Monday, April 23, 2012

100 Days

Good morning everyone...  My dry erase board on the wall, and my Las Vegas calendar on the opposite wall are both telling me that I have 100 days until my current lease is up and I can move back to the desert.  At this point everything is still a go...  I think that on Wednesday I may dedicate my post to what I did and did not like about living in Vegas previously.  As the sports scene is about to turn into a big whirlwind later in the week, with baseball clicking off at a regular pace, and the NHL and NBA both churning out playoff games (as of this Saturday), I am about to be very busy at work this week, working six days in a row (with many of those shifts starting earlier than normal).  This is just a notation in my ramble and not a complaint, because I'm still scrounging for and squeezing every nickel for my venture back to the desert.  What that means hockey-wise is that I am going to miss seeing a lot of second-round games.  My basic cable package (included with my rent) does not carry a lot of the stations that have been showing the games so far, so I haven't seen as much action as I've wanted to.  There have still been plenty of overtime games so far, which I love about this time of year.  I'd like to send out my condolences to my blogging friend grrouchie, whose Penguins were on the wrong end of a six-game series against the Flyers - sometimes there are victims when I get a prediction right my friend...  Grrouchie and some of my other new readers deserve some grief of some kind, because there is a group of newfound (to me) poker bloggers who will be venturing out to Vegas in the next few months, before I have made my move westward...  Josie, another one of my new readers, encouraged me to get out to the desert earlier, while imploring me to bring a lot of money, which reminded me of my favorite quote about myself:  'People have underestimated me my whole life'...  ;)  Like she thinks taking my money would be as easy as making the trip to Vegas - PFFTTT...  :)  I am going to miss meeting this group...  If you look at my profile under the 'blogs that I follow' section, you can visit some of these blogs if you have a few moments to spare.  Josie is a Red Sox fan and Grrouchie is a Steelers fan, and both of these fine bloggers play poker, so these people do have some redeeming qualities...  ;)  This Monday blog is once again coming to you on my Saturday, the 'weekend' preceeding my six straight days of work, so there will once again be many chores awaiting me after I hit the 'publish' button.  It seems very strange that I will be moving once again as much as I dislike the actual act of moving...  On t.v. this week (I think it was on the show 'Are you smarter than a 5th grader? - this was a rerun on a very slow t.v. night), I learned that Emily Dickinson evidently lived in the same house her WHOLE LIFE, and I just responded by rolling my eyes at the t.v.  I couldn't even imagine what that would be like, having moved as many times as I have...  Oh yeah, my 'fantasy' baseball team...  Ha ha - for the second straight week it looks like my team managed to have a team batting average of less than .200, and to top things off, 2 of my pitchers have now been put on the 15-day disabled list...  Cliff Lee and Daniel Hudson are the 2 dinged-up gunslingers, my 3rd and 12th round draft picks, respectively.  I am currently sitting in 8th or 9th out of the 10 teams in the league, but it is still only April.  It's just one of those things...  My team COLLECTIVELY had failed to steal a base in over a week, and then I had three stolen bases on Saturday...  :)  On that note, I was disappointed that the Yankees/Red Sox game was rained out last night, because I was off of work and would have been able to watch it.  The Red Sox squad against my fantasy team would be a great divisional race right now...  :)  Thank you for stopping by to visit my little blog - as of today, the view count at 'Bikini Hill' is going to surpass the 6,400 mark...  I think that sometime before I move to the desert I am going to do a 'test post' from my smartphone to see what it comes out like, in case I don't have immediate internet service when I move out to Vegas and want to post something.  I would like to stick with my Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule of posting (I recently found a Las Vegas-based blog authored by a funny gal named Linda Lou who posts on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays - WHO would picks those days?!)...  :)  Anyway, I am happy with my current schedule and am interested in seeing if I can reach my predicted 20,000 views by the end of this year, but this will be a lot easier if I don't miss posts due to being unable to write...  If you happen to be new here, I just love making predictions...  ;)  As I'm typing this, I wonder if any of my blogging friends have ever attempted to make a post from their phone - I would appreciate you mentioning if you have done so...  All I know is that the keys on my phone are REALLY SMALL compared to these keys that I am punching right now.  I hope that you have a great Monday and I will be back with a breakdown about living in Las Vegas on Wednesday - have a good one!


  1. Go to a Public Library to continue posting while moving.

  2. Are there libraries in the desert?... :) I saw the highlights of Bruins/Caps this morning - great stick save by Thomas with about 9:00 to go in the 2nd...

  3. You can post from your phone, nothing to it, actually.

  4. Looking forward to meeting you when you move (back) to this area.
    Last night at 10 pm it was still over 90 degree's so it looks like your move is coinciding with probably a brutal summer.
    I know I'll probably be bitching about it lol.

    If you have a laptop (I skipped a bit of text up there - paragraphs my man, paragraphs) you can go to starbucks or McDonalds or whatever and use their free wifi!!

  5. Also, as per the blog from phone thing -
    I hate the blogger app on my phone. When I go into it it does NOT show my most recent entries, and if I have a draft that's more recent than the most recent post it won't show that either.

    I have previously entered some info from my phone but honestly I hate typing on it when it comes to something longer than a tweet so I avoid it.

    Also, Linda Lou is awesome and I, as well, thought her blog schedule was a bit weird - but whatever works.

    Really looking forward to your post on Wednesday and I'll see what I agree/disagree with

  6. Thanks for the phone input guys. I already know that there is some blogger page information that I can't access from my phone, but it appears that it will let me post (haven't tried it obviously). The one paragraph (non-paragraph??) is just my Monday gimmick grrouchie... :) I found Linda Lou's schedule funny because it's the days that I don't post (with both of us taking Sundays off to watch football - I'm sure...). Hoping that you'll be a dice dealer when I get out there (although I never asked why you didn't choose to deal poker)???

    1. Here's the short answer - Poker Dealers are like Black Jack dealers and cockroaches - You can't go anywhere in Vegas without tripping over 3 or 4 of them.

      So, why go to school for something where I'll be tripping over others to try and get ANY position and have a disadvantage by not knowing anyone.
      For instance - when Aliante opened up they were going to hire 100 poker dealers to start for the casino - They got well over 2,000 applications for that one position.

      So, I do realize that Poker Dealers get to keep their own tips and generally will make more than craps dealers - Craps is a game that if you can deal you can always find a job - Easier to get into the casinos.
      Once I am at a place where I'm comfortable I'll make friends with the crew in charge of poker and see if I can get some fill in shifts and eventually weasel my way into the Poker Room full time!

  7. Good point - I broke in during the boom...