Thursday, February 9, 2012

Rattlesnakes And Dreams

Good evening everyone.  Well, I'm starting my Wednesday blog on Wednesday here in San Marcos, America, and it WILL still be Wednesday when I finish this entry (on the West Coast)...  I worked last night and got to bed at about 4:30 a.m., slept fast, and returned to work this morning at 10 a.m.  That is the reason that this entry is coming to you so late in the day - I just woke up from a nice little 4 1/2 hour nap a little more than an hour ago.  You will NEVER guess what I dreamed about...  I was sleeping and dreaming that I had this little pet rattlesnake.  My rattlesnake was only about 2 feet long, and I know that it was young because it wasn't very big around and it has these little tiny baby teeth as opposed to long fangs...  Let me stop here to give you a little bit of background.  I have a sister who has a number of snakes (I think that 4 is the current number, or maybe 5).  These snakes are boas and corn snakes.  My personal feeling about snakes is that I have no fear of them if I know that they are not poisonous.  With that being said, I have held her snakes, let them crawl on me, etc...  So back to my dream, my little pet rattler is crawling on my arm and it begins 'nipping' at me, taking little playful bites at me much like a puppy would.  At this point it occurs to me, "hey, this thing is poisonous."  (Remember, I WAS sleeping...).  So now I begin trying to grab the snake by the neck, near its head, much like you see the experts do on t.v. when they're trying to milk snakes for their venom.  I put the snake back into its tank, and then somehow it is out of the tank, following me across the room on the floor.  Of course it eventually catches up to me, and I have to fend it off again.  The snake never rattles as it is trying to nip at me throughout the course of this dream by the way.  Eventually the snake manages to BARELY get its little rattlesnake teeth on my skin, barely enough to feel it on my right hand, so little in fact that I have to wonder, "did it bite me?"  At this point I wake up, and because of the way that I was sleeping, my right hand is numb when I wake up...  So I do the next logical thing, and start checking my hand for bite marks...  :)  The funny thing about all of this is that its been at least a week since I have seen a snake, and that was on t.v. during a little show on sea snakes...  I am glad that I was so tired when I returned home today because I completely forgot that Duke was playing at North Carolina tonight.  I have liked the Tar Heels back to the time before they ever had Michael Jordan, and I would have been upset if I had watched the whole game only to see them lose on a last-second three-pointer to the Blue Devils.  Now that football season has ended, I will start studying up on my college basketball and you will be seeing some college hoops predictions in the coming months.  Shortly afterward I will be posting my baseball predictions for the regular season (I DID pick up my fantasy baseball magazine after I worked today, and you may very well be seeing a fantasy baseball post here also), followed by my NBA playoff predictions, and then we will have a couple of months of following baseball and reporting on the upcoming football season before football is officially back.  Somewhere in there I will probably be reporting on the World Series of Poker also, and if I have things my way, I will be blogging about a move back to Las Vegas.  The major roadblocks to me moving back to Las Vegas when my current lease ends are the current 12.7% unemployment rate in the desert, and not being able to save up enough money in time to move back knowing what the current unemployment rate is...  And if you haven't figured this out yet, I am chomping at the bit to move back to the city where I can readily find poker games and easily make sports bets at will...  :)  I will be back here on Friday to blog about something that is sports-related - can you believe that the football season is REALLY OVER?!...  Oh well, have a good one and I will see you again on Friday.

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