Saturday, March 24, 2012

'Elite Eight Predictions'

Good morning everyone and welcome to a special Saturday edition of the blog.  I feel a lot better about showing up to give you some 'Elite Eight' predictions after going 7-1 on my 'Sweet 16' predictions that I made here on Wednesday.  Before the tournament began I let you know about ESPN's free bracket contest and the fact that they let you enter up to ten free brackets.  I just discovered that the 3rd bracket that I turned in is sitting in the 97.2 percentile of all the brackets submitted, with 7 of my teams still alive in the 'Elite Eight'.  Michigan State, the only team that tripped me up in my 'Sweet 16' predictions here for the blog, is the only team that is not alive in that bracket.  This particular bracket has Kentucky beating North Carolina 74-72 in the final - we shall see...  Here are my 'Elite Eight' predictions:

Louisville                      71                      Florida              65
Ohio State                    79                      Syracuse          73
Kentucky                     82                      Baylor               74
North Carolina           69                     Kansas              61

I hope that you enjoy the 'Elite Eight' and I'll see you again on Monday with my ramble - have a great weekend!

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  1. I don't think people realize how good Kentucky really is. IU played what might be arguably their best game of the season and lost by double digits. I think, if they play that same game, they beat nearly every other team left in the tournament. I don't see how anybody is going to beat the Wildcats at this point.

    I really thought your Tarheels would fall against Ohio. They tried ;)

    I'm picking Kentucky, Ohio State, Kansas, and Louisville as the final four.