Friday, April 27, 2012

NHL Rd. 2/NBA Rd. 1 Predictions (Wow, Wow, WOW!!!)

Good morning everyone.  What a Friday morning this is.  The first round of the 2012 NFL Draft was held last night and there's so much going on in the sports world that I'm not even going to address football.  I will address my past predictions - wow, wow, WOW...  If you have a minute, go back and check out my predictions for the 2012 NBA regular season, and compare them to the final regular season standings.  If you don't have a minute, I correctly predicted ALL 16 playoffs teams, and I NAILED the 66-game regular season records of several teams (mainly in the Eastern Conference).  In the first round of this year's NHL playoffs I called the winners in 5 of the 8 series.  I called 4 of those 8 winners (New Jersey, Philadelphia, St. Louis, and Phoenix) in the exact number of games the series would go, and I called the Capitals in 6 (they won in 7).  I also called 8th-seeded Ottawa, who forced a seventh game with the top-seeded Rangers.  We aren't going to discuss how badly I whiffed on the Canucks and the Red Wings because we don't have that kind of time...  ;)  Below are my predictions for the second round of the NHL playoffs (which begin tonight) and the first round of the NBA playoffs (which begin tomorrow).

Second-Round NHL Playoff Predictions:

#7  Washington Capitals vs. #1  New York Rangers   -----   Capitals in 6 games
#6  New Jersey Devils vs. #5  Philadelphia Flyers       -----   Flyers in 6 games

#8  Los Angeles Kings vs. #2  St. Louis Blues            -----   Kings in 6 games
#4  Nashville Predators vs. #3  Phoenix Coyotes        -----   Coyotes in 7 games

First-Round NBA Playoff Predictions:

#8  Philadelphia 76ers vs.  #1  Chicago Bulls                -----   Bulls in 5 games
#7  New York Knicks vs. #2  Miami Heat                   -----   Heat in 5 games
#6  Orlando Magic vs. #3  Indiana Pacers                    -----   Pacers in 6 games
#5  Atlanta Hawks vs. #4  Boston Celtics                     -----   Hawks in 6 games

#8  Utah Jazz vs. #1  San Antonio Spurs                       -----   Spurs in 6 games
#7  Dallas Mavericks vs. #2  Oklahoma City Thunder   -----   Thunder in 7 games
#6  Denver Nuggets vs. #3  Los Angeles Lakers           -----   Lakers in 7 games
#5  Los Angeles Clippers vs. #4  Memphis Grizzlies      -----   Clippers in 6 games

And there you go...  With all of today's predictions this almost seemed like a homework assignment, but you have to love this time of the year in sports (and it deflects attention from my fantasy baseball team)...  ;)  Have a great sports weekend and I'll see you again on Monday!



  1. Good news - Wranglers are still in it and Game two is tonight (starts at 7, I am debating going).

    Professional hockey is dead to me this year :)

  2. On the bright side, the Steelers appear to be having a good draft so far... ;)