Friday, January 20, 2012

NFL Championship Game Round 2012

Good afternoon everyone.  I am now 6-10 overall on my playoff picks after going 3-5 again last week.  I was once again 2-2 against the spread and 1-3 on the overs/unders.  For the second week in a row, I was also 3-1 picking the winner straight up (notice any patterns here?).  What pleased me about last week's predictions was that I had the 'texture' of most of the games right - well, at least until the NFC games went haywire late...  :)  I thought that the Saints and 49ers would be one of the week's best games, and indeed it was.  Sadly for me, I had to leave for work with 2:20 to go in the game, thus missing the final 3 touchdowns - go figure...  In the Saturday night game, I predicted  Patriots 37  Broncos 17 (actual score - Pats 45  Broncos 10 - not bad)...  In Sunday's early game, I predicted  Ravens 27  Texans  17 (actual score - Ravens 20  Texans 13 - again, not bad)...  Foster had a little better day than I thought he'd have, and the Ravens dropped a few more interceptions than I thought they'd drop, or I would have covered here and made the over...  And who else do you know that picked the Giants outright and said that the Packers would be in trouble if they played in bad weather and couldn't throw?  ;)  Again, I went 3-5, but most of the losses were close, and I had a good feel for the games.  Now let's look at the championship games...

Baltimore (12-4) @ New England (13-3):     Patriots (-7)     Over/Under  50 1/2

This should be such a great matchup.  These two teams did not meet in the regular season.  New England has been putting up monster points this year, but their schedule wasn't difficult.  When they faced the Steelers and the Giants, they lost.  Baltimore has a great defense, tended to play down to bad teams, and looked very mediocre last week.  Makes this a fun game to call...  :P  It's going to be cold up there (for what it's worth).  I'm having a hard time with the winner and the over/under, but something in my gut tells me...

My Prediction:     Baltimore  24  New England  20   -----   Baltimore (+7)     Under  50 1/2

New York Giants (9-7) @ San Francisco (13-3):     49ers (-2 1/2)     Over/Under  42

San Francisco won this game 27-20 on November 13th.  Another very difficult game to call.  If you asked anyone a year ago, Alex Smith would be a very unlikely championship game round quarterback.  The Alex Smith from college, much more potent.  Eli Manning looks like he did a few years back when the Giants derailed the Patriots.  Both of these defenses are very capable.  The Giants running game is clicking now.  The 49ers are at home.  Two great coaches.  Outstanding game and another toss-up.  I have to go with the experienced team in this one...

My Prediction:     New York Giants  23  San Francisco  21   -----   New York (+ 2 1/2)     Over  42

Enjoy your games on Sunday - they should be two great ones to watch!  Have a great weekend and I will see you again on Monday.

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