Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Top Ten Retweets On The NFL Replacement Officials

Good afternoon everyone.  This ramble is coming to you even later than I anticipated.  I went ahead and slept a full eight hours after my shift last night, but here I am.  I am going to open with this Top Ten List - after last night's Green Bay/Seattle debacle, which I am sure that you've seen or heard about by now, my twitter account was 'blowing up' with comments on the game.  I'll give you these (in no particular order), and then I'll continue my Tuesday (Monday, just one day late) ramble...

10)  Just to deal with fallout of Seahawksgate, ESPN just bought the Discovery Channel moments ago to give Skip Bayless a 24-hour forum Tuesday.  @NormanChad
 9)  Look at it this way:  Roger Goodell's troubles are making Gary Bettman's look minor.
 8)  Obama or Romney could win Wisconsin by stepping into the NFL ref lockout tomorrow (today).    @FO_ASchatz  
 7)  Replacement refs... check mate.  @LanceZierlein
 6)  I don't watch much football, but I love seeing every football fan I know on serious Twitter tilt.
 5)  Russell Wilson became the first quarterback in history to throw a game-winning interception.
 4)  Thank you, Roger Goodell, for that football re-enactment of the 1972 USA-USSR gold medal basketball game.  @TomKahlBDC
 3)  If you're holding your baby and I walk up and hug it, according to the NFL replacement refs, you have to give me your baby.  @robfee
 2)  Am I the only one who thinks these NFL replacement refs add a little pizzazz to the games?  Now if we can only get the goalposts to move around.  @badbanana
 1)  Footlocker just called and want(s) their referees back.  @Jason_Elrod

The one tweet that isn't included in that list above, but that is probably true (sadly) is:  "What's worse is the league will have the nerve to discipline the Packers for criticizing the refs after this..."

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So, it seems that someone wrote a little bit about the replacement officials in their blog last Monday.  It also seems that this same someone wrote about how the Denver Broncos signing Peyton Manning to a huge contract might also be taking a big gamble (1-2, should be 0-3 STEELERS.  It also seems that this same someone wrote about the possibility of the Buffalo Bills being a darkhorse team this season (2-1).  It also seems that this same someone wrote off the Baltimore Orioles and went 4-6 on their football picks this past week (yeah, let's change the topic)...  :)

So yeah, the end of that football game last night was pretty wild.  Seeing that the Packers were a 3 1/2 point favorite, you know that the "surprise ending" cost a lot of people money, and was a miraculous suckout for a lot of people.  No big deal...  What was on that sign I read last week?  "Free Ed Hochuli"...  Have a great day everyone and I'll see you again tomorrow!


  1. I've tried to avoid criticizing the replacement refs -- they are in a terrible situation. But last night was just bad!

  2. Ironically, they may have saved Goodell major headaches and a bunch of money (officials' salaries) had they called the interception right. Reminded me of that Apollo 13 line - could have been their shining moment. I think they blew the call though...