Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cowboys Ramble

Good afternoon everyone.  As you would expect during this wonderful week that I have been having (starting last Thursday), my 3 1/2 point favored Giants lost 24-17 last night to Dallas in the Big Apple.  This killed 2 of my parlay tickets, totaling a potential 130 dollars.  I know that Thursday isn't one of my normal posting days, but I have so much to write about that I could probably makes posts everyday for the next month without missing a beat.  I'll come back again tomorrow and give you my football picks for this weekend, and then we'll see if I can get back to my normal posting schedule next week, but right now let's get back to last night.

I "innocently" went to the Square in beautiful downtown San Marcos, America to watch the football game with my friends last night - my not having any cable hooked up or a t.v. at the moment also played into this decision, I won't lie...  As I was innocently watching the game at Harper's Public House, the fun to my right consisted of a new friend who had drafted Kevin Ogletree for his fantasy football team.  He took a big chance on Ogletree (and evidently received a lot of grief from the other team owners in his league), jumping up and drafting him in the fifth round.  He was rewarded for this move when Ogletree went off for 8 receptions, 114 yards, and 2 touchdowns.  One problem - he had Ogletree on his bench last night for the opener...  Anyway, my new friend took it in stride everytime that Ogletree made a reception and half of the group at Harper's gave him a hard time.  To my left, I was fortunate enough to chat with an interesting girl who seemingly has more jobs currently than I have worked in the last three years combined.  I had a great time watching the game with her (other than the fact that she was cheering for the Cowboys and unknowingly undermining my Giants parlay tickets - yes, unknowingly, because I'm not stupid enough to cheer against a Cowboys opponent like a raving lunatic in the midst of a room filled with Cowboys fans, many of which are my friends). 

So in the midst of all of the fun listed above, and my first chance to really sit back and relax in a while, I get a text from my sister.  Unknown to me, she had still kept the queen-size mattress and accompanying box springs that I had left in her garage over a year ago, and she was notifying me that if I didn't pick them up then she was going to be disposing of them.  Now it's early in the second quarter of the game and I'm trying to find someone with a truck so I can head down to the Alamo City to pick these up.  Here's where I give a big shoutout to my friend George for letting me use his truck, and a big shoutout to my sister for saving these things for me for over a year.  As soon as the Cowboys nailed the coffin shut on my two parlay tickets, I was driving south knowing that my inflatable air mattress days are done for the time being...  :)

As for the football game itself, I was really surprised that the Giants were unable to put more pressure on Tony Romo, which I believed was going to be a huge factor in the game.  The Giants intercepted him once after getting in his face, which resulted in an 'almost touchdown' interception return, but thanks to hustle (and a horse-collar tackle) on the part of the Cowboys, Dallas was able to hold New York to just a field-goal on a possession that started at the two-yard line.  As I mentioned above, Ogletree really had a standout game for the Cowboys, and the Giants were unable to run the ball with any consistency against the Dallas defense.

I may revisit this just for a second tomorrow, but other than the Giants, the Oregon Ducks were my huge disappointment in last week's wagers, probably even moreso because they had the ability to cover their line with ease.  I took Oregon - 35 1/2 on several parlay tickets, and on Saturday night they held a 50-3 halftime lead against Arkansas State.  At this point the Ducks evidently just stopped playing, because the final score in the game was 57-34.  This is a reminder for you youngsters out there that you shouldn't bet your house on sports - very disappointing outcome...

Thanks for all of the well-wishes upon my unplanned return to Texas.  The consensus greeting that I have received from my friends has been, "sorry to hear that, but I'm glad that you're back..."  I guess I have to take that with a smile, right?  :)  That's all I've got for you right now.  I should be back tomorrow with some football picks for you (when I'll probably manage to work in a word or two about the vaunted Texas State Bobcats).  ;)  Have a good one!


  1. at 50-3 with 7 minutes left in the 2nd quarter Oregon pulled all of it's starters and played only backups.
    Thus the results for the rest of the game....
    I stopped watching at half time when I realized the game would more "competitive" than the 1st 20 minutes lol