Thursday, September 20, 2012

It's Friday (Almost)

Good afternoon everyone.  Due to various circumstances I've decided to post my "Friday" football predictions today and give myself a long (blog) weekend.  I have a meeting for work later today, but I don't work tonight, which is EXTREMELY RARE for me on a Thursday in San Marcos, America.  That being said, I will more than make up for that in the next few days (and in the coming weeks and months), so I've pretty much convinced myself to partake of the various sights and sounds of the whole 'Square' tonight since I so rarely get that opportunity on a Thursday.  As a friend of mine stated so well recently, "I'm going to pretend that I'm a young Bobcat again..." ;) 

I guess that brings us to our football predictions for this weekend.  SOMEHOW I had a winning record last weekend, and I am now in hot pursuit of going over the .500 mark for the season.  My record was 6-4 last weekend, and my overall record for this young season now stands at 10-13-1.  Let me take a quick moment to thank the University of Houston, UCLA, the Oakland Raiders, and the Miami Dolphins.  Usually I don't miss by a lot when I'm wrong (totally dismiss my 2012 regular season baseball predictions as I state this), but I had Houston/UCLA going over 75 1/2, and I had the Oakland Raiders (- 2 1/2) against the Dolphins - NOT... EVEN... CLOSE... in either case.

This weekend's games:

Florida (- 24) over Kentucky (Kentucky had fits with WESTERN KENTUCKY)
Wisconsin (- 17 1/2) over UTEP (Camp Randall will be a big stage for the Miners)
South Carolina (- 10) over Missouri (The Gamecocks are in the Top Ten for this home game)

Pittsburgh (- 4) over Oakland - (The DOLPHINS waxed the Raiders last week)
New York Jets (- 2 1/2) over Miami - (I think last week's Dolphins were a fluke)
Cincinnati/Washington (Under 49) - (Seems like a lot of points for two decent defenses)
New Orleans (-9) over Kansas City - (The BILLS crushed the Chiefs)
New England/Baltimore (Under 49) - (The loser will be 1-2...  Tight game I think)
Green Bay/Seattle (Under 47) - (I think the Seahawks will try to shorten this game)
San Francisco (- 6 1/2) over Minnesota (Doubting another nailbiter for the Vikings)

Hopefully that's a list of winners for all of you loyal followers.  As we approach "Bikini Hill's" first birthday next Friday, the total viewcount will be cruising by the 13,000 mark today.  One would think that you'd have better things to do, but at least you're staying off the streets...  :)  Have a great weekend and I'll see you again on Monday!



  1. I avoided the Pittsburgh vs Oakland game because we always find a way to play down to Oakland's level.

    Also, our Oline being banged up (can we even say that any more since they are always injured and using 3rd stringers... this is the normal the last 5 years) and Oakland having one of the best front 4 in the league Ben will be running around a lot.

    So, this game worries me a bit and I avoided it because of that factor alone.

  2. I have heard that a lot of bettors here LOVE the Ravens -2.5. I mean, L-O-V-E. Statement game on prime time, at home, Patriots look vulnerable, etc.

  3. I'm really hoping that Oakland is down for at least one more week (you don't usually find me including too many Steelers games - maybe over/unders, not against the spread anyway)

    It's hard for me to believe the Patriots won't get up for this game too (like the Ravens), especially after they looked so horrible against the Cardinals, which makes this one tough against the spread...