Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Ends & The NBA Lockout Continues...

Welcome to November everyone.  Almost a full week of Halloween celebration has ended in San Marcos, America, but not without its share of amusing stories here and through my facebook friends.  My twin niece and nephew went trick-or-treating last night, and on a posted photo of their successful outing, I commented that I was going to start going out again if people are giving out money and popcorn...  Does anyone remember when people used to give out candy corn?  Yuck...  The mother of the twins happens to be a teacher, and she received her formal teaching evalulation yesterday while dressed as a whoopie cushion...  I have another friend who told her little one that Reese's Cups are made with black beans, since the girl does not like beans and my friend likes the peanut butter filled treats...  :)  The military was well-represented throughout the week in San Marcos by the guys taking part in the Halloween festivities, while I saw more girls wearing princess and butterfly and angel and other costumes with obtrusive wings than I care to see again for at least another year...  ;)

SPORTS ALERT:  Well, we have reached the month of November, and the NBA has yet to have a single tipoff.  Since they would normally be playing real games by now, I decided that it's time for this post.  I want to make it clear that I am not making this post because I am concerned for the welfare of the players and owners who cannot come to an agreement on how to divide a huge pile of money.  The last time that I was concerned about a strike in one of the major sports was during the 1981 strike in Major League Baseball.  I was playing Little League Baseball during the year that strike took place, completely destined in my own mind to become a future professional baseball player myself.  It feels like the world is going to come to an end when you're younger.  "They're not playing baseball!!!"  Ever since that strike occurred, when a stoppage in play has taken place in a major sport, I have had the attitude that I'll find something else to do while you're gone, and when you come back, I'll watch.  During the NFL Lockout this summer, I made a post on my facebook account (the closest thing that I had done to a blog entry before Bikini Hill opened for business here at the end of September).  In that entry, I expressed my belief that the fanbase was not going to be very concerned about a group of players and owners who could not agree on how to divide 9 BILLION dollars (I also e-mailed the same sentiments to the NFL at www.nfl.com, to which I received a form-letter response, giving me another e-mail address to which I could send my views ...).  I think that the NBA is in the same bind that the NFL was this summer.  The economy has been HORRIBLE over the past few years, resulting in many people losing their jobs, and these geniuses cannot agree on how to disperse their stack of money.  I have a friend at work who is a big basketball fan (he is not a football fan at all), and a few weeks ago HE SAID that he now hopes that this issue isn't resolved so that the players and owners will be punished by not receiving ANY money this year.  One of the issues that the two sides are at odds about is what percentage of profits each side should receive.  I have a quick math lesson for those involved:  47%, 50%, or 53% of something is greater than 100% of nothing...  I believe that the lockout will be resolved sooner than later, just as I believed that the NFL Lockout would be, because it's very hard to fathom that people can be THAT STUPID.  But don't worry guys, while you're bickering over money, we will continue watching the NFL, and college football, and the NHL, and the rapidly approaching college basketball season.  I hope that all of you have a great start to the month of November, and I will see you again on Thursday.

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