Monday, July 11, 2016

Home Run Derby

Good evening everyone.  I'm being lazy with the title tonight.  The MLB Home Run Derby is on right now, so there you go.  I'm coming off of a great Friday watching poker, and more specifically, the WSOP Ladies' Event at the Rio.  I just wrote a detailed entry about that experience at my other blog, Three Chips Poker, if you want to check it out.  My friend Joey also took a pretty good poker picture of me, so let me share that right now...

Upon seeing it, my brother Pete instantly cracked on the shirt, and commented on Facebook that it's an intimidating shirt for the players at the 2-4 limit tables.  Punk...  I told Joey that I'm using this photo all season long when we pick football games, just to bother Pete.  :)  My friend Nick told me that he wanted to be mentioned in a blog post, so let me just say that he's messaging me NONSTOP about his upcoming trip to Las Vegas, which is preventing me from writing right now (speaking of punks)...  :)

So I played poker at Bally's Saturday night, and pulled out a profit after being $70.00 down.  Yesterday I was resting (I have made my recent poker sessions go from 8:00 p.m. til 5:00 a.m., in the hopes of finding better games), and my friend Joey said that he could indeed take me shopping one more time before he leaves the country tomorrow on vacation.  I was about to ask my brother Pete, but he's still on his crazy summer work schedule between the Strip and the World Series of Poker.  Anyway, at that point, Joey had given me an excuse to stay in last night, so I did.  I actually crashed pretty early, as Joey picked me up at 7:00 this morning.  I'm trying to eat more healthy, and lots of veggies were on the agenda.  Tonight I'm doing blog posts, and may just stay in afterwards.  I still have three complete duffle bags of stuff to sort through, so I could justify staying in.  I haven't lost in a poker session so far this month, and if that continues, I can keep playing without doing more job hunting.  I still have some wash to do, but prefer doing that when the laundry room opens at 8:00 a.m., before it's 400 degrees outside.  This mid-July garbage can go.  110 degrees - pfffttt...  I definitely plan on playing poker the rest of the week starting tomorrow night, regardless.  If you hadn't noticed already, Monday/Tuesday look to be the days that I'll be blog-writing, except for the football predictions that will be coming to you on Fridays in a few short months at Coach's Parlay Card.  I think that's about it for now.  Check out the Three Chips poker post - Friday was enjoyable.  Otherwise, have a great week and I'll see you soon!


  1. I'm so sorry that I would like to meet you on this next trip. I mean, now I definitely have to felt you with Q-10 after that comment about me. Lol

    1. You say that like felting me is an unusual occurrence... :)

    2. Well, true. I just figured I'd rub salt in the wound by using the evil hand. ;)

    3. Be very careful with the Q-10. I cannot stress this enough...