Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mediocre Bowl Predictions

Good afternoon everyone.  As I sit here preparing to recap my completely mediocre bowl predictions, let me quickly mention one more thing while we're on the topic of mediocrity.  That Denver Broncos 80-yard game-winning touchdown at the start of overtime against the Steelers... shouldn't have counted.  I just saw a photo that clearly shows that the Broncos weren't even close to having seven players on the line of scrimmage - OUTSTANDING...  Also, let me take one last shot at this ridiculous BCS System (for this season anyway).  What are the odds that any college football season would have exactly two undefeated teams from major conferences, thus reducing the chance for disenchantment?  (Although even this scenario would not be better than having a playoff system).  A system doomed for chaos from the outset...  Speaking of doomed and chaos, I could not have had a more average record on my bowl predictions this season if I tried.  :)  52-53 overall boys and girls.  I was 19-16 picking the games straight-up, 18-17 picking them against the spread, and 15-20 on the overs/unders.  Let's take a brief look at some of this mess before I toss some sheets of notebook paper into the trash can...  Temple beating Wyoming by 22 absolutely surprised me - congratulations on a nice season Owls.  Utah State and San Diego State losing in the final minute of their games got me off to a bad start picking games straight-up in what turned out to be a very competitive bowl season.  I picked Marshall to win by 10, which they did - yeah me!  :)  I predicted TCU 35-24 over Louisiana Tech, and they actually won 31-24... nice.  I predicted that Boise State would defeat Arizona State, but didn't give the Broncos near enough credit as to how ugly that "game" would be...  Southern Mississippi and Missouri were the first 2 games in which I won all 3 of my picks (North Carolina State and Baylor also helped me to do this).  Speaking of Baylor, was the Alamo Bowl not GREAT?!  :)  Winning teams that contributed to me losing all three of my picks for a bowl game were Ohio, Rutgers, Cincinnati, Illinois, Michigan State, West Virginia, and Northern Illinois.  I picked Purdue by 4 (they won by 5), I picked N.C. State by 6 (they won by 7), I picked Florida State by 4 (they won by 4), I picked Baylor by 10 (they won by 11), I picked BYU by 4 (they won by 3), I picked Oklahoma 31-21 (they won 31-14), I picked Texas A&M by 14 (they won by 11), I picked Utah by 6 (they won be 3), and that was my 'good stretch' during the middle of the bowl schedule...  ;)  Houston beating Penn State by 16 completely shocked me (Houston's loss to Southern Mississippi was the Cougars only game that I watched this season, and they must have just had a bad day).  South Carolina beating Nebraska by 17 without Lattimore also completely surprised me, especially since I had the Cornhuskers winning by 13... OOPS!  Wisconsin scored with and played Oregon closer than I thought they would, and Stanford also game Oklahoma State a much better game than I thought we'd see.  The national championship game - WOW...  Maybe the single-most boring football game that I've ever watched (I was working when they played each other during the regular season).  In the recent past, the University of Texas had been criticized for having an offense that wasn't creative...  What was LSU doing?  Congratulations Alabama - the system is what the system is, and you got a spot in the title game and took advantage of it.  I hope that all of you have a great day and I'll see you on Friday with this weekend's playoff predictions.

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