Sunday, May 6, 2012

I Thought You Were Abducted By Aliens

Twelve weeks...  Saying it that way makes it seem like a shorter amount of time than three months to me.  Living in a college town as I currently do, it seems like another finite chunk of time in the countdown to moving has almost passed with the spring semester coming to an end.  The Bobcats will be finishing up their finals this week, and then San Marcos, America will be a little quieter for the following three weeks until summer school begins at the start of June (then my countdown will be at eight weeks...).  ;)  With my plan to be a much more serious sports bettor than I was when I previously lived in the desert (the sports betting was a hobby to my poker playing), I have a lot more sports viewing in my future.  For as many predictions as I throw out here on the blog, I rarely watch any primetime games because I work nights.  I currently have the Lakers/Nuggets game on as I type this...  By serious sports betting, I am not saying that I wagered outlandish amounts of money when I lived in Vegas before, or that upcoming bets will be bank-breaking for that matter, but there will be a lot more research involved before I step up to the betting windows this time.  This specific ramble should draw enough viewers that it will put 'Bikini Hill' over the 7,000 mark by the time that I make my next entry on Wednesday.  Speaking of Bikini Hill (what a segue, I know), I brought the sports betting book that I am currently reading out there last week to flip through a few more pages.  At one point I packed up my gear to use the restroom, and when I came back, the girl who had been laying out on the towel below mine was gone, but her stuff was still there.  I noticed her absence immediately because there were less than ten of us on all of Bikini Hill at the time due to the fact that it was late in the morning and the weather was overcast.  After a few minutes of reading I looked around again, and there was still no sign of her.  It's common for people to jump into the river for a quick ride downstream, but I put my head on a swivel and did not see her..., anywhere...  This was really strange because she had left her towel and a duffle bag behind.  Even the people who run across the street to get a drink from the convenience store do not disappear as long as she had been absent.  I resumed my reading for about another 5-10 minutes, and then I looked around again...  At this point, about 50 yards away, a girl that could be her was approaching, making her way up the walkway by the river, carrying flippers, a snorkel, and a diving mask.  I honestly felt relieved when I saw her, because people usually don't just vanish from the park for that long, especially if they are alone.  As she reached her towel, this girl who I had never seen before that day made eye-contact with me, and I just couldn't resist...  Thankfully she laughed a split-second after hearing the words, "I thought you were abducted by aliens..."  I went on to explain how her disappearance was baffling, and she explained how she was finally able to successfully swim against the current, navigating her way under a bridge and up the river (out of sight), where she snorkled for a while before riding the stream down the river.  I told her at this point that she was making my blog...  :)  I was watching part of a re-broadcast game on ESPN a few nights ago (which I RARELY do - I hate watching a game when I know that it's not live), and after a commercial break came the announcement, "due to time constraints, we're going to move ahead in the game" (something to that effect), and then, they showed ANOTHER BATTERY OF COMMERCIALS...  Ugghhh...  I have never used a passcode on my phone (and I don't plan on losing it - I guess that nobody does though...), and a co-worker made me feel better about not having done so this week at work.  She said that she never uses a passcode on her phone because if an honest person finds it, they will have no way of getting it back to you.  This makes perfect sense to me - if a dishonest person finds it, if it is stolen, etc..., you're just going to have the service shut off anyway, and you'll still be out the phone...  Let me end this ramble with a memo to Miracle Whip:  Yes, I've tried Miracle Whip, and I don't like it...  And I've actually tried it...  Have a good one and I'll see you again on Wednesday.

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  1. Concentrate on Horses, that's what we got in Louisiana! Louisiana Downs is right around the corner. :)