Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Quadrillion Of Diamonds

Good afternoon everyone.  I slept A LOT last night and am STILL yawning, so after I get this post typed up, I will be heading back to bed since I don't work until late tonight...  Today's post will be a lot more in the direction of Las Vegas-related as opposed to poker-related as I still continue to mull over my disappointment at not being in the desert this football season, and formulate my plans to return for either a visit or another move.  The one indisputable, undeniable fact is that I am more comfortable living in San Marcos, America than anywhere else that I have ever lived.  It is now just over 26 years since I moved here for the first time (time FLIES is no one has ever told you that).  The enrollment of the local university has jumped from 20,000 to about 35,000 students (give or take), the capacity of Bobcat Stadium has doubled, from 15,000 to 30,000, the Outlet Malls have popped up along I-35 (don't get me started), but 'Bikini Hill' is still alive and well and there is no other place that I would rather live...  I'm not saying that a long stretch of casinos (say, a Strip) wouldn't be welcome on the outskirts of town, complete with poker tables and endless football parlay cards...  Anyway, it's still hard for me to watch the football games (to this point, I have not watched a complete day of football yet, which is VERY UNUSUAL for me)...  I'm almost dreading the possibility of going 10-0 during a week of my football picks here, because right-off-the-bat, that would be a $1,600.00 winner on a 10-team, 2 buck parlay card, IN ADDITION to what I would have made for all of the other combinations of parlays I would have made with those 10 teams.  On the other hand, I'm typing up my football picks here for the world to see, and I do not want to go 0-10 each week...  6-4 last week, more picks coming this Friday...  My apartment is getting close to being straightened up enough that I can live with it, so now I'm faced with the choice of how to make more money.  Do I want to get a second job, do I want to search for a job that would completely replace the job I have now, do I want to start finding ways to make money with my writing (or do I go with Door #4)???  These are the thoughts that have been bouncing around in my head as I just stumbled upon this Yahoo! Headline RIGHT BEFORE starting this blog entry:  "Russian Asteroid Crater Has Over $1 Quadrillion Of Diamonds"...  Now, I won't pretend that I'm a diamond expert, but that sounds like a PRETTY VALUABLE CRATER!!!...  Quadrillion???  "Yes, you have the ace of diamonds, but I have the QUADRILLION of diamonds, which beats the ace..."  Now EVERYONE is going to be begging to be almost-hit by asteroids...  Of course the problem is, if the government finds out that you have it, they're going to find a way to claim it's theirs somehow, right??  This, by the way, is about as close to being a Wednesday ramble, without officially being CALLED a Wednesday ramble as I can probably produce...  I'm going to pack it in now and see if I can't get another six or seven hours of sleep.  Please use the links to the right to find grrouchie's and Josie's blogs if you want to find some of the searches that have led people to find their blogs or what's okay and not okay - pretty funny stuff.  Have a good one and I'll see you again on Friday!


  1. "Yes, you have the ace of diamonds, but I have the QUADRILLION of diamonds, which beats the ace..."


  2. do you enjoy port's beer? you're in a great part of the country for poker and fine craft brew...