Monday, November 7, 2011

Everything And Nothing At All

As I begin this post, I'm thinking to myself that I'm about to type the biggest run-on sentence in the history of mankind, well, except for the fact that it is going to have periods, and actually be more than one sentence.  I have no intention of starting a new paragraph every time that I change the subject, and there isn't really one subject that is on my mind this morning, so make sure that your seatbelts are fastened (or more appropriately maybe, that you have some aspirin nearby)...  :)  We went through the time-change this weekend, where we gained an hour, and I adjusted to it by sleeping for an extra four hours at least, instead of just taking my extra hour.  For some reason I was just extremely tired yesterday.  I had the opportunity to pick up an extra shift at work, with the chance to sleep for five more hours after I received the phone call, but I turned it down because I felt sluggish.  At that moment I was wondering how I ever worked seventeen days in a row...  Most of my waking hours yesterday were spent watching NFL games, mixed in with doing some chores, reading more of '1984', and watching the taped broadcast of this year's final table at the 2011 World Series of Poker Main Event.  I was flipping through the channels not too long after the Ravens scored with eight seconds remaining in the game to beat my Steelers for the 2nd time this season (which accounts for 2 of our 3 losses), and that's when I found the poker coverage.  For any of you who like watching poker, or just like piles of money in general, the play from the final table will continue on Tuesday night at 8:00 CST, with the final 3 players trying to win the first prize of almost 9 million dollars during the LIVE telecast.  During the fourth quarter of the Steelers/Ravens game, I saw one of the most gutless plays that I can ever recall seeing on a football field.  The Steelers were rushing the Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco, when a hard-charging James Harrison leapt into the air in an attempt to jump over running back Ray Rice of the Ravens, who was back in "pass protection."  I use the two words 'pass protection' very loosely, because Rice DUCKED OUT OF THE WAY when he saw Harrison catapult himself into the air, just leaving his teammate Flacco completely free to be blindsided.  Flacco, as it turned out, got rid of the ball, throwing an incomplete pass.  Rice is one of the faces of the Ravens franchise, arguably the most known player that they have on the offensive side of the ball, which is appropriate, because I thought that jumping out of the path of an oncoming rusher and hanging his quarterback out to dry was totally offensive...  It just made me happy that I'm not a Ravens fan...  I saw another brilliant commercial yesterday.  Usually I take out my disbelief with all of the stupid commercials shown on t.v. on my facebook account, but let me share this one with you.  Ziplock Bags:  the lady is at the meat-counter, and she asks the butcher for 4 pounds of meat, but requests that he just wrap half of it, because she'll just end up throwing the other half away (referencing the lack of quality of her food storage bags).  Putting the poor-quality storage bags aside, I'm just talking to my t.v., saying, "why don't you just order TWO pounds of meat then?!"...  Ridiculous...  I am about 3/5 of the way through the book '1984', and am really glad that I made the choice to re-read it.  It is a book that really makes you think, and Orwell (the author) really seems to have a great grasp of how certain governments operate.  I'm sitting here typing this with the trusted Law & Order on beside me, and a test of the emergency broadcasting system just came on the screen.  It says that it's a required weekly test, and I'm thinking that it's funny that I don't see it every week...  LSU ending up beating Alabama in a very low-scoring 9-6 overtime game on Saturday, and the latest BCS rankings came out yesterday.  In the new rankings, the top-three teams are LSU, Oklahoma State, and Alabama.  It seems that the combination of voters and computers finally realize that Boise State doesn't play anybody, as the Broncos stayed behind a one-loss Bama squad.  Now the emergency alert system is showing a required monthly test...  :P  Can anyone else believe that we are only SEVENTEEN days away from Thanksgiving?!  The weather is starting to turn that way, getting cooler, although San Marcos, America could still use a lot more rain...  Very late last night, when I was watching the World Series of Poker coverage, I checked the weather on my cellphone, and found out that it was 70 degrees outside.  The good part of this story is that the little weather icon shown consisted of a black cloud with a lightning-bolt and rain falling from it, BUT the icon had a big question mark imposed on top of the image...  "There might be a thunderstorm and there might not..., but we're not really sure, so..."  Well, I have to do some errands on this beautiful Monday morning (it's completely overcast, but I want rain, so yes, it is beautiful), so have a great day, and I'll see ya tomorrow...


  1. The Steelers are going to the AFC Championship game this year!

    The Colts, however, are not.

    Next year, though, with Andrew Luck as the starter and Peyton traded away somewhere, the Colts will be back in business. That is, they'll be back in business so long as the Polian idiots draft a supporting cast that can help Luck out.

    Good to hear you're doing well. Wife says hi. Let us know next time you're out this way.

  2. You got enough Purple Rain lastnight! 17 days till 39, UGH

  3. @ --S We're kind of hoping to go and win the SUPER BOWL... ;) If you haven't read through my prior posts already, I do football predictions every Friday. If you want to annoy me, you can take my bets to the sportsbooks and make $$$ off them, and then tell me about it... And let me know the next time you have room for a renter - I'm still headed that way... ;)

    @ WyattEarp38 Are you going to change your name to WyattEarp39? :P

  4. Steelers are not going that far, and no I am not changing from 38!