Monday, February 27, 2012

I Won't Lie, It Hurts...

Good afternoon boys and girls.  I apologize for missing my Friday entry here.  I was a little preoccupied with the condition of my vehicle, and today I found out the damage - THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS...  The alternator needed to be replaced, so hopefully I won't have the urge to eat very often this week... ummm, month...  I'm trying to save up money to move back to Las Vegas, and that bill was painful to say the least.  Weather permitting, I will have the chance to watch other people with car trouble tonight as the Daytona 500 is scheduled to start in about two hours.  Yesterday the broadcasters said that this is the first time that they've ever had to change the day of the race, and we'll see if they can actually race tonight...  With my engine running, I was able to do an errand for my friend today, which allowed us to witness an amusing confrontation...  (Yes, this is my normal Monday ramble now...).  As I was leaving the grocery store after picking up a rotisserie chicken to eat my depression away, my friend called me and asked if I could pick up some cigarettes for him (while I'm sitting in my car with my then-hot chicken - what are the odds??)...  Anyway, I go back in and pick up the smokes, and then proceed to my workplace.  My friend and I go out front after I drop off his delivery, and happen upon a confrontation that is occurring in the alleyway, as two drivers are trying to use the same one-car alley, and are yelling at each other from behind the wheels of their respective vehicles (maybe they knew I needed material for my ramble).  The cars are facing each other left-bumper to left-bumper, head-on, with the guy who had obviously just turned into the alleyway (I know this because he has advanced maybe 10 yards into the alley) yelling at the driver of the other car, "you'll have to back up because my car doesn't go in reverse..."  (true story).  The woman driving the other car yells something back at him (it was easier to hear the guy because his open driver's side window was literally facing us and was feet from where we were standing), to which the guy responds with something to the effect of "it doesn't bother me..." (as if he is prepared to sit there for the long haul)...  After about another minute (count out a literal minute to yourself) they start chirping loudly again, and then the guy somehow manages to squeeze his car in-between the lady's car and the wall of the opposite building - Freaking surreal...  :)  This all followed the events of about 45 minutes earlier when I walked to pick up my vehicle from the mechanic, and had to use the same crosswalk where I was almost rundown a few months earlier (the incident which I described in a blog entry a little while back)...  I am waiting to get the go-ahead from the crossing light, and as the light turns red, a truck pulls up to the signal, stops at the red light, and then GUNS IT, BLOWING THRU the light as the opposite light turns green and we get the go-ahead to cross...  I roll my eyes (I WAS NOT on the crosswalk yet, thankfully) and the girl crossing from the opposite side of the street sees what happens and my reaction, and I nod as she says something to me about his genius driving in passing...  There are a few people from San Marcos, America that I would like to enter at Daytona tonight - I think they would spice things up a little...  ;)  There is still room in my fantasy baseball league at if anyone is interested in joining.  Under the 'Draft & Play' option, it's a 25-dollar league that is drafting on Sunday, March 25th at 11:00 a.m. CST using rotisserie-style scoring (not points).  The 10-team league still had 5 spots open when I looked this morning.  I hope that all of your vehicles are working and that you get to enjoy the race tonight.  I will see you again on Wednesday.

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