Monday, June 18, 2012

My Dad Won The U.S. Open

Good morning everyone.  Let me start off this ramble right away by saying that my fantasy baseball team is still in 10th place in its 10-team league.  Enough said...  :)  Yesterday I had a very enjoyable Father's Day hanging out with my dad.  With the late start of the U.S. Open due to the fact that it was being held in San Francisco, it caused the golf tournament to run late into the third game of the NBA Finals, but that didn't matter because my dad was in the Open.  Well actually, he had not one, but a couple of golfers who started the day "in the hunt."  Yes, my dad is involved in fantasy golf and he is not actually Webb Simpson, but the tournament was interesting because Simpson, who started the day at +3, and then fell to +5, made a charge in the middle of his round and was near the top of the leaderboard for the rest of the day.  This had us rooting against every other player at the top of a crowded leaderboard.  Furyk hooks a drive at almost a 45-degree angle, Yeah!!  Golfer after golfer after golfer has their drive bounce and roll way off the green, YES!!  Westwood hits his ball up... INTO A TREE...  AWESOME!!  I don't golf very much myself, and I wouldn't call myself a golf expert, but I believe that it's a bad sign when a golfer is looking up into a tree with a pair of binoculars for his ball during a round...  Anyway, we had a great time watching as Simpson won his first major tournament and my dad picked up a fantasy win.  On the drive to hang out with my dad, I passed by a Golden Corral restaurant, and noticed that it had a "best buffet award" sign for the small city that it is located in.  This made me smile and got me thinking about Las Vegas.  I wonder what the odds would be in a Vegas sportsbook for a valley Golden Corral winning the best buffet award in the desert.  "And our finalists for the best buffet in Las Vegas ARE... (insert drumroll)...  The Bellagio (polite applause), The Rio (more polite applause), Aria (even more polite applause), AND...  (wait for it...), GOLDEN CORRAL!!!"  Yuck...  :)  I also passed a billboard in this city which I meant to comment on in an earlier ramble and just forget about.  They are trying to sell space on the billboard, so across the top in BIG letters it poses the question, "DOES ADVERTISING WORK?"  Underneath, in smaller letters, is the answer..., "It Just Did!"  A phone number is listed at the bottom, but my point is, advertising did NOT just work...  The billboard didn't convince me to BUY anything (which I'm pretty sure is the point of advertising) - all it proved is that I can read...  STUPID...    While I was hanging out with my dad yesterday talking about the past, I remembered a great story involving my brother.  Our parents divorced when we were younger, and upon remembering this story, I was pretty sure that my dad hadn't heard it.  Somehow the topic of attending school came up in the conversation that a small group of us were having.  I had to brag about the fact that I only missed 2 days of school total during all 4 years of high school.  I was really sick the first time, and the second time leads us to our story...  During my senior year of high school, when my brother was in the sixth grade, we were moving from one location in town to another on a Sunday night.  It was pretty late on Sunday night and I still hadn't done any of my homework, and then the power went out...  I don't remember what was due at school exactly, but I know that it was something pretty major, so I told my mom, "I can't go to school tomorrow because I haven't done any of my homework..."  And then my sixth grade brother chimes in, "IF HE'S NOT GOING, THEN I'M NOT GOING!!!"  :)  I hope that you have a great day and I'll see you again on Wednesday.

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