Monday, January 30, 2012

You Have To Forgive Me

"I'm going to win this conversation, look who's got the microphone..."  -Blue October-  (The Getting Over It Part)

Good morning everyone.  Just a little lyric from by favorite band to start out my Monday ramble with.  A Monday ramble on a MONDAY - what a novel idea...  As I type this entry, the blog is sitting on 3,498 views, so thank you for putting 'Bikini Hill' over 3,500 views.  You will have to forgive me if I ever ramble about the same annoyance in this forum more than once.  I am finding that there are topics that I have thought about harping on that I may not use, and then I don't remember if I have ranted about them before or not.  I'm sure that I haven't rambled about this topic before.  I was just skimming through a Yahoo! News article that gives instructions on how you can see when someone 'unfriends' you on facebook.  I happen to be a person who always gives other people a chance, but with that being said, if you don't want to be my friend, then don't be my friend...  :)  I rarely 'unfriend' people from my account, and if someone does so to me, then so be it...  There is this one girl who just stopped talking to me over three years ago, and to this day has never told me why she did so, but she did not let that stop her from talking about me behind my back and treating me like garbage, so I 'unfriended' her, but it's not like a random act that I routinely perform.  If someone doesn't tell me that they're going to delete me from their account before doing so, then why worry about it?  A Yahoo! article about facebook that I did find more interesting this week was the one summarizing a study about college students.  They found that college students with facebook accounts reported being unhappy that their lives weren't as good as the lives of their friends, based on the photos that they saw posted on the facebook accounts of others.  This sounds very similar to something that I mentioned in a ramble here a while back, when I stated that my least favorite thing about facebook was that I wasn't getting to do all of the things that I saw posted on the pages of my friends...  :)  They were showing the movie '2012' on cable again this weekend, and it still seems like it was given that title because the movie takes almost AN ACTUAL YEAR to watch...  One of my friends who now lives in California was complaining because she has to gear up for an exam to get a California driver's license.  She made a good point in her rant - when you move from one state to another, WHY is it necessary to retest for your license?  Your license is good if you drive from one state to another, right?  If you decide to move, I understand them making you get the license in their state's name, but why retest you?  A PERFECT EXAMPLE of red tape and wasted time and money...  At work this week I heard an interesting conversation about milk.  Well, not milk specifically, but more of a little rant about the pitfalls of living with roommates.  A recent college graduate who I work with was describing her experience of living with three roommates, ones who weren't particularly as concerned about waste as my friend was.  I smiled as my friend described how her roommates would eat a bowl of cereal, get down to the bottom of the bowl with just a little bit of cereal remaining, and would then pour almost another full bowl's worth of milk onto the cereal, this without adding any more cereal of course...  While I found it funny what gets on other people's nerves after they've lived together for a while, my friend said that she solved the problem when she started buying soy milk, which none of the other roommates liked...  :)  "I'll tell you what's not funny is driving without insurance" is the opening of a commercial for in which a stand-up comedian is relaying the insurance information as part of his 'act'.  What's not funny is the commercial...  Have you ever felt bad about looking at a girl because she is so beautiful that you think she's going to say something because you're just looking at her?  Yes, I went back to my bank this morning, and this is a different teller than I wrote about here previously...  :)  As a matter of fact, it seems like the bank has different tellers EVERY TIME that I go - maybe my bank is a training ground for tellers, I'm not sure...  Anyway, this teller was so attractive that I just started randomly looking around the bank while she handled my transaction because I didn't want her thinking badly of me...  Again, the things that amuse me..  :)  If you are a poker player, I found a free app for your phone last week.  It's called Bravo Poker Live, and for the poker rooms and casinos that are participating, it gives you information about their poker rooms, including how many miles they are from you, address, telephone number, room information, and the number of live games that they are running at the VERY MOMENT you are viewing the app - very nice...  :)  That's all I've got for today - have a good one and I'll see you again on Wednesday!

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