Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Neon Lights

"You belong to the city, You belong to the night, Livin' in a river of darkness, Beneath the neon lights..."
-Glenn Frey- (You Belong To The City)

Good morning everyone.  I'm about 60% of the way through this stretch of 4 off-days that have been bestowed upon me, and as you can see if you're a regular visitor to 'Bikini Hill', yesterday I put some of that time into changing the layout of my little blog.  I was curious as to why I had never noticed the 'option' for displaying the list of blogs that I follow on my own blog page, so I started snooping around...  I obviously discovered how to do that, giving some long overdue recognition to the group of blogs that I enjoy visiting.  I was also successful in finding a pageview counter, so there is a slight threat that my blog may someday creep into the 21st century...   

When I was in high school and first heard the Glenn Frey song leading off today's entry, I was instantly hooked.  I made a comment in my last blog entry endorsing the start of summer school in San Marcos, America.  I am just not a big fan of things being completely quiet.  This is a LOCK:  Las Vegas, America is not completely quiet...  If you have ever been to Las Vegas and have been out and about at night, you can look up the complete lyrics to this song, and as you read through them it will be easy to visualize different parts of the city to accompany the lyrics.  I am personally looking forward to cruising the Strip on my way to a sportsbook or a poker room.

This is going to be a long two months of waiting poker wise - everytime that I look at the World Series of Poker website (, I just wish that I was already out in the desert.  Later during this month and at some point in July, many of the poker bloggers I follow are going to be meeting up in Vegas and writing about their adventures.  Posting specifically about poker and/or Las Vegas only once every three times that I write here, I wonder if this group would only let me participate in 1 out of every 3 games that they play, and only let me dine with them every third time that they get together to eat...  "Okay Coach, so we'll see you tomorrow afternoon for the 1/2 cash game at BSC, and then the next morning for breakfast..."  And I'd be like, "but, but....."  :(  Obviously, I sincerely hope that this group of poker-playing writers has a great trip to the desert.  

Let me mention here that as I'm typing this entry, I'm watching the movie 'Avatar' for the very first time (on cable), and it hasn't been completely horrible...

Neon lights...  I was recalling some of the places in Las Vegas that I remember fondly.  I like seeing the neon of the 'Rio' because that's where I got my first job in Las Vegas (as a chip-runner).  It is also the host of the WSOP.  I also like seeing the lights of the 'Mirage' (in addition to the spacious fish tank behind the check-in desk) because that is one of my favorite poker rooms to play in.  The same goes for the lights of 'Red Rock' - a very nice 'locals casino' with a very spacious poker room.  The beam shooting skyward from 'Luxor' is very impressive.  The lights of downtown and Fremont Street overlook a very unique part of the city.  

Eight weeks.......  Have a great day and I'll see you again on Friday.  And any positive karma that you can send my Spurs tonight would be greatly appreciated...  ;)  




  1. Two weeks from right now I'll be on my way. Ahhhhhh ...

  2. OKC!!!! So do you recall me winning The Glenn Frey record? :)

  3. When did you win that? Was that an actual record, or a tape, or...?

  4. Littleton from the Radio station, actual record!