Monday, January 2, 2012

Just As I Always Suspected

Good evening and Happy New Year everyone!  I'll type out tonight's ramble for you after I let you know about a programming change.  I am going to start doing my blog entries for you three times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  I am scaling it back one day each week so that I will have more time for "marketing".  There are several ways that I attract new readers to 'Bikini Hill', and I am finding that a couple of extra hours each week will come in handy.  There will still be some weeks when I do some sort of project for the blog (like the comprehensive NBA regular season predictions, or the bowl game predictions) that I will be making four entries here.  Please feel free to tell your friends about the blog and thank you again for your support - today 'Bikini Hill' just went over 2,800 views.  A big surge in the blog's following was experienced here last week when I found another place to pull readers from - well, that is until I was banned from that website.  I am not going to name the website, but it rhymes with  :)  I SWEAR that I read their community guidelines before I started answering sports questions with links to our friendly blog, but for some reason they banned me... ME?!  Anyway, I seem to be rambling, so let's continue...  The injury onslaught that I have predicted for the NBA this season has begun, and unfortunately my favorite player in the league is one of the casualties...  The San Antonio Spurs facebook page is reporting that Manu Ginobili has suffered a fractured fifth metacarpal in his left hand.  He will be examined tomorrow in San Antonio, and at this point there is no timeline for his return to the team...  Last night I figured out that 20% of women are cool - I was watching football at Harper's on the Square in beautiful downtown San Marcos, America, when the Dallas Cowboys made a big play against the New York Giants, which was predictably followed by a HUGE ROAR from the fans watching the game.  Five young ladies were walking by Harper's, and upon hearing the roar, the fifth in the group stopped, leaned in toward the window, and basically memorized the happenings at that point in the game from the nearest flatscreen t.v. 20% gentlemen...  Just kidding Miletus and any other non-sports watching female blog followers...  ;)  Yesterday Matt Flynn led the Green Bay Packers to a win over the Detroit Lions, throwing for 480 yards and 6 touchdowns in the process...  Aaron Rodgers is nothing but a 'system quarterback', just as I always suspected...  ;)  So late yesterday morning I'm looking down at some of my recently pitiful college bowl game predictions when this NFL commercial appropriately starts playing on the t.v. that is sitting beside my computer - "...Cause you had a bad day, You're taking one down, You sing a sad song just to turn it around..."  Thank you Daniel Powter for providing the NFL with a background song for the commercial that they chose to play ALL DAY LONG yesterday...  :)  Based on my recent performance I should probably stop making predictions, but I'm predicting that that won't happen...  At a time when FOUR different LIVE bowl games were being shown today, I noticed that the Longhorn Network was broadcasting the 2007 Holiday Bowl, which featured Texas against Arizona State.  I wonder how many viewers they had watching a bowl game that was played over four years ago - I'm betting that I would be surprised...  :)  I just recently started buying mashed potato mix (yes, this promises to be exciting, I know...).  When I went through my 'super poor' phase in college, I would buy a lot of the stereotypical foods that penniless college kids are known for eating - ramen noodles, tuna fish, macaroni and cheese (I have never liked pot pies, so I didn't buy them).  Anyway, mashed potatoes are one food that must have escaped me.  What caught my attention is that I can prepare them the same way using the same ingredients, but that if I continue stirring them, it seems like the pan produces more and MORE potatoes the more that I stir, like if I kept stirring, my whole apartment would be filled with mashed potatoes.  Has anyone else experienced this???  This week while I was watching some sporting event, I caught another sliver of sports wisdom that got my brain churning.  After a team that was way ahead let the other team get back into the contest, making the final score 'respectable', a commentator later announced that the game was "not as close as the score would indicate."  Wasn't the game EXACTLY as close as the score would indicate?  Isn't that what the score IS?...  Yeah, I need a life, I know...  Speaking of needing a life, WHY DO PEOPLE, when they see a staircase or some random steps, feel that THAT is the best place to... HOLD A CONVERSATION?!  "Where I can chat with other people and inconvenience as many other people as possible?  Hmmmm..."  For those bitter football fans out there whose favorite team isn't the Green Bay Packers, why do touchdown celebration penalties NOT APPLY to the "Lambeau Leap"?  They only do it EVERY SINGLE TIME that they reach the endzone - that seems pretty orchestrated to me...  :)  Okay, that's enough for one night - I'll be back here on Wednesday with an entry about some topic???, and on Friday I'll be here with some NFL predictions (complete with scores) for 'Wild Card Weekend'.  Have a good one!

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