Monday, February 13, 2012

Las Vegas Deals

Good evening everyone.  As I begin this ramble, I have discovered recently that reading stories about Las Vegas does not quench my thirst for wanting to return.  I have recently rediscovered a website that is a compilation of personal stories about poker excursions to Las Vegas. Just take a moment to visit this site at if you want to skim through the over 2,000 poker trip reports that have been submitted to date.  You will also find a lot of comments here that speak to the quality of the hotels if you are looking for a play to stay on your next visit to the desert.  The site is up to date as stories have been submitted as recently as two days ago.  While on the subject, let me also take a moment to once again type in the address of my friend's blog, who lives in Las Vegas and is very talented at telling tales from the green felt.  Visit (Life As A Las Vegas Poker Dealer) to skim through the over six years of stories that my friend has archived.  Today was a very lazy Monday for me as I slept as much as possible to prepare myself for working the next five days.  One of the things that I did accomplish today was renewing my driver's license though.  For those of you who live in Texas, you may renew your driver's license any time within a year of its expiration.  I was not aware of this and only made the trip to the office today to change my address on my license.  After waiting in the usual line, I was immediately sold when I was offered the option of renewing my license for the next five years, thus having to stand in this line one fewer time.  I made the clerk smile when she asked me for my weight, which resulted in me looking down at my waistline before answering...  :)  My weight will fluctuate depending on what I have been eating and how active I have been, so when I looked and answered "220", I managed to get a little smirk...  As I hung out around my apartment for most of the rest of the day, I realized that I am not in the mood to immerse myself in the current basketball season yet.  It seems like the optimal time to do this will occur in two weeks, when the college teams are preparing to compete in their conference tournaments and the professionals will be reaching the halfway point of their stunted season.  I do have a little rant for you about one of the NBA players who was at the microphone in the past couple of days though.  The Los Angeles Lakers won a very close game at Toronto, one that saw the Raptors turning the ball over with seconds remaining in the game due to a five-second call.  When asked about what happened after the game, Kobe Bryant basically said, "I was surprised.  I didn't go to college, but I can count..."  Brilliant...  I think that they teach you how to count to five in like..., kindergarten, but I am very impressed that you can count to FIVE Kobe...  Congratulations!!!  I'm not sure how the league will survive when a player with so much class leaves in a few years...  I was looking at the Yahoo! headlines a little earlier in the day, and when I skimmed down to the entertainment section, I found this GEM:  "Miley Cyrus cuts her hair again"...  REALLY?!!!  I wonder how many people clicked on that headline after reading it... (Yes, I'm rolling my eyes right now...).  This week I bought a box of ice cream for the first time in a while (yes, the ramble is hitting a new low right now), but have you bought a box of ice cream recently?  The box that it came in doesn't have the normal 'slot' closure like it used to (similar to that of a cereal box), but it closes more like a moving box, where you have all of these flaps that you have to fold over one another.  Now I went to college, but when it comes to folding a box that contains frozen food...  ;)  I hope that you have a good one and I'll see you again on Wednesday.

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  1. You know it's a slow news day when one of the first headlines you see is a Miley Cyrus headline :)