Monday, March 5, 2012

It Looks Good On Paper

Good morning everyone.  Today, this week, actually this whole month looks good on paper - we shall see...  My day off is being forecast with a high of 72 degrees, which promises to be a perfect day to head over to Bikini Hill and do some more studying for my fantasy baseball draft, which is now just a mere three weeks away...  I mentioned in a recent blog that I was randomly selected to receive the 3rd draft pick in a 10-team league, so now I have to try to figure out which players will be available in which spots as the draft proceeds through 28 rounds.  I played in my first 10-team draft league for fantasy baseball last season and finished in 3rd place (with the top 2 teams getting paid).  If I wasn't so lazy, I would have left my apartment yesterday and headed over behind Bikini Hill to watch my alma mater complete a sweep of Notre Dame on the baseball diamond.  The Bobcats earned their fifth-straight shutout win in a row, their 3rd against the Irish.  That's the Texas State Bobcats, who will become a member of the Western Athletic Conference (WAC) in the fall - stay tuned...  ;)  My recent semi-obsession with moving back to Las Vegas (my friends, yourself included, might choose to remove the word 'semi' from that characterization) seems to leave everything else running in a distant second place on my list of interests.  Yesterday while reading stories from 1 of my 2 favorite Vegas reading sites, I was turned onto a 3rd.  I have now added the 'Las Vegas Cabbie Chronicles' to my reading list.  The website is if you're interested in reading some true tales in the life of a Las Vegas cab driver.  Don't forget 'Life As A Las Vegas Poker Dealer' (written by a good friend of mine) at or if you're interested in reading some poker stories.  Back to the month that looks good on paper, this week will be FULL OF college conference basketball tournaments as we gear up for the NCAA tournament chaos that begins next week.  Remember that the brackets for the NCAA Tournament will be announced this coming Sunday (on the 11th), and I will hit you with some tournament predictions on the 14th.  Guess what I will be doing next Monday (study, study, study)...  Hopefully I get a lot accomplished at Bikini Hill today as I will be giving you my regular season MLB predictions on Friday the 23rd.  Warmer weather, the NCAA Tourney, the start of the baseball season - what more could you want?  My intention is to do some of my 'spring cleaning' today, sandwiching it somewhere in-between and around going to Bikini Hill and watching college basketball games on t.v. tonight.  As I sit here wondering what sage advice I can pass onto you on a Monday, trying to make sure that stopping by my little blog and reading this far was worthwhile to you....  ahhh, yes...  If you ever go out in public, say to a nightclub, to a live music venue for example..., I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND that you walk up to total strangers, and, I don't know.... proceed to stick your palm in their faces, before asking them if your hand smells like chloroform...  THAT was a new one on me...  Enjoy the rest of your evening, elsewhere...  Life is rarely boring in San Marcos, America...  My new most-annoying commercial on t.v. is the Totino's Pizza Rolls commercial where the kids are on the phone with their mother, unable to locate the pizza rolls which are sitting on the freezer shelf at EYE-LEVEL, right in front of them...  Now I'm not one to be cynical (okay, maybe I am). but maybe these children don't deserve to eat if they can't find these pizza rolls...  :)  HOW can you not see them?  WHO thinks that this is clever??  And they keep showing this commerical, OVER AND OVER...???  Well, I have a lot to do today, or that I SHOULD DO TODAY, so I am going to let you go now.  I hope that you have a great Monday, and I'll see you again on Wednesday.



  1. NOTHING is more annoying than the GEICO PIG making that noise down the zip line!

  2. Yes, that one is annoying also... :)