Sunday, November 27, 2011

Two Months

Well, it's Monday again (almost), so here we go...  Dress warm, eat right, wash your hands regularly, and if someone near you sneezes, RUN!!!  I have been sick since late Thanksgiving night, and it has not been fun...  I had been contemplating writing here about the overuse of the word 'epic', and then I saw it today - the in-game spot where the FOX football announcer had to read the card for the upcoming first ever Pac 12 and Big 10 conference championship games, where he referred to the matchup of 6-6 UCLA against Oregon as being 1 of 2 "epic title games"...  Umm hmm...  Isn't it funny how accusing someone of being "perfect" is the best insult ever?  Am I the only one who just doesn't get Ashton Kutcher's popularity?  (Throw in Justin Bieber while you're at it)...  Is there any chance that Norv Turner will be coaching the Chargers next year, or that Andy Reid will be coaching the Eagles?  Thank you for stopping by to read my blog.  The blog has been viewed 109 times since my last post on Friday (too bad I was only 4-2 on my college picks and 1-2 on my NFL picks this weekend), and the 2nd person to read this post will send the view total to 800...  My first blog post was two months ago, on September 28th.  After watching the game on Thursday night, I have to state again how much of a shame it is that Texas and Texas A&M appear to be finished meeting each other on the football field every Thanksgiving.  After Josh Scobee missed a field goal attempt for Jacksonville today, the announcer actually said, "that was a scoring opportunity missed by Jacksonville and Scobee"...  Please tell us that water is wet also, okay?...  I read online about the lady who pepper-sprayed other shoppers during 'Black Friday', and one of my facebook friends posted about how she had been pinched and grabbed while shopping on the same day - some people are CRA ZEE...  Is anyone else in favor of Cris Collinsworth being replaced on Sunday Night Football?...  Thirty-four days until 2012 boys and girls...  Is there anything sexier than a pretty girl who can talk sports with you???  I am sitting here doing this ramble, and trying to remember back to the time before smartphones, and computers, and....  how did we ever survive back then?  I just read on the sports ticker that Ron Zook was fired - Illinois started the season at 6-0, but not so much lately...  I posted this link during the infancy of my blog, but since I have many more followers now I am going to revisit the subject - if you enjoy poker and want to read some very interesting stories from a poker dealer, please visit  This is a blog written by a friend of mine who lives in Las Vegas, and he is an excellent poker dealer and writer.  You cannot imagine how good the hot tub commercial that they just showed looks to the sick guy right about now...  When I watch t.v. sitcoms, I often wonder if there is a greater chance that Leah Remini would go after Kevin James in real life (King Of Queens), or if Jim Belushi would have a better chance with Courtney Thorne Smith (According To Jim).  I am going to go ahead and throw in the towel until tomorrow, when I will write about some topic that hits me between now and then...  ;)  Thank you again for stopping by Bikini Hill, and have a great day! 


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