Friday, March 30, 2012

The Final Four

Good morning everyone.  I'm just looking at the NCAA bracket trying to whip up some 'Final Four' predictions for you.  I can honestly say that you'd be shocked if you knew how little of the tournament I've been able to watch considering how well my predictions turned out for the 'Sweet 16' and the 'Elite 8'.  As I'm typing in the fact that the bracket that I highlighted in an article here a few weeks back at the start of the tournament is in the 11.3% percentile at ESPN, I'm wondering if reading the number '11.3%' just made you choke on your coffee or orange juice laughing...  :)  Being a big 'numbers guy', I have to smile looking at this bracket because Louisville's biggest margin of victory in the tournament came in their win over the #1 seed that they faced - 13 points over Michigan State.  The 13-point win by Kansas over North Carolina was the second largest margin of victory in the tournament, only overshadowed by a 15-point opening game victory over Detroit.  Ohio State's smallest margins of victory in the tourney came against Gonzaga and Syracuse, both of which were 7-point victories.  Kentucky has beaten everyone by double-digits to this point, with 12-point wins in their last 2 games against Indiana and Baylor resulting in their closest games.  In case you're wondering, I could stall ALL DAY before making these picks...  :)

Louisville vs. Kentucky:  I'm pretty sure that they must have the game times preset for each side of the bracket before the tourney begins, because that's the only explanation I can fathom for leading off tomorrow's doubleheader with the state championship of Kentucky.  Fierce rivals facing off with a trip to the NCAA Finals on the line - yes, this game will probably be interesting...  Kentucky defeated Louisville 69-62 on New Year's Eve in the only meeting between these teams this season.  I've looked at the schedules that both teams played this season and nothing would surprise me tomorrow, but since I have to make a pick...  :)

Kentucky   75   Louisville   66

Kansas vs. Ohio State:  Kansas defeated Ohio State 78-67 on December 10th in the only meeting between these teams this season.  Both teams knocked off #1 seeds last weekend to get to this point.  As the case is with all four of these teams, neither combatant in this game has a particular advantage with the 'Final Four' being held in New Orleans.  I saw how the Jayhawks closed out North Carolina, and I just have a feeling that we're going to see the 'novel' matchup on Monday night - UK vs. KU...

Kansas   74   Ohio State   70

I wanted to note here, if any of you decided to try my fantasy baseball strategy, I would be interested in seeing the team that you drafted (yes, I am just that big of a sports geek)...  If you do want to list your team in the comment section, just type in the last name of the players that you drafted, maybe with a first initial of the first name if the last name is a common one.  That article has had a lot of views and I'm curious to know how many people will implement that strategy.  I hope that you enjoy this 'Final Four' weekend and I'll see you again on Monday!



  1. Kentucky wins, Louisville covers the spread.
    OSU crushes Kansas.

    So glad I don't live near a casino any more so I'm not tempted to drop in and make a donation to the sports book ;)

  2. OSU crushes Kansas... I might be glad that you don't live near a casino anymore too - we'll see... :)

  3. Heh, this blog is rather awesome. Good job dude!

  4. Thanks, I appreciate it... :)