Monday, April 2, 2012

Scary Scary...

Good afternoon everyone.  I hope that you're having a great day as a prelude to the national championship game tonight.  Today's ramble is going to begin with sports since we have a rare Monday marquee event.  In just over five hours the Kansas Jayhawks and Kentucky Wildcats will tip it off in New Orleans.  In a scary stretch of predictions quite similar to my NFL playoffs run in the fall, I am 12-2 predicting winners in this tournament since the 'Sweet 16' began.  Here's what happened on Saturday:

                     My prediction                                                                             Actual Score

Kentucky     75      Louisville      66                                       Kentucky     69       Louisville     61
Kansas          74      Ohio State    70                                        Kansas          64       Ohio State    62

I feel like I do heading into the Super Bowl prediction right now in that I'm on such a roll that I don't want to totally blow this game.  Talking to friends we've also discussed how after I do move back to Las Vegas I'll probably never have a run like this or my NFL playoffs run again...  ;)  To go 13-2 and please tens and tens of loyal blog readers everywhere, I'm going to go with...

Kentucky     73       Kansas     66

And there you go.  That will give me a rooting interest in the game...  I do apologize for this entry coming out so late today.  I am usually off on Sundays, thus well-rested for Mondays.  Last night my workplace hosted the Lone Star Music Awards, and we opened our venue earlier than usual, which resulted in me sleeping less than I would before a normal shift at work, followed up by a busier shift than I'm normally accustomed to.  The night was a success and I still plan on dedicating a good portion of an entry here to the Texas Music Theater in the near future.  I told some of my co-workers when I started the blog that I wanted to build up some sort of following here before I wrote about our venue so that more than three people would be reading about it...  ;)  I'm happy to say that today the blog will surpass the 5,800 mark in views, and at the pace it's going, 'Bikini Hill' will have to average just over 50 views per day to reach the 20,000 views that I predicted it would receive by the end of 2012 (I am prone to making a prediction now and then...).  I would like to give a shoutout to my friend and co-worker Megan who just completed her first half-marathon this past weekend.  Megan isn't a running fanatic by any stretch of the imagination, and had previously logged a personal long run of  7 miles before completing the 13.1 mile course on Saturday, but she is the type of strong-willed person that can pretty much conquer anything that she really sets her mind to.  Congratulations Megan!  Anyone meeting me for the first time (how can you meet someone more than once?) probably would not guess that I have completed three marathons in my lifetime, which segues into the new group of followers that my blog has received.  There is a group of talented poker (predominantly) bloggers whose blogs I have found in the past few weeks, and some of them have been making their way back to my blog.  Well, I recently discovered that they are planning a series of 'events' in Las Vegas during the last week of June and the second week of July.  Of course this is a 'bad beat' for me because my plan is to move back to the desert at the beginning of August...  GRRRRR...  :)  I guess they'll just have to take each other's money...  If you aren't aware of it, the major baseball season has started already...  It started mid-week last week with a couple of games featuring the Seattle Mariners and Oakland Athletics in Japan.  I am not the commissioner of Major League Baseball, but it would make sense to me to change something that I believe has been ongoing throughout the course of my lifetime.  Why does the MLB season not start on a SATURDAY, when the majority of people across the country are not working and could enjoy a full-day of games?  The season always seems to start on a weekday...  Why not get your television outlets together and just show a FULL SLATE of games ALL DAY LONG to kick off the season?  That probably makes too much sense...  And I don't have a problem with marketing "American sports" oversees, but to begin the season, you might want to host season-openers on our soil (or turf, or whatever we're playing on)...  Okay, I'm going to end this little ramble here for today, but on Wednesday I will be back with a Las Vegas/poker-related story.  If you missed my entry from last week, Mondays will still be about rambles at 'Bikini Hill', Wednesday will now be dedicated to Las Vegas and/or poker-related stories, and Fridays will still be about sports-related topics and predictions.  Have a great day and enjoy the game tonight!



  1. Look forward to all your entries but especially Vegas Wednesdays!

  2. I desperately hope to be making them from Vegas in four months...

  3. Thank you - quite the little run... Hope it lasts after I return to the desert...