Friday, April 6, 2012

Baseball Everywhere...

Good afternoon everyone.  I'm sitting here watching the Chicago White Sox/Texas Rangers baseball game while I revel in the early success of my fantasy baseball team.  If the season were to end right now, right this minute (well, as of yesterday's stats anyway), I would be my fantasy league champion.  WOO HOO!!!  My team hit one homerun yesterday, which puts me near the top of the HR and RBI categories, something that WILL NOT LAST...  :)  It looks like I will have some NHL playoff predictions for you in my ramble on Monday.  Those predictions will be very interesting considering the limited amount of games that I have seen this season.  The funny thing about the NHL playoffs is that lower seeded teams are ALWAYS knocking off the higher seeds.  You think that the NCAA Tournament is bad - PFFTTT...  The NHL season ends tomorrow, and shortly afterward the first-round playoff schedule will be released.  One of my favorite sporting events to witness is the NHL playoff game that goes MULTIPLE overtimes.  It just becomes a battle of attrition to see which team will actually be able to skate effectively the longest.  I hope that I will actually get to see some of the playoff action, considering that I live in Texas, have a basic cable package, and that I work nights...  'The Masters' golf tournament is currently underway, and staying consistent with my prediction that Tiger Woods will not break the record set by Jack Nicklaus for victories in the 'Major' events, I am predicting that Woods will not win the tournament this weekend.  I'm actually flipping through the sports channels right now (not JUST watching the Rangers game), and I'm pretty happy that I'm not Gregg Williams right now.  The former New Orleans Saints Defensive Coordinator is again having the audio of his speech to the team before the game with the 49ers last season being played on ESPN2.  He is currently suspended from the league 'indefinitely', and I have a feeling that indefinitely is going to last for A WHILE..............  So back to April baseball...  Early season baseball has to be some of the best.  It's the bottom of the 4th inning, and Cruz just struck out for the Rangers with 2 outs.  After the swing-and-miss, the ball proceeded to dive beneath the catcher's glove, go between his legs, and bounced all the way to the backstop.  Cruz on first, another runner on 2nd, still 2 outs...  :)  Yeah, baseball has some quirky rules...  I hope that the baseball fans reading this got a look at the new ballpark down in Florida on Wednesday night.  If you didn't, make sure you that tune into a Marlins home game sometime this season - pretty interesting field...  The backstop area behind home plate actually has fish tanks off to the left and right sides (similar to the aquarium that I generously have on permanent loan to the Mirage, behind their check-in desk).  Okay, the big tank at the Mirage is actually none of my doing, but it is a relaxing place to watch the fish swim around at three in the morning when you're in the middle of a marathon poker session.  If you've never been in the Mirage and you're out in Vegas, go check out the fish - pretty impressive.  It's one of the things that's definitely on my to-do-list when I get back to the desert.  That and finding as many fish as I can AT the poker tables...  ;)  We have come to the end of what turned into a Friday sports ramble, but I hope that all of you have a great Easter Weekend, and I'll be back again on Monday with my normal ramble and some NHL first-round predictions for you.  Have a good one!

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