Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Good afternoon everyone.  Today's post will be an impromptu ramble after I didn't make a trip to 'Bikini Hill' for the third day in a row on a BEAUTIFUL San Marcos Wednesday...  GRRRRRRRRR.....  Instead I have wasted half the day (over two hours, divided by a lunch break) trying to start my car after it decided to revert back to its behavior of a few months ago.  The battery has juice, but the connections to the battery aren't giving me the necessary charge to start the engine.  GRRRRRRRRR.....  This seems to be a result of me having to hit the brakes pretty hard in a parking lot last night to avoid a collision with another vehicle, at which point the battery and brake lights lit up on my console.  GRRRRRRRRR.....  Anytime that this happened during the summer or fall, I was able to readjust the battery cables and get the car to start.  I will probably end up giving it another go later tonight because I am really not keen on the idea of paying to have my car towed and then paying again to have it fixed...  After working and cleaning up after work last night, I can confidently say that my least favorite part of Fat Tuesday is feathers...  Little orphan feathers, laying all over the place...  I can't do a ramble for you without another bank story.  This time when I went to the bank, I had a cup full of change that I have been saving since I moved back to San Marcos in August.  After I gave the cup to the young lady to dump into the change machine in the back of the bank, she reappeared to let me know that there would be a 2% service charge if my change totaled $100.00 or more.  My initial response (in my head) was that I hoped the total didn't go over 100 so I wouldn't have to pay a fee, but then it occurred to me that if the total DID go over 100, I'm only giving them 2 dollars for EVERY 100 that I get back.  Human nature is a funny thing...  As it turns out, she asked me to guess how much change I had after the machine had counted it (the tellers like playing this game with their customers as this has happened to me before).  I guessed that it was $50.00 and it turned out to be a little bit more than $65.00...  If you find a moral to that story then you are a better person than I am...  :)  Leaving the grocery store last night I saw that there is a new 'tabloid' about reality shows.  It is really sad that we have gotten to the point that we have so many reality shows that there is enough drivel to fill a tabloid with on a regular basis.  Yeah, I'm pretty bitter because my car won't start, but still...  If you've been following the blog regularly, you've probably figured out that my t.v. viewing habits are sports, 'The Big Bang Theory', sports, 'Law & Order', sports, poker, and sports...  I am going to give up for today because I am a little tired after pointlessly attempting to get my car to start.  I hope that you're having a better day than I have, and I'll see you again on Friday.

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