the morning several nights straight.  This became problematic when I attempted to readjust my sleep schedule so that I could hang out with my friend Joey yesterday.  Joey, who I dealt poker with at the Riviera, and who will be teaming up with my brother Pete and myself once again to bring you football predictions at Coach's Parlay Card (another of my blogs) picked me up in the early afternoon so that we could hit Walmart and the World Series of Poker.  Joey and Pete have yet to meet, and that idea was thwarted yesterday due to Joey's busy schedule.  Mr. Joey is about to take four weeks of vacation (two separate trips) in the next couple of months, so he had some errands to attend to yesterday.  However, those errands didn't prevent us from scoring these gems at Walmart...

While ESPN continues to ENDLESSLY cover Kevin durant's free agency, football season is actually sneaking up on us and will arrive just a bit before basketball begins.  Anyway, after Joey and I ensured that I won't starve for a while, we headed over to the Rio to check out some poker.  The $888.00 tourney taking place had tables going in all of the huge poker rooms, due to the numerous flights that were underway.  The $235.00 daily deepstack tourney had fewer than 700 entries yesterday, a very low turnout for this summer, especially on a Friday, and I attribute some of that to the $888.00 tournament.  It's always cool hanging out with Joey because we can talk seemingly nonstop about sports, poker, etc..., and the timing was good since he'll be out of town more days than not until football is upon us.  I'm sure that the highlight of Joey's day was seeing my innovative video setup for himself...

This is for the days that I can't get to the sportbooks after football begins.  Okay, who am I kidding?  I already have both t.v.'s on all the time...  :)

So on the homestead, I only have about three more bags (pretty sizable) to go through and unpack.  Other than that, it's job applications and poker and football that are on my horizon.  Oh, and meeting up with friends who either reside in town, or those who will be visiting.  Again, a great thing about living here, everyone will come to see you...  Oh, and as I sign off to begin my three days of poker, let me say for the record that this tablet (like $80.00) is one of the better Christmas presents that I've ever given myself.  :D  Have a safe and outstanding 4th of July Weekend, and I'll see you sometime next week!


  1. Glad to hear you're getting settled in and that you have a nice support group in place.