Friday, January 27, 2012

That's Why They're Called Opinions

Oh my loyal followers, I don't know what to say...  That was actually my problem earlier this week after working 11 days straight, but missing both a Monday AND a Wednesday post???  I hope that you found something else to fill the void if your life while I was on my little hiatus...  :)  Today I will give you my recap on last weekend's football picks, and then this entry will spiral into a ramble, which will be followed up by a Monday ramble.  I was pretty darn close to NAILING last weekend's football games, and if the Ravens didn't just kill themselves late in the AFC Championship Game, I would have picked both underdog winners OUTRIGHT.  As it was I went 3-1 for the week, bringing my record to 9-11 in the NFL postseason.  Sit down and get ready to be impressed...  :P  The Patriots beat the Ravens 23-20 (I predicted that the score would be Ravens 24-20 and that the game would stay under 50 1/2).  If Lee Evans doesn't drop what should have been a touchdown pass (very nice play by the Patriots defender on the play), the Ravens probably win 27-23.  I still went 2-0 on my picks, with the Ravens (+7) and the game staying under, but I would have picked both upset winners last weekend if Baltimore had won.  Even had the Ravens Billy Cundiff made what was obviously not a gimme field goal in hindsight after Evans' drop, they still had a chance to win the game outright in overtime (this would have put my under in jeopardy, so it was very thoughtful of them to pass on the trip to the Super Bowl just for me).  The Giants beat the 49ers 20-17 (I predicted that the score would be Giants 23-21 and that the game would go over 42).  That's pretty darn close...  :)  My over prediction wasn't so close since it was dead when the game went to overtime, but I was right in the ballpark on both conference championship games, two very entertaining ballgames thankfully.  I do not have that much hope for this weekend's Pro Bowl, and you will not be getting a prediction from me on that, other than that I predict that I will not be watching the game if there is ANYTHING better on t.v., and that is if I happen to be home.  A game where they don't play defense and don't have any representatives from either of the teams appearing in the Super Bowl - I'll pass...  I will be back with a prediction for the Super Bowl next Friday.  Let me continue on with a ramble right now since I jilted you on Monday and Wednesday.  The title of today's entry comes from a friend's quote at work last night about some inane conversation that we were having before we got SLAMMED - very busy night at work in San Marcos, America...  I told him that it would be a good title for a blog entry.  I had some customers who moved one of our tables UNDER A STAIRWELL, and I told them that it couldn't be there because it was a pathway (we were already PACKED at this point).  I was given the query "a pathway" with a blank stare, while another person in the party said that the table was already there.  "No, it wasn't" was my efficient response as I relocated the table...  They were nice enough about moving after that, unlike the person that I happened upon in line at the grocery store the other night...  :)  Don't get me wrong, there is no law that says that you HAVE TO BE KIND when you have a full cart of items at the grocery store at 2:00 in the morning when only one register is open and someone comes up right behind you with only FIVE items...  :P  Yes, I had the five items, and the girl saw me, and turned right back toward the front of the store.  I'm sure that my expression while we waited for the person ahead of her to check out must have been priceless, because when her boyfriend (I'm guessing) came into the store and stood in line with her, she said something to him and he looked straight at me, a look which I was more than happy to return...  I'm not really a confrontational person per se, but don't mess with me...  :)  Anyway, another 3 or 4 people got in line behind us, and then they found someone to open another register, which resulted in that cashier checking out people that were in line behind me BEFORE ME, because that makes perfect sense...  "Morons, your bus is leaving..."  Easily the line from the movie 'Groundhog Day' that I repeat most often in real life...  What's funny (and predictable) is that after I moved to the other line, behind the other people who had been behind me, I was STILL checked out before the couple that had been in front of me - SCORE!!!  I also posted to facebook earlier in the week that people who do not know what they want to order should not be allowed to enter a drive-thru ahead of those who do.  I was watching the driver's head on a swivel as he quizzed the car's passengers as to what they'd like to order, this being the car that was two ahead of me in line - GRRRR...  For those of you familiar with the river that runs below 'Bikini Hill' in San Marcos, America, that low river had almost risen above its concrete banks when I drove home in the thunderstorm a few nights ago, and I later heard that it did eventually rise above those barriers.  We had A LOT of rain in about 12 hours in central Texas a few nights back...  I just saw a mini-interview with actress Glenn Close a few hours back - she is evidently up for an Oscar.  She still looks like she would boil your bunny rabbit if she got angry with you...  :)  'Fatal Attraction' if you want to watch a TRULY scary movie...  I just saw a Yahoo! headline stating '16 Grams of Cocaine Seized at U.N.' - outstanding...  Also from Yahoo!, in Oklahoma a 9th grade student was suspended for using his cellphone to take a picture of a substitute teacher who was sleeping...  There's no word on what punishment, if any, the substitute teacher got...  :)  I think that's all that I can do for you today.  Have a great weekend and I will see you again on Monday (maybe)...  :)

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