Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I Will Be Happy Just To Get To Bossier City...

Good afternoon everyone.  I think that it's a positive when other people are able to help you put things in perspective.  I ran into my brother in the facebook chat just a little while ago, and he let me know that he was monitoring the results of the WSOP online.  I told him that at that very moment I was trying to come up with something poker-related to post in my blog today.  I also mentioned that I can't go to the WSOP website too often because it just makes me wish that I was already back in the desert, and that I happen to have a lot of blogging friends who are making a trip out to Vegas this week (punks)...  Then my brother says, "I will be happy just to get to Bossier City..."  Checkmate!  You see, my brother and his family are also moving in a few months, and as I wrote here earlier, he is the one who brought me into a poker room for the first time.  It's hard for me to complain about the tick, tock, tick, tock of my own countdown when comparing the poker destinations that we will be moving to...

As I mentioned to my brother and have stated here before, it will be much easier for me to do my poker entries when I get back to Las Vegas, but I think (HOPE) that I have a few fresh topics to write about today.  If not, then just consider me in reruns...

I honestly don't remember if I posted about this hand before, but even if I did, retelling the story wouldn't be a crime because this is a story that I have told often when conversing with others.  I was playing at a 3/6 table at 'The Mirage' (shocker), and I was dealt pocket tens.  I don't remember if this hand was raised preflop, but I do remember that the flop came J 10 6.  And then I remember everyone at the table suddenly going NUTS with their betting and raising.  Let me mention right here that this table WAS NOT one of those tables where pots were bet and raised by maniacs at every opportunity.  However, everyone suddenly decided to go crazy on this hand.  Of all of the poker that I have ever played, live or online, for money or for free, and of all of the hands that I have seen on t.v., this is 1 of only 2 times that I can recall this happening.  I had flopped a set of tens.  Another player flopped a set of jacks, and YES, the third player flopped a set of 6's.  Set, over set, over set...  Guess who won the hand...  The guy who hit his open-ended straight draw...  Go figure...  :)

In another 3/6 game from 'The Mirage', I got involved in a hand with a female player who I had played with before.  She was a very solid player, a cocktail waitress at another casino if I remember correctly.  The last time that I saw her playing, she had actually graduated to 6/12 limit, which is a limit game that I have not ventured into (4/8 has been my highest limit action)...  We both raised preflop and ended up going against each other heads-up for the remainder of the hand.  As we proceeded through the hand, a king hit the board, and some other cards were flipped which in combination were scary for my hand.  By the river we were both CHECKING our hands, and I flipped over my pocket aces.  And then she flipper over..., HER POCKET ACES...  :)  In no-limit games the chips find their way to the middle pretty fast when aces meet aces, but it is a very interesting matchup in a limit game.

I think that I may have posted this piece of poker advice before, and if not, shame on me!  If there is one nugget of wisdom that I could pass on from all of my poker experience, this is it.  Whatever you do when you are seated at a poker table, DO NOT PLAY TIRED!!!  Going through my poker notes from previous sessions, this is REPEATEDLY the one notation written by my losing sessions.  You get ancy, you get irritated, you get impatient, and you make bad decisions when you are tired.  DO NOT PLAY TIRED!!!

I wish the best of luck to all of the poker bloggers who will be in the desert over the next few weeks - I hope that you CRUSH your games and tournaments.  For all of you who will not be too busy playing poker to stop by later this week, I will see you again on Friday.  Have a good one!

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