Friday, February 10, 2012

The World Will Not End This Year

Good morning everyone.  I am sure that if you have stumbled onto my blog today, then you feel about as lost reading it as I do typing it - there is no football to make predictions about...  I do have some random predictions that I will give to you on this dreary San Marcos day in the spirit of what this blog has been about on Fridays.

Me vs. The Mayans

The Mayans predicted that the world would end on December 21st, 2012 if you believe what you read (or some of what you read).  Different experts evidently disagree on the date above being the exact date that the Mayans were pinpointing.  I am going to go out on a limb and predict that the world doesn't end in 2012.  By my definition the world ending means EVERY SINGLE PERSON has to be gone (just to be clear).  The upside of making this prediction is that no one will be around to tell me that I was wrong if I do make a bad call here (obviously another upside being a victory for humanity, but whatever)...  :)

Me vs. Tiger Woods

I made this prediction about Tiger Woods A LONG TIME AGO (you can ask my brother) and I am not backing off of it.  I do not believe that Tiger Woods will end his career with more wins in the 'Majors' (Masters, U.S. Open, British Open, PGA Championship) as a professional than Jack Nicklaus.  Nicklaus has 18 victories and Woods has 14 at this point (the count is 20 to 17 if you count victories in these events as an amateur also, which I'm not).  The odds are stacked against me in that Tiger Woods should still have a lot of golf ahead of him (unless the Mayans were right of course, which would force Woods to sweep the 'Majors' this year just to tie Nicklaus)...  ;)  What is in my favor now is that Woods has lost his game for the moment, and if and when he does find it, his game will have to be better than everybody else's, and Tiger is not getting any younger.

Me vs. The National League

My blog entry with the regular season predictions for every team playing Major League Baseball is about a month away, but I will give you this teaser now.  I predict that the Philadelphia Phillies will be the National League's representative in the World Series this year.  I will tell you now that I don't have an American League opponent picked out for the Phillies, and that when I make my blog entry in about a month, I won't have playoff predictions attached to it.  What I am telling you is that adding Jonathan Papelbon as the closer to a pitching staff that has Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee, and Cole Hamels is going to be extremely tough to beat.  The Phillies lost last season in the playoffs to the eventual World Series Champion St. Louis Cardinals, but Albert Pujols will be playing his baseball in the American League this year.  The 'City of Brotherly Love' should stock up on champagne is all that I am saying...

Me vs. Illiterate People

Okay, I am not trying to be mean to people who cannot read here, but I am going to make a prediction about my blog readership for the year 2012.  'The View From Bikini Hill' has been in existence from September 28th, 2011 until today, and has been viewed a total of 3,709 times to this point.  The lion's share of that viewership so far has been people who have come here to read my football predictions, and the average amount of viewers has been about 900 readers a month if you do the math.  I am going to go out on a limb here and predict that this little blog will reach 20,000 views by the end of 2012.  One thing that I have in my favor is that the blog has been viewed enough now that whenever somebody does a search on 'Google', if their search happens to match words that are included in any of my entries, 'The View From Bikini Hill' appears as an option to click on.  Another thing that my prediction has going in its favor is that I have an NCAA basketball tournament, NHL playoffs, NBA playoffs, a full MLB baseball season, and full NCAA Football and NFL regular seasons ahead of me.  I will also be keeping you apprised of where the viewership is at, so if you see that I am coming up short and wouldn't mind clicking on my blog 30 or 40 times a day, that would be a HUGE help!  I'm just kidding of course...  ;)

I hope that you have a great weekend and I will see you again on Monday with my ramble...


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