Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pickles & Torpedoes

Good morning everyone.  It's Monday again (almost), but I'm ready to write my ramble now, and since I made you wait an extra day last week, here we go...  When the parents of the current starting quarterback at Kansas State named their child, I think that they should have just gone ahead and named him Calvin, because whenever you hear Collin Klein, don't you think of 'Calvin Klein' anyway???  There is a local flower shop here in San Marcos, America whose readerboard in front of their establishment says something to the effect of, "getting guys out of trouble for 40 years" - yeah, that just makes me not want to buy flowers from you...  Does AOL (America Online) exist anymore?  If so, does anyone still use it?  I noticed that it was installed on my computer as a factory setting when I nuked my computer back to 2007 last week...  I missed College Gameday yesterday, but I heard that Lee Corso dropped an 'F-Bomb' on air when he was making his selection for the winner of the game that the ESPN crew was onsite for (Houston I think).  When I was teaching and coaching high school, I tried to make sure that I kept my language clean in my personal life for that very reason, so that I wouldn't let any profanity slip out around the kids.  With that being said, I am still a big Corso fan...  In the past month or so, I've gotten into the habit of eating pickles with my sandwiches (I make MANY sandwiches)...  Anyway, I buy kosher dill pickles, usually in the 46 ounce jar, but on my last trip to the grocery store, I noticed that there is an 80 ounce jar of the same pickles that is cheaper than the 46 ounce jar.  Upon further investigation, I discovered that the pickles in the 80 ounce jar are HUGE!!!  I'm talking about if you were on a submarine having to sink a ship and you were out of torpedoes, you could just launch one of these suckers...  Yeah, of course I went ahead and bought the 80 ounce jar...  ;)  Are NFL coaches EVER going to figure out that they shouldn't kick to Devin Hester or DeSean Jackson?  I find it baffling that Internet Explorer 7 runs more smoothly than Internet Explorer 9...  On that note, I was unsuccessful in downloading Firefox, so I'm running Google Chrome and Internet Explorer for the moment...  I think that people who live their lives and then say, "If I had it to do over again, I wouldn't change a thing" are complete idiots (okay, maybe they just didn't think before they spoke, and aren't COMPLETE idiots)...  I think that saying that is basically the same as uttering, "I lived my life, and I didn't learn anything..."  Recently I saw one of the younger siblings of one of the kids whose class I co-sponsored while I worked at the local high school.  She was parked on the town square, sitting with a friend, and she flagged me down as I walked by.  I asked her what the two of them were doing (staring at the courthouse, guarding the courthouse, etc...), and she said that after they had parked there, they had noticed a 'live possum' up in one of the trees.  She made it clear that the possum wasn't dead, or playing dead.  I replied that they probably wouldn't see a DEAD possum up in the tree and we laughed.  Sometimes I really miss high school students...  :)  As I watch my plethora of football games (plethora means 'many', or 'a lot', just in case you have never seen 'The Three Amigos'), I get tired of commentators droning on and on about teams "wasting" timeouts.  It is as if these geniuses do not realize that the timeouts can be utilized at any time during each half, and that by calling the timeout the team may be averting a big disaster.  What is the sense of  trying to save all of your timeouts to stop the clock at the end of the half or game when you have an IMMEDIATE problem?  I love how there are many times that there is nothing on t.v. that you are interested in watching, and then at other times there will be ten things on AT ONCE that you wish you could see...  You have to give Vince Young and Tim Tebow credit - they don't put up huge numbers, but they sure do WIN a lot of football games...  Let me take this opportunity to thank you for stopping by - my little blog has now been viewed more than 600 times, with people checking in from the United States, Russia, Canada, Australia, Germany, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Greece, Cameroon, and Colombia.  I hope to see you again tomorrow, when I will be venting about our need for a college playoff system.  Have a great day!



  1. I'd have to qualify as a complete idiot. I wouldn't change a thing.

    Every decision I've made, every action I've taken, has gotten me to where I am now. Where I am now is a wonderful place. I have a fantastic marriage. I have absolutely zero stress. I love my job. Where I am now is exactly where I want to be, and I wouldn't be here without making the mistakes I made and learning from them.

    Something weird happened on the way to my 40s. No regrets, I learned. We do what we do. We make our choices, and we accept the consequences. Accepting ownership of the decisions in our lives eliminates the "shouldas."

    I honestly wouldn't change a thing ;)

  2. WHO ARE YOU --S??? :) After all of the little brain cells in my head jumped around like they were on 'Family Feud', screaming out their answers in case I had a chance to 'steal', I'm going with this... If you're saying that would you move to "New Mexico: Land of DISenchantment" and live there for as long as you did ALL OVER AGAIN, then you've got me... :) Happy Thanksgiving my friend!

  3. If I hadn't moved that god-forsaken area, I'd likely never have left the Pink Chicken. While the Pink Chicken was a decent job, it was not a job I loved. In retrospect, it seems more like a security blanket - a nice, steady job that neither excites nor disappoints, that leaves one feeling rather....meh.

    Instead, I opted to leave the comfort of the steady job and venture into something different. I learned many things, both about the industry as it exists outside Vegas and myself as I exist outside Vegas. In the end, because of my adventure (misadventure might be more appropriate), I landed the best gig in town (in my opinion).

    When I decided I had had enough of small gaming markets and needed to get back to Vegas, it was very coincidental that the M was adding five dealers that very week. I drove to Vegas the next day and I was the fifth dealer hired in that group. The M hired no more dealers until just this past week or so - over two years since my hire date.

    I think back to dealers asking my opinion of jumping ship to move to the M when it first opened, and my subsequent counseling against doing so, and I marvel that I ended up there anyway. Of course, it's doubtful any of it happens if I don't go to New Mexico ;)